Scottish FoI response: Five deaths ‘involving’ Covid–19 among care home workers

If you are reading this then you might also have read my first piece for UK Column, showing that, astonishingly, zero doctors or nurses of non-retirement age (20–64) died 'involving' Covid–19 in Scotland in three years of an alleged pandemic, despite mainstream reports to the contrary. It really was a revelatory moment for me in my understanding of what has been going in since 2020, and proved that my initial instinctual thoughts that something isn’t right were indeed accurate.

Source: National Records of Scotland

After discovering that, I followed up with another Freedom of Information request to see the death toll inflicted upon the care sector in Scotland from 'the virus'. I was less optimistic there would be no or minor casualties in this regard, since care homes in Scotland were, according to the Government and media, the epicentre of 'the virus' outbreak during lockdown from March 2020.

According to the NRS:

As at 3 May, there were a total of 2,795 deaths registered in Scotland where the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on a death certificate. Three quarters (75%) of all deaths involving COVID-19 (by week 18 2020) were of people aged 75 or over.'

Source: National Records of Scotland

The Scottish social service workforce comprises a total of 208,000 people, with around 120,000 staff dedicated to looking after the elderly and most vulnerable either in care homes or as care given at home.

Source: Scottish Social Services Council

So we can estimate that this Freedom of Information response is in relation to a population of around 120,000 people. How many died 'involving' Covid–19 over a three-year period? Read for yourself.

Response hosted at:

Five people out of 120,000 is 0.004% of those employed in the care sector felled by 'the virus'.

Just as on the receipt of my previous Freedom of Information response, I again found myself in disbelief at such a low death toll, as these staff members (doctors and nurses) were 'on the front lines' dealing with the sickest, most infected patients carrying an acute, highly contagious respiratory virus.

Why were the media not reporting this? When I respectfully contacted Scotland's 2021 ''Journalist'' of the Year on social media and pointed out that he should perhaps cover such facts, he blocked me as quick as a flash.


Other causes of death

You can refer back to my earlier article on Covid deaths in Scottish public-facing jobs to see the total number of deaths from all causes in the care sector during that time. None of those deaths were ever reported by the media or Government. The quotation below was repeated religiously in every speech after lockdown in relation to 'Covid' deaths by the then First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. No other causes of death seemed important. 

And of course, it continues to be absolutely essential that we never, ever lose sight of the human reality behind these statistics. Each death represents a loved individual whose loss is a source of grief to their family and friends. And so—yet again—I want to extend our deepest condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one.'

In relation to care workers deaths from 'the virus', BBC News reported on 29 April 2020 (emphasis added):

The Scottish government had previously refused to reveal how many of the 200,000-strong NHS and care sector workforce had died with coronavirus on confidentiality grounds.'

We now know the reality in 2023. On that knowledge, in my view, the real numbers were being deliberately hidden from the public as they were so low, and this would no longer serve to perpetuate a policy based on fear, which was disingenuous at best—a policy that has killed and severely damaged people both in the short and long term.

Never once were we, the public, given a perspective analysis of any data or allowed to make our own decisions based on data.

Why not?

Again, that freedom would have failed to generate any fear, and thus there would have been little compliance with the incoming 'vaccination' programme. These are tactics, one might argue, that only a totalitarian government would employ; something that Supreme Court justices have also adumbrated.

Scotland also had the toughest lockdown in the UK and yet suffered the third highest excess death rate in Europe in 2020. Considering Scotland has such a small population of 5½ million, this is an indictment of a failed policy to save lives. 

If lockdowns do work, we should ask: what purpose do they serve?

You may also remember this shocking Green Slime advert from 2020, paid for by the Scottish taxpayer and proudly promoted by the Scottish mainstream media. Given that the Government must have known at the time that healthy people of working age were at statistically zero risk from 'the virus' or of killing Granny, this messaging was truly sinister. How many youngsters didn't get to spend any time with their grandparents at what may have turned out to be their last Christmas because of this messaging, and how many of those relatives then sadly died alone from 'the virus' or the restrictions? 

Fast forward to 2023, and despite the media and Government campaigning with the Clap for Carers ritual in 2020 (I didn't, by the way), many care homes in Scotland are now under threat of closure due to a lack of staff, which is endangering patient safety. Whatever happened to protecting the vulnerable and our 'heroes on the front line'?

As the Daily Record reports, albeit semi-literately:

Staff seem to be leaving in droves and I know it has been mentioned they [sic] fear the care home will close this year.

To conclude, whether or not you complied with the Covid rules, there has only been one winner in the last three years, and that has been government and the corporations they signed contracts with. So ask yourself, whether 'vaccinated' or 'unvaccinated', what have you got out of the last three years of policy? I would guess not very much at all.

Therefore, it is time to come together, question more deeply, and comply much less—if at all—with any future attempts to restrict our freedoms. This is what my 'new normal' will encompass—permanently. I hope you can join me.