An Open Letter To Tim Farron

Dear Tim,

I’m writing this open letter to you because we’ve simply run out of time.

 The decent and thinking people of our country are now in desperate need for an honest and untainted Member of Parliament to begin the daunting but achievable task of taking back our country from the criminals and traitors who have infested the very highest levels of government, banking and the judiciary. Great Britain’s true and historical sovereignty must be restored. The overwhelming precedence of Common Law over Statute Rules must be acted upon. The unlawful banking scams that have resulted in Britain’s deficit and national debt must be confronted. And the powerful network of paedophiles and protectors of paedophiles who hold senior positions of trust in the judiciary, police, social services and in the upper echelons of British politics must be exposed and defeated.

Tim Farron, MPForgive me if I now explain to the reader why, in my opinion, you are the right MP to instigate this restoration of our country's freedoms and the exposure of the provable treason and criminality that is going on amongst those placed in high positions of trust by the electorate. The general consensus amongst political commentators is that you are destined for greater things - they believe that your political career has so far shown you to be a man of principle, honesty and damn hard work as an excellent constituency MP. This, of course, is reflected by the number of votes you got at the last General Election. In 2005 your majority was just 267 votes. In 2010, despite the constituency being a key target seat for the Conservatives, your majority went up to a staggering 12,264.  This is an incredible achievement and one that you can be rightly proud of. It reflects your continuous hard work at the grass roots; your ability to communicate even with the most cynical of your constituents; and your total commitment to the economic and social well-being of the diverse communities that make up the beautiful Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency. You are clearly your own man as you proved recently when you voted against the Government over the increase in student tuition fees – your strongly held Christian beliefs and values ensured that you did what you believed was morally right regardless of the political consequences. And you have also resisted the temptation to join any secret societies and, quite rightly, you are very suspicious about the aims and work of that bogus charity Common Purpose.

Just before Christmas you were kind enough to meet with myself and Penny Pullen in your office at Kendal. It was a rushed meeting because of your commitments to other constituents, but one very important point was made by you – “if you give me the evidence, I will take it up”, you said.  Well, Tim, starting with this open letter, the evidence will be coming your way thick and fast.  The UK Column team will supply your office and your researchers with all the evidence you need to confront this treason and criminality.

I know you have read the 'Definitive statement exposing the political treason and criminality being carried out on the law-abiding people of the British Isles' with its six major areas of concern where the evidence is now overwhelming that some of your colleagues in Parliament are involved with treason and unspeakable crimes against the British people, including the protection of highly placed paedophile rings.  I know from previous correspondence with you that you are open minded enough to accept that "there are many many conspiracies amongst powerful people and agencies, most of which we are probably blissfully unaware of (your letter to me dated 26 February 2009).  Well, Tim, you are correct.  So the next questions are these:  what next and what can you do to get back our country's sovereignty and ancient freedoms?

During the meeting, I posed the following question to you concerning what is the unlawful budget deficit and national debt.  "Why doesn't the British Government", I asked, "through the Bank of England, issue all the money needed for the British people, interest free and debt free, based on the common wealth of the British nation - why do we have to go to the international bankers who simply create their ‘money’ completely out of thin air and who then lend this ‘money’ at exorbitant interest rates thus giving us the huge budget deficit and national debt which we are now all suffering from as we seek painful ways to pay it all off?"  Your answer, I'm afraid, hardly filled me with confidence.  You said, in your usual honest and disarming way, "I don't really understand these things".  Tim, with respect, it is absolutely imperative now that you do understand what is really going on.  The House of Rothschild (which effectively controls what is popularly described as The New World Order), has, through its international network of national Central Banks and highly placed servants, a provable evil influence upon the world. Over the last two hundred years, this powerful bloodline banking family, including the Rockefellers and the Warburgs, has engineered and manipulated countries and their peoples into enormous debt using deception and fraud on a massive scale.  They are a criminal organisation that delights in causing misery and imposing servitude – they care not if loving families become broken by debt or that well established businesses collapse. They have funded both sides in profitable wars, including the Napoleonic and both World Wars. They are a cancer on humanity and their power base is here in Britain and some of their key servants are your colleagues in the House of Commons.

These MPs, who are clearly working against the interests of the British people, must be challenged openly, dismissed from office and then prosecuted under Common Law. Two immediate examples are George Osborne and Ken Clarke. The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Justice Secretary have both been closely involved with the Rothschilds and have regularly attended the annual Bilderberg Group meetings where key players of the global elite meet in complete secrecy to be briefed about global initiatives that take forward the global agenda of the New World Order. This results in a further advance of the Rothschild criminal power base to bankrupt countries and their peoples thus forcing them into compliance and acceptance of global governance and global finance controlled and led by this evil banking bloodline family.  Please, Tim, look at the evidence we will supply you and act on it – it is evidence that would stand up in any properly conducted Common Law court.  Once you are satisfied that there is a case to answer, you must openly challenge Ken Clarke and George Osborne in the House of Commons with the facts that we shall give you.

Indeed, you must challenge the whole rotten system that has been set up by the controlling elite using secrecy, deception and fraud. We have proved in court that 'Legal Fictions' exist.  That there is a parallel invisible 'Corporate Britain' that has been set up using the 'Law of the Sea' to enslave the British people. We have proved that Judges and Magistrates are conducting themselves in court unlawfully, breaking their oaths of office. We have proved that Common Law trumps any Statute Rule passed by Parliament. We have proved that there are rogue elements operating at the highest levels within the Police, the Judiciary and Parliament, all overseen by The Law Society.  The subterfuge is enormous.....but it has been exposed and the decent people like yourself, untainted by this treason and criminality, must now rise to the occasion.......especially as children all over Britain are being being abused by paedophile and satanic rings protected by this subterfuge.

And this brings us to the most distressing and pressing part of this open letter. As a father of four in a loving family and being a devout Christian, I know we will get 'action this day' from you over what we have uncovered about the orchestrated abuse of children by rogue elements within the police, the social services, the judiciary and the legal profession along with some leading politicians. Children are being unlawfully seized from loving families by the state and, worse still, the disgusting activities of practising paedophile and satanic rings are being protected by those in positions of trust. I know you will want to prioritise your diary to have meetings with the researchers who have the evidence to expose and defeat all of this evil. And I have total confidence that you will become, within weeks, a rallying point in parliament, giving the good and decent people of Britain a voice. As I write this, I'm conscious of the fact that an untold number of children in our country are frightened, very frightened, of what dreadful things the day has in store for them – and that when this appalling abuse happens to them, they will feel absolutely powerless and without hope.

Tim, my friend, you are already aware of the Hollie Greig campaign and I know you are appalled by what has been uncovered so far by Robert Green and his superb team. Unfortunately, they still do not have a brave voice in Parliament to break the conspiracy of silence. I know that you will be that voice and that you will start the ball rolling to get justice for Hollie and, in so doing, lift the veil on this appalling aspect of British life where dreadful child abuse is allowed to go on unchecked.

I will conclude this open letter Tim by reminding you of what I wrote in a letter to you in December:
“From this week's Any Questions?, I understand you are currently reading Schindler's Ark.  As you said, a very inspiring book which shows just how much one person can do to help humanity in its hour of desperate need. Schindler was in the right place at the right time to do the decent thing. It was clear from the applause from the Any Questions? audience that your local constituents believe you to be a very honourable and decent man – a man they believe who has the moral courage to stand up to be counted whatever the odds.  Well, your Schindler moment has arrived!  You are now a high profile politician, you are President of the Liberal Democrats.....president of a party keeping this government in power. You are now in the right place at the right time to do the decent thing.  And you will be taking 'enormous risks against all the odds' but it will turn out to be 'unbelievably wonderful' as you said about Schindler”.

Edmund Burke famously once said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."   Our researchers will provide the irrefutable evidence that you need.   In return, we now look forward very much to your parliamentary plan of action to alert those politicians from all parties who are still good people at heart and who can help expose and so rid the British people of this evil.

With best wishes,