Skies Darken Over England

Is it just me, or is this uncharacteristically dark and gloomy summer feeling like a rather apt metaphor for the dismal state of our nation?

Just this past week alone, we have been subjected to a constant stream of ever more ominous and depressing news than I can recall in several years of life in this increasingly desperate Island.

For example, yesterday, we were treated to this happy picture by Chief European Economist Jonathan Loynes at Capital Economics:

"We have long been more concerned than most other forecasters over the outlook for the UK economy. But three developments in particular have made us even more worried.

"First, the news on the domestic economy has been worse than we anticipated...

"Second, the economy now looks set to receive less support from overseas than we had hoped... third, there is a growing danger that the downturn will be exacerbated by a contraction in bank lending to households and companies."

Well stone my crows, the man must be a prophet. How does he do it? People usually pay good money for tarot cards this good.

Today we hear from John Hutton (principal architect of the increasingly spectacular New Labour "full spectrum economic fiasco"), that we will just have to live with the high cost of energy because any attempt to "windfall tax" the providers will simply be passed onto consumers in higher prices. Does anyone here even remember the good old days when our energy markets were regulated and prices therefore based on actual supply and demand, rather than the increasingly obscene profits of a few greedy financial speculators?

(Un)naturally, as always, the free market is as the free market does, and since we have created a politically sacrosanct system based on the notion of the survival of the fittest, we will now witness the consequences of these choices in the impoverishment and even death of our most vulnerable members of society this coming winter. But don't worry, this "painful adjustment" is all part of the happy upward progress of the economy as the "stimulus of higher prices" translates into political action to increase supplies at an affordable rate. Us stout and hardy Brits will just have to take it with a stiff upper lip and a slightly bent posture, as always...

Well forgive my cynicism, but didn't we already know we would be facing massive energy shortages over ten years ago and still nothing was done about it? And don't "unforseen shortages" happily (for some) equate to massive profit gouging? And don't the corporate energy lobbies play a major role in setting the relevant policy, along with their monolithic debt harvester banker chums and their allies in the raving mass of peat bog scientific luddites who insist that windmills and compost are the way of the future?

But all of this pales rapidly into insignificance when one takes a good look at the out-of-control clown show that is running our foreign policy. Spotty Marxist Miliband, permanently vacillating between an expression best described as shitting razorblades and the "swot at the back of the class who got promoted to prefect by snitching on all his classmates," seems to have taken it upon himself (on behalf of millions of British people who have no idea where he and his particular brand of smarmy, self satisfied arrogance came from in the first place) to stick his grubby little fingers in the eye of a nuclear armed superpower, for daring to have the gall, the bald faced, outrageous temerity, to defend their citizens from mass genocide.

Excuse me, did I just wake up several miles above the earth, twisting and spinning in Dorothy's nightmare, or has Alice's mad hatter just run out of tea?

In truth, while madness and chaos envelops us all with the growing force of a hurricane, the ruling classes only seem to revel in the destruction and mayhem around them, the suffering and devastation that their decisions and policies are causing for decent, ordinary people. Make no mistake: we are witnessing the greatest phase change in economic and political affairs in living memory, as democracy and the rule of law are abrogated in favour of the outright tyranny of the privileged few.

Something can, and must be done about this. There is simply no further room for discussion or negotiation with deluded, megalomaniacal warmongers, intent on bankrupting our nation and thrusting us into perhaps the final, nuclear and biological hell of WW3. They must be confronted and humiliated at every possible opportunity and in every place throughout this nation. The time for talk is now over, the time for action here with a vengeance.

Over the coming weeks, the team at the UK Column will begin an organizing drive to marshal our forces for the political fight that we can and must now engage in with each and all of our elected, and non elected political figures.

No quarter will be asked or given in this war since civilisation and our very lives hang in the balance.