The Shape Of Things To Come

In the very near future, we will all be able to stop worrying about the UK. We won't have to worry about the economy, immigration, education or the health service. The sheer determination of the majority to deny reality and immerse themselves in reality TV guarantees the end of the UK as a nation state.

The internationalists, currently centred in, but with no allegiance to, London, have a plan which guarantees that outcome. That plan has existed for many years, at least in general terms. In fact, its not even a private plan, since, among other examples, H.G. Wells put pen to paper to write "The Shape Of Things To Come."

Wells' was very much an internationalist. His vision of the future is one where the world quite literally goes to hell through global conflict and disease, where the population has been reduced to that which, by coincidence, is presently demanded by Prince Philip, and before him, Wells' pal Bertrand Russell.

The world is to be run by a handful of super-conspirators, Oligarchs, who will dismantle nation states. Here's a short clip from the 1930s film version of Wells' story.

[swf file="things_to_come_clip_.flv" params="width=430&&height=350"]

Echoing Wells' vision, the EU has been developing a five year strategy for justice, home affairs and security for 2009-2014. The proposals are set out by the shadowy "Future Group," set up by the Council of the European Union, and include a range of highly controversial measures including new technologies of surveillance, enhanced cooperation with the United States and harnessing  the "digital tsunami". In the words of the EU Council presidency, "Every object the individual uses, every transaction they make and almost everywhere they go will create a detailed digital record. This will generate a wealth of information for public security organisations, and create huge opportunities for more effective and productive public security efforts."

Statewatch has produced a major new report, The Shape Of Things To Come, named after Wells' vision, which examines the proposals of the Future Group and their effect on civil liberties. It shows how European governments and EU policymakers are pursuing unfettered powers to access and gather masses of personal data on the everyday life of everyone – on the grounds that we can all be safe and secure from perceived “threats”.

The drive for that Wellsian society is quickening each and every day. Are you still determined to ignore reality? Or are you, at last, ready to join in the fun, and work with us and others to stop this nonsense?