Public Inquiry

It is truly incredible how brass necked the financial elites and their political puppets in all parties have been in treating the world financial system as their personal cash machine, while the "experts" who, until recently, were "completely surprised" by the crisis, are now forecasting corporate and personal bankruptcies, mass unemployment, and world food shortages.

In view of this, the UK Column is demanding an independent public inquiry to investigate the swindles that have triggered the greatest financial crisis in world history.

Typical of such swindles is the Bernie Madoff scandal. Madoff is accused of having swindled fifty billion dollars from his clients, including UK banks. Incredibly, he has been placed under "house arrest" while he awaits trial, on a bail of ten million of his "own" hard earned dollars.

When billionaire swindlers receive such kid glove treatment, while at the same time governments everywhere, including our own, hand out seemingly unlimited amounts of future tax money in order to bail out what is in effect, still, a giant casino, is it any wonder that the working population loses confidence in government?

The signs are overwhelming that we are in the midst of the collapse of the entire world financial system. Yet everyone continues to act as if its just the bust following an extended boom - a normal economic cycle, almost. Orders in key industries down by 30%? World trade collapsing? Crisis in confidence worldwide? No problem! We'll just print more money!

In July 2007, Gordon Brown was able to announce, “… and I believe what will also be said of this age, the first decade of the 21st Century, that out of what will be seen as the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps one even greater than at the time of the industrial revolution, a new world order was created …” He sounds very jolly about it too.

In April 2004, the headline on the front page of the Financial Times read, "Rothschild Turns Its Back On Gold." I found it interesting at the time, that one of the biggest short sellers of gold would cease trading in the metal, clearly stockpiling it for themselves. Why? What did they know?

Who was it that bought the 400 tonnes of Britain's gold that Gordon Brown ordered the Bank of England to sell? Who is it that continues to buy the gold being dumped on the market today?

So, we are calling for a public inquiry to discover some answers, particularly:

  • how did this disastrous financial collapse come about?
  • who are the guilty parties?
  • does Gordon Brown really consider the entry of India and China into the "new world order" as the "greatest restructuring of the global economy?" Or was he referring to some prior knowledge, as with the Icelandic banking collapse?
  • did Gordon Brown order the sale of half the nation's gold reserves to private interests who had prior knowledge of the financial collapse? Perhaps because it was their corruption which was bringing it about?
  • was Alastair Darling lying when he trotted out the line, "No, no one did. No one had any idea?"

I "had an idea." Many, many others "had an idea" that the financial system has been doomed for many, many years, because it was clear that Madoff type corruption was endemic, and that any nation which based its GDP upon speculation and debt, rather than production of physical goods has lost the plot. Is it the case that those in government are simply incompetent, or are they deliberately crashing the system in a cynical repatriation of assets into the hands of the chosen few?