A Question Of Honour

Would you, as a right thinking honourable soul, with a conscience and integrity – or even half a brain – build a monument to someone who had deliberately misled almost a whole nation?

When Edward Heath told the British Nation, clearly and simply “signing The Treaty of Rome will NOT affect National Sovereignty.” He lied with intent to deceive, he was in dishonour.

He later admitted that he had known that full integration and EU rule would be the final outcome as the release of Cabinet papers, buried under the 30 year secrecy rule can prove.

Now, in Westminster Abbey will be erected a Memorial to this betrayer of a once great Nation, no amount of protest will halt the arrogance of the disdainful besmirching of love of country, family and our God.

The deception began long before Heath but it was his job to write it in stone, which he did with great satisfaction as he had been trained to do. The deception has continued and will continue far into the future. Each seemingly elected Prime Minister since then has furthered the plan for Global governance towards which the EU is a huge step, they have each since been looked after, reaped financial and some, rewards of power for their dutiful renderings.

I ask “what good will it do you if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul?”

The plan was to take Britain and other Nations under the guise of equality, into Mandelson’s ‘post democratic era’ where political correctness blunts freedom of speech and even thought, under fear of retribution.

The whole of Europe, along with the rest of the world is  in the ‘post Christian era’ where the State is the religion, many children, as young as 10 years, across the globe,  are addicted to pornography if they are unfortunate enough to have a cell phone.

Data can be monitored, intercepted, stored and acted upon,  but vile and damaging images imprinted on a child’s brain is deemed not to be important. ‘Traditionalists’ as they are termed, are targeted and treated as terrorists while our children are sacrificed to mammon.
Innocence in a child is the most pure and beautiful thing, it is one with nature and it gives little ones the chance to develop with nature.

Child grooming, abuse and youth suicide is increasing. Technology is used for destructive, financial ends and our minds are being  diversified and ‘messed with’ via enforced and re-inforced messages.

All we needed to do was keep to natural rules of right and wrong instead of statutorily correct State dogma. The world could be a wonderful place.

Tools and procedures of the  ‘vision’ of those who control the global money and social changes are ‘moving forward’ without conscience and without soul. They believe that they are God. They may call themselves Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu etc., but they worship only themselves and each other and make use of those who adhere to any religion, who readily war against each other and cause chaos where previously there were centuries of unity.

Did the Heathen share the vision? We do not need to ask.

Sexual rights and preferences have drowned out, even replaced  spiritual devotions in Churches; in the name of diversity and equality.
Charity has changed it’s substance, now being ‘give to order under duress’. Trustees are richer and the poor still suffering more than ever.

Taxation, the lifeblood of the self-made gods is the biggest joke because without it they could not proceed, but fear of consequences and trained leaders/enforcers, strategically placed, ensures that toy money keeps flowing.

Your legacy Mr Heath, is something I would rather turn my back on and would instead take back the power and control to protect and guide our young on the path of right and wrong for their own sakes, not for the purpose of being financial and perverted fodder of the State you envisioned and had allegiance to.

I laugh at your common purpose, your diversity and directives as the non-sense that they are. I will not be coerced into believing that wrong is right. I will not be afraid to think what I truly believe and I will love my country, my family, my values and my friends and; the good earth beneath my feet.

Let them build your monument at great expense to me and all of us, it will be a monument of dishonour, of farce, scorn, satyr and comedy and; will be a reminder of the falsehoods and dishonour which brought us to where we are today.

A memorial to “Do as Thou Wilt”.