Save This Nation - Rebuild The Economy

The ignorance of the majority of our political classes to the enormity of the financial crisis that we face is staggering. Their wilful denial of the fact of the continuing collapse of our nation, its institutions and ways of life is absolute deliberate treason. In fact, I would go further, it is murderous, and that fact will become clear as the destruction of the NHS takes its toll.

As a result, they prefer to decimate public spending, while at the same time increase VAT and other taxes, in order to pay off the banking mafia that pays their salaries.

Policy Of Bailout

In 2008, our then "Prime Minister", Gordon Brown, set himself up as the "global chancellor of the exchequer" and took his tale of global bailout to the G20 conference. He organised the cooperation of the other nineteen nations in setting about a policy which could only ever have had one outcome.

Gordon Brown is not a stupid man. He certainly understood exactly what he was doing, just as he did when he gave "independence" to the Bank of England in 1998 and when he sold off the nation's gold for a song.

Brown's role at that G20 conference was to impose Rothschild's policy of the destruction of nation states through the destruction of their economies, on the other nineteen nations at that conference. Since their leaderships belong to the same "club" as Brown, they doffed their caps and took their instructions. They all went home to their respective nations and lied to their populations about what needed to be done, and lied even more about the consequences.
The result is a world in a state of systematic collapse, facing exactly the same type of inflationary reality that Weimar Germany faced in 1923, but on a global scale.

This is the intention! It is the expression of the same policy of oligarchy that has existed to a greater or lesser extent for millenia - that society exists as a mass of slaves owned by a small ruling class, who use the slaves to maintain their lifestyles. For that state of affairs to be secure, they need to keep us stupid, scared, and limited in numbers.

To be blunt, we are being farmed.

The state of the financial system has nothing to do with the economy, of course. Economy is the labour and resources of a nation, and although it is physical, it is not made of paper. It has nothing to do with GDP, GNP, money, shares or derivatives. These things are made of paper and have no value whatsoever.

Similarly, economy has nothing whatsoever to do with cheap white plastic objects made in far eastern dictatorships. These also have no value.

Rather, economy comes from the productive capability of a society, and it relies on our ability to apply that capability ever more efficiently. Our standard of living, and our population, are directly proportional to that capability.

So while a society embraces greater efficiency in power generation, transportation, water supply etc., society can support greater numbers of people in greater comfort. Once society replaces nuclear power with windmills, railways with cars, buses and trucks, and allow most of your water supply to just leak away, then suddenly you can't support that population any more. Getting from A to B becomes a nightmare, with people paying ever more for the privilege of sitting in a traffic jam.

It's All An Illusion

The illusion of economy can be created through the magic of a corrupt financial system. You begin by conning people into believing that an economy and a financial system are the same thing. You make people believe that money is really what its all about. You tell them not to worry when they lose their productive jobs to a factory in China, because there's this wonderful job in a call centre just waiting for them. You convince them that it doesn't really matter that they're bored out of their skulls in the call centre, because their house has just doubled in value, and anyway, they can go home in the evenings and watch Eastenders on their 250-inch 6D LED flatscreen television, which you use to brainwash people with news reports that GDP has grown by 2% this year, as it has for the last forty years.

In the meantime, you print money like there's no tomorrow, expanding the amount in circulation by over 400%. And all the while, you know that at some point, it's all going to collapse. When it does, you know there is no real economy left to carry the load; but that's ok, because the world is too full, and really a few decades of chaos and genocide will feel like a spring clean by the end of it. Free range hasn't worked, so it's back to the battery for the unwashed masses.

So this financial collapse has been engineered, just as has the collapse of the real economy. The reason, you see, is simple - an oligarch worships money. Nothing else matters, especially not us "badgers".

While we sit idle, dumb and scared, they have their "common purpose". Those they have co-opted are working on a mission, and that mission motivates them. They really believe in their one-world crypto-fascist communitarian government.

The irony is, that all the time we sit idly by, dumb and scared, if we could just get organised, it would be so easy to fix. So isn't it time we had a common purpose of our own? "They" have destroyed so much of the basic economic infrastructure that we need for our survival, that we could provide ourselves with full employment almost overnight. But first, we need to get ourselves out from under the crippling weight of the great Ponzi scheme that is the City of London.

Glass Steagall Today!

There are many people, including the British Constitution Group, working to establish an alternative banking system. That alternative system will replace the present one, whether or not its collapse can be prevented. In the meantime, to get ourselves back on an even keel, the following actions must be taken:

- We must send our Prime Minister to the G20, and this time, he must be taking a somewhat different message than last time. The message is that we are splitting up retail and merchant (investment) banking. That these two sectors of the banking industry were allowed to come together to create uber banks was a very bad move, and was the result of US banks moving into the UK in order to avoid the Glass Steagall Act over there, which prevented exactly that kind of merging. So we must re-impose it! This time, internationally.

- We should protect the retail banks. They provide a service most of us find useful, and they hold people's savings which must be protected.

- We must decide on a standard for any debt that exists. Is it reasonable debt, or is it the result of speculative gambling? Any debt which does not meet that reasonable standard shall be written off where it is owed by individuals, non-financial businesses or central government. (We don't care much what investment banks and hedge funds do with their own debt.) Any investment bank or hedge fund which goes under as a result of that, should be allowed to do so.

- We must split up the Inter Alpha Group banking cartel. There are several good reasons for doing so, not least on competition grounds. But at the very least it would annoy Mr Rothschild who created it.

Once these actions are done, we may just get ourselves out of the immediate crisis. However, the people who brought us to this point will still be there. So we need to do some more:

- Replace the Bank of England. Whether or not it is owned by the taxpayer, there is no transparency there at all. It is mostly exempt from the FOI Act, no-one knows what assets are held in BOEN - is this Britain's plunge protection facility? The Monetary Policy Committee/Court of Directors are all bankers, working in the interests of bankers, acting as brokers between the commercial banks and the government. In short, it's highly likely the BOE can ever be restructured to act for the nation, and should be replaced with a national bank with a somewhat different constitution.

- Recover ownership of national infrastructure - rail, water, power etc. There is no real reason why this infrastructure shouldn't be run by private companies, but it must be on the contractual basis that ownership is retained by the state, which will ensure that there are minimum levels of investment in future infrastructure and that profits are tightly controlled, thereby keeping bills at a sensible level.

- Take control over creation of money. All money should be created as an act of government, with money spent into the economy through investment in national infrastructure is one necessity, but also retasking universities to useful research, e.g. fusion energy, high tech engineering & electronics, space research etc, and finally investment in a *productive* economy.

A Nation For Its People, Not Its Bankers

Saving this nation is emminently possible, even at this late stage. All it will take is for us to say, with one voice, "no more treason!" It's time to impose Glass Steagall style legislation, abandon the financiers, build a new productive economy, and give ourselves back jobs we actually want to get up in the morning to do.