MacAskill's Gagging Law

Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice Secretary and ex Levy & McRae lawyer, is apparently so scared by the rising tide of public ire surrounding his and his colleagues apparent cover up of the Hollie Greig scandal, that he has proposed amendments to the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill, which is going through the Scottish Parliament at the moment.

The amendments would help stop people "stalking" or "harassing" their "victims" by text or online - strangely enough the exact charges leveled at Robert Green and the UK Column as we have been attempting to shed light on the apparent perversions of the course of justice by Grampian Police, the Procurator Fiscal's office, Elish Angiolini and Mr MacAskill himself.

At present, the only charge which the Scottish authorities can level in such a case is Breach Of The Peace, by coincidence the precise charge leveled at Robert Green last weekend following his arrest.

The powers provided under the new legislation would allow Scottish prosecutors to go after people campaigning using the internet, including email and websites such as Facebook.

Mr MacAskill said, "Stalking can be a deeply frightening crime for victims."

Poor Kenny. Feeling the pressure are we?

Mr MacAskill is not the only politician attempting to attack free speech in this way. A source has alleged to the UK Column that David Cameron has stated that should he become Prime Minister, he will legislate to prevent campaigners from asking difficult questions on public forums.