Red Pill Expo expounded: Defending yourself from the entrenched technocracy

This is the third and final report by Mark Anderson from Red Pill Expo 2022, held in Indianapolis. 

Part I: Promising lawsuit against Covid tyranny

Part II: Drug history, social credit, Great Reset


While Red Pill University and Freedom Force International prepare for the next Red Pill Expo, to take place on 12–13 November in Salt Lake City, Utah, UK Column presents the third and final installment on the Red Pill Expo held in Indianapolis in July—while taking into account the backgrounds and insightful topics of the speakers not covered in the first two installments.


The organizers of the regularly-held Expo set out that they want to unmask once and for all how the world works. As explained via their online outlets:

Red Pill Expo is the major public event of Red Pill University. Our purpose is to help truth seekers understand how the world really works—contrary to commonly held illusions. The visionary of this movement is G. Edward Griffin, author of numerous books and documentary films including the famous exposé of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island, and also World without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17.
The mission of the Expo and the University is to bring together world-class experts to set the record straight on fake narratives, fake history, and fake news [. . .] Red Pill Expo and Red Pill University are part of what is called Project Outreach, an endeavor by Freedom Force International to create a global coalition in support of individualism over collectivism as the essential cornerstone of liberty and human dignity. This is the ideological gyroscope that forges our unity and guides our efforts.


Compellingly, the organizers add:

One of the most remarkable features of Red Pill Expo is that it gives voice to a wide variety of viewpoints, which means that agreement on all topics is neither required nor expected. That is a natural consequence of the red-pill theme, which is about discovering truths and dispelling illusions. If we all held the same opinions and closed our minds to contrary information, discovery of new truths would be impossible. As Scottish Baron Thomas Dewar put it: “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”


My last article on the Expo covers the speakers not mentioned in UK Column’s first two Red Pill installments, with an emphasis on technocratic themes.


John Klyczek

Klyczek’s presentation on the engineered demise of classical education, based on his latest book, School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education drove home all the reasons why parents—if they are going to continue sending their children to conventional schools at all—will have to be highly vigilant and still may have to home-educate as a matter of basic protection of their offspring from “educational” modalities that are unprecedentedly manipulative and corrosive.

For decades, the late Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, who worked in the Reagan Administration’s Department of Education and who discovered disturbing schemes apparently designed to undermine the genuine learning process and advance globalism, tried her best to warn the American people of “the New World Order stratagem to overthrow democratically elected school boards with public-private partnerships between the federal government and globalist corporations”.

Klyczek’s book, as he noted at the Expo, expands upon Iserbyt's findings by tracing her work to the present time, as a last-ditch effort to stop the total corporatization of education. It explores how the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale utilized money from “robber baron” philanthropy and stimulus-response psychological conditioning “to institute a corporatist system of workforce training for a fascistically planned economy,” according to an online summary of the book.

At the Indianapolis Expo, he explained how this system is being upgraded to a technocratic education system of corporatist school choice through virtual education technologies that program students for a globally planned economy. Thus, the ultimate agenda of what he has dubbed the School World Order, hidden beyond a neutral-sounding façade of career-vocational education, involves data-mining students’ personal information and beliefs for purposes of research and development into artificial intelligence and trans-humanist biotechnologies. According to Klyczek, this lays the groundwork for “an authoritarian, post-human society”.

“All of the [post-Covid] education technologies [. . .] are not just about keeping kids safe and being able to personalize their learning,” Klyczek told UK Column (audio interview embedded below) directly after his Expo speech, when asked to summarize his remarks. “It’s [also] about data-mining to program artificial intelligence (AI) to build a social credit system [based on China’s surveillance-based reward and punishment system], and also to engineer transhumanist technology, such as brain-computer interfaces, that will merge everybody with the AI.”

He added that the Chinese social credit system “is actually financed by American corporations such as BlackRock and Salesforce”.

He continued:

The modern adaptive-learning courseware is just a digital version of what B.F. Skinner called the Skinner Box Teaching Machine; this is basically operant-conditioning psychology to replace academics with workforce training through a pedagogy called Outcome Based Education, through things like PPB—the Programming, Planning and Budgeting System that came out of the U.S. military [. . .] They’re using business outcomes, and molding learning to meet those outcomes, through operant-conditioning psychology algorithms.

“There’s a lot there to unpack,” UK Column replied. “But basically, kids are being programmed to live in a planned society rather than educated to live in a free society, correct?”

Klyczek replied:

Yes, 100 per cent [. . .] All of the data that’s going to be mined [. . .] creates the social score that’s going to determine that [pupil’s] entire future, whether they get access to the public square, commercial services—everything from housing, transportation, education, healthcare, due process; it’ll be based on an aggregate of all their digital data.
If you have rightthink or goodthink, you’re going to get access to [the] public square [and] personal services, but if you have wrongthink, your social score’s going to go down—and [. . .] it’s going to [have] the punishment to condition you to change your thinking.

“Talk about teaching you what to think, rather than how to think; this is a huge manifestation of that!” UK Column exclaimed.

Klyczek concurred and said that while widespread and immediate home schooling is an obvious and logical remedial response to this nightmarish scenario, “what needs to happen is to switch back to the [classical educational methodology of] the ‘trivium’—grammar, logic and rhetoric—along with civics and history, not ‘social studies’. That is the art of how to think, not what to think.”

He added that, otherwise, children will simply be indoctrinated to embrace crude “reactionary” responses based on edicts from authority—stimulus followed by response—little different than lab rats.

C. Mitchell Shaw

C. Mitchell Shaw (audio interview embedded below), a contributing writer to The New American (TNA) magazine, addressed online privacy issues with respect to political liberty and the US Constitution. He made it clear that, in the digital age, there is no clear line of separation between digital liberty and any other liberty, and one’s privacy and liberties both tend to recede as overreaching government agencies and their invasive corporate partners harvest the personal data of the population.

Taking a practical approach, Shaw explained to the Expo audience several the ways that personal data—including e-mails, texts, browsing histories, and more—are mined and used to create an uncomfortably accurate profile of each of us. To remedy this situation, Shaw gave an overview of the tools and practices we all need to protect ourselves and the citizenry as a whole in what’s become a surveillance culture.

“It’s almost a cottage industry telling everybody how bad the problem is, right?” Shaw said to UK Column. “And that’s great, but the only reason to tell you that your house is on fire is so you can get out of your house. The bad news is, your house is on fire; the good news is, ‘follow me, we’re going to get out of the house.’ So if I don’t have some good news, you don’t need to hear the rest of the bad news.”

He continued:

The bad news is that the surveillance state is monitoring all of your emails, your web traffic, your browsing history, your phone calls, your texts [. . .] and everything else and they’re compiling a dossier on you that is surprisingly accurate and overlooks all of your excuses and motives [. . .] So, it really just looks at who you really are—that’s the bad news; they mean to control you and data gives them what they need to do that.

UK Column queried whether “they” could almost predict one’s future behavior, not just watch the present and document it.

"Not ‘almost’,” Shaw replied, and added:

They [can] see documents you’re drafting on the Internet, [such as] e-mail or using Google Docs or any kind of online platform where you’re drafting a document. Using psychological profiling, they actually know what you were thinking when you wrote that. It’s the closest thing that’s ever existed to mind-reading—and [it’s done] every day, all day long, all over the world.

Painting an unsettling and incredible-sounding picture, Shaw said the following, regarding “your friends, their friends and their friends”:

‘They’ have got your calendar, so they know your schedule; they’ve got your contact list [and] they know your browsing history, so they know your real interests and where your mind is at any given moment. They already know that next week, a friend that you’ve not talked to in ten years will reach out to you [. . .] to have a cup of coffee. They know you’re going to say yes, they know when and where you’re going to meet, the drink you’re going to order; they know the card you’re going to pay for it with, the questions your friend is going to ask you, and they already know your answer.

Asked whether this kind of eavesdropping is active and constant at each individual’s level, or whether the “powers that be” may have the ability to monitor with such attention to minutiae but are selective about who and how often they monitor due to various factors, Shaw replied, “Neither and both.”

He amplified:

Gone are the days when a guy in a trench coat and fedora hat secretly lurks in your presence, physically observes you and deftly records your conversations and transactions. Rather, the eavesdroppers can store the data that they gather in perpetuity, and go back through it at leisure. But it’s not a person going through [the data]; it’s a computer running an algorithm.

From there, he went on, this vast spy system monitors essentially everyone and looks for key phrases and actions.

In response to this menace, Shaw said people need the digital equivalent of locking your house doors to protect the premises. For one thing, a secure e-mail host (e.g. Protonmail) is a good start, he said, and added: “People need to consider changing their browser [. . .] they need to get rid of Google and start using something like Brave Search. DuckDuckGo is okay; Startpage is pretty good. My search engine of choice would be the Brave Search search engine.”

Also, he said applications like Signal can replace the normal texting app on cellphones so that messages can be encrypted. Harder-to-hack computer operating systems (e.g. Linux) are key, as well.

“Open-source software allows you to actually know what’s in your software,” Shaw explained, saying that utilizing such software is like knowing the ingredients in your food but also having the right “recipe” with which to rewrite your own code “and make it do what you want it to do”.

The overall goal, Shaw summed up, is to enable individuals to “go dark” so that the eavesdropping digital state can no longer see who you are, who you’re associating with, or what you’re thinking, planning or doing. Finally, instead of the deep state going dark and shining a light on the people, the people can go dark and shine a bright light on the deep state.

Peter Breggin

Since January 2020, Dr. Peter Breggin, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist who’s known as “the conscience of psychiatry,” and his wife Ginger Ross Breggin, “have set aside most other activities to examine the real science surrounding COVID-19 and to criticize the fraudulent science used to justify the outrageous attacks on personal and political liberty throughout the world,” according to an online profile.

As Mr. Breggin explained to the conference via live video feed, with the advent of SARS-CoV-2, the Breggin partnership has given most of its attention “to the fraud and widespread falsehoods behind the Chinese virus pandemic, and the necessity of taking a determined political stand against the authoritarian and totalitarian intentions of those who are driving the COVID attack on freedom.”

The Breggins have written COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, which sold more than 62,000 copies within the first three months of its official publication on 30 September 2021. Their book’s stunning introductions come from three of the world’s leading Covid-19 treating physicians: Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; the late Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD; and Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD. Furthermore, attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the author of The Real Anthony Fauci, has endorsed the book as the single most comprehensive analysis of the coalition of global predators behind Covid-19:

No other book so comprehensively covers the details of COVID-19 criminal conduct as well as its origins in a network of global predators seeking wealth and power at the expense of human freedom and prosperity, under cover of false public health policies.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., speaking of the Breggins' book

As Dr. Breggin related at the Red Pill Expo, he was asked in mid-2020 to write a medical/psychiatric expert report for attorney Tom Renz in an injunction to stop the Ohio state governor from continuing his oppressive, unending state of emergency with its lockdowns, mandates, and outright interferences with doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Breggin was glad to report to the Expo that the report, running to over 100 pages, helped to get the case accepted by the court, resulting in the governor withdrawing his emergency edict.

In a campaign that the Breggins call ReFounding America, they are working with thousands of other dedicated people around the world, many of them lawyers and medical professionals, to tell the truth about Covid-19 and how it is being used to suppress and destroy Western democratic republics and freedom throughout the world.


Richard Gage

Richard Gage, a licensed architect who founded Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, is well known for challenging the conventional account of what happened to the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 in the “terrorist attacks”. His view is that sophisticated controlled demolitions destroyed the 110-story, Rockefeller-built Twin Towers, as well as Building 7, in lower Manhattan—although others, such as Dr. Judy Wood, contend that directed-energy weapons, by way of a highly classified technology, “dustified” the towers and Building 7 by taking the structures and their contents apart apparently at the molecular level.

The one thing that every skeptic seems to agree on, however, is that the federal government’s special 9/11 Commission, and its “settled” claim that fires and the “pancaking” of multiple collapsing floors resulted in such massively extensive destruction, simply does not hold up to scrutiny.

However, for the Indianapolis Expo, Gage switched gears and spoke on key parallels between 9/11 and Covid-19, including how there were 61 snapshot examples, prior to the events of 9/11, of the Twin Towers eerily being “targeted and destroyed” in the imagery of certain feature films, cartoons and comic books. Similarly, in 2012, the London Summer Olympics opening show foreshadowed a coronavirus pandemic, replete with sick children on hospital beds.

Moreover, in a presentation under the heading “Abuse of Science” that Gage displayed using a slideshow, he set out that—just as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ignored what Gage called “overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of explosive demolition” on 9/11—the scientific-medical establishment in 2020 similarly “ignored the established low hospitalization rate” amid “manipulation of disease statistics and death certificates by statisticians.”

Gage also discussed Imperial College Professor Neil Ferguson’s computer modeling about catastrophic covid projections being proved wrong, “but not before manipulating international government policies on non-pharmaceutical measures,” whereas NIST, for its part, used “fudged computer models” regarding the destruction on 9/11.


The other speakers were:

  • Elana Freeland, a noted writer, teacher and lecturer, spoke about key issues that she researches and writes about, such as geo-engineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse and electromagnetic weapons. She is best known for writing the book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. While Freeland did cover the dangers of the pending final switch from 4G to 5G in telecommunications, she also ventured into more exotic issues, such as weather engineering; surveillance / neural manipulation; nanotechnology / digital “synbio” / transhumanism; directed-energy weapons; chemical and electromagnetic engineering; and other domains that comprise “seven geoengineering operational categories”, which also include “planetary/geophysical engineering” and “cloaking, obscuration and detection of exotic propulsion craft / plasma lifeforms”.
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis, CEO of ArdisLabs and host of the Dr. Ardis Show, is known for exposing the deception and dangers associated with the Covid-19 hospital protocols, especially the deadly side effects of the experimental drug Remdesivir—pushed by Dr. Anthony Fauci as the only anti-viral drug to treat all Americans hospitalized for Covid-19. Ardis’ Expo highlight was his presentation of apparent evidence of the “weaponizing of snake-venom peptides” in creating the worldwide pandemic called “Covid-19”.
  • Peymon Mottahedeh, founder and president of Freedom Law School, founded in 1996 and described as the “oldest and most successful tax honesty organization in America”. At the Indianapolis Expo, as at other events, Peymon has stated that the Sixteenth Amendment (with which to enforce the Federal Income Tax, starting in 1913) is “the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people”—since it was not actually ratified by enough states to make it lawful. Furthermore, the federal income tax, Mottahedeh now maintains, only applies to the District of Columbia, the USA’s federal capital district, which is not a state.
  • Celeste Solum, a broadcaster, author and organic farmer, chronicles space and earth conditions that she says have triggered the rise and fall of modern and ancient civilizations. At the Expo, she said all cycles are converging, pointing to a “cataclysmic period between 2020 and 2050 in what many scientists believe is the sixth extinction-level event.”
  • Juliette M. Engel, who established the MiraMed Institute, a non-profit which sought to improve obstetric care in Russia, while improving human rights for women and children. She explained several aspects of the Angel Coalition, an underground railroad she co-founded that has rescued thousands of trafficking victims throughout the former USSR.
  • Dr. Robert Scott Bell (audio interview embedded below), who has been working in broadcast media since 1999, served as the Red Pill Expo’s Master of Ceremonies and explained that he is a homeopathic practitioner, author and expert in silver and copper therapeutics. At the Expo, he warned of the myriad dangers of the conventional medical system. He hosts the Robert Scott Bell Show six days a week, on which he discusses various health issues from the perspective of alternative and holistic health care. According to his website, he “reversed numerous chronic diseases nearly 30 years ago via homeopathy, herbal medicine, organic whole foods, minerals, essential fats and the transformational power of belief in the Holy Spirit.”
  • Martin Bales, a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, in view of the current time when sickness and disease are at epidemic levels, spoke about a technology called Firefly Multi-Spectral Light Therapy, which he said can address various diseases from dysfunction and pain, to possibly reversing cognitive decline. Bales’ background in acupuncture, as well as in development of the photonic stimulator (his father, Maurice, developed the first such device to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration), enabled him to harness the best of both worlds and establish Bales Photonics Inc.
  • Mike Colomb, a businessman for over 30 years, spent several years helping people achieve higher business standards in many areas. At the Expo, he explained how he then researched private membership associations, or PMAs. In parallel with that development, his wife, Vanessa, opened a private-membership grocery store. Colomb reported that he is now taking PMAs to a new level, as a means of broadening and strengthening the freedom movement.
  • Jerry Day, and another Red Pill Expo presenter, Dan Happel—both of whom work with G. Edward Griffin, the founder of Red Pill Expo, Red Pill University and Freedom Force International—made remarks on the status and future of the freedom movement, as did Mr. Griffin himself. Griffin succinctly summarized, “Losing is not an option.” On the Monday following the weekend (9–10 July) of the Expo, Griffin held a breakfast gathering for those attendees who wanted to become more directly involved in Red Pill University’s activism at the local level, anywhere in the US and beyond. More than 100 people attended the breakfast.

The man and the movement behind the conference

The man behind Red Pill University, the Red Pill Expo and a related organization, Freedom Force International, is G. Edward Griffin, a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand.

He has researched, written and spoken about tax-exempt foundations, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, US foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations.


Griffin says he never took much interest in money and banking until he found out about the secrecy involved in it. He used to believe you could trust your government. When he did catch on to the secrecy, he wanted to find out what exactly the system creators were hiding. That, he said, is how he began to write one of his best-known books, The Creature from Jekyll Island. It is now in its fifth edition and 41st printing.

Griffin adds that the history outlined in the book has turned out to be quite accurate. He has tried to update the book over the years as new information has come to light.


As for Freedom Force International itself, its online literature notes:

The mission of Freedom Force International is to build a coalition of men and women from all parts of the world and all walks of life who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and growth of government power. In response to this concern, we are willing to devote a major portion of our lives and resources to reverse that trend. To achieve this goal requires unity without conformity, diversity without conflict and power without coercion, and it requires a statement of the principles that bind us together despite our many differences. The ideological and ethical gyroscopes for this task are The Creed of Freedom, and The Code of Conduct.