Robert Green Rearrested

Robert Green, who has been working so hard to expose the case of Hollie Greig, has been rearrested and taken to Stonehaven Sherrif's Court. This has been confirmed by Seargent Adam Bulger of Warrington Police, who refused to address my concerns over Robert's safety, despite my pointing out that he has gone back to the very courts that he has made allegations about.

We seem to have a situation that people simply get arrested and no-one is told - just like the Gestapo.

In case you would like to phone Warrington police to ask about Robert's welfare, the number you need to call is 0845 458 0000.

And in case you would like to also give Grampian police a call, their number is 0845 600 5700.

Can you also get on to your MP, who, I'm sure, would be willing to help under present circumstances, no?

You might also like to phone the campaign headquarters for the main parties. The Conservatives can be contacted on 020 7222 9000, Labour on 08705 900 200, and the LibDems on 020 7222 7999.

When you call either of these numbers, please remember to remain calm and polite. Huge public concern needs to be expressed to Warrington, who assisted in Robert's arrest, and on Grampian. Could you please make sure you highlight your concerns for his safety because he has been working to expose paedophiles.

We will update this page as events progress.

Update: Robert was released on bail once again yesterday and stayed with friends in Scotland last night. He will travel home today.

Stuart Usher, of Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers appeared on Paul Drockton's radio show last night, much to the distaste of the Scottish establishment, which attempted to have Drockton shut down. Don't they ever learn?

Again, Robert would like to thank all who have telephoned on his behalf in the last 24 hours. The Scottish establishment is crumbling over this issue, and they are becoming more and more desperate. Please keep the pressure up in every way you can think of, and don't allow any prospective Parliamentary candidate away with giving excuses for not taking a stand on this issue.

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