Londonistan: Birthplace Of The Clash Of Civilisations

God put of His Soul into Man, without which man would not be a living being. Allah even uplifted Adam above the Angels, and gave him dominion (khilafa) over the earth.

- Holy Quran: Sura 15, Alhijr 28-32, and Sura 2, Al-Baqara, verses 30, 31.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.... So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

- Holy Bible, Genesis 1:26-27.

We are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them... This is no less than a clash of civilisations, the perhaps irrational but surely historic reaction of an ancient rival against our Judaeo-Christian heritage, our secular present, and the worldwide expansion of both.

- Bernard Lewis

If we, the credulous British people, are to believe the eminent Dr Lewis, “the West” is faced with an existential crisis, a great “clash of civilizations," between the forces of radical Islam and of “Judeo-Christianity”. And while there is much contemporary evidence to reinforce this theory, recent events in Mumbai and elsewhere require that we subject his overtly simplistic thesis to a very thorough and critical cross examination.

Somewhat conspicuously, media reports immediately following the massacre in Mumbai had initially proclaimed the involvement of “British Citizens”, presumably of Pakistani origin, in the attacks. However, this was very quickly played down and ultimately hushed up altogether, in the days that followed. Thus, we can only surmise that once again, as with anything and everything that goes on in UK that gets to the heart of the evil and corruption that rules and ruins our daily lives, these reports have been subjected to the D-NOTICE system, effectively negating any freedom of the press in our wonderful “democratic” country.

In view of this, what indeed are we to make of the of the media reports we receive on an almost daily basis, informing us that our Island has become a harbor and safe haven for extremists and terrorists of all stripes from around the globe? Publicly at least, we are presented with the carefully constructed and maintained façade that it is our great love for “human rights” and “the oppressed” that allows such glaring insanity to prevail in our domestic security policies. But, a closer inspection of personalities such as Lord Avebury reveals an entirely different picture, namely, the same old “liberal” anti-nationalist Imperial geopolitics that has infested and polluted our country since the “Venetian Party” days of the Duke of Marlborough.

For example, just earlier this week we heard how Mohamed Ali Harrath is advising the Metropolitan Police on matters of international terrorism! No doubt, the Police will try to use the old tried and tested “to catch a thief” defense in this case, but methinks they dost protest too much.

Then there is the case of Bilal Abdulla, who had apparently already been identified as a terrorist suspect before launching attacks on Glasgow airport in June 2007. Are we to believe that after 7/7, MI5 do not take such threats seriously enough to put people like this under 24/7 surveillance? Or are we perhaps to believe that as few as 2000 active terrorist suspects are more than our “security services” can cope with? And finally, what of Salah al-Rajhi, the co-director of the $26 billion al-Rajhi Banking and Investment Corp? We would dearly love someone in authority to explain what nominally “British” offshore financial havens are doing laundering narco-terrorist funds for use in similar black ops around the world.

Thus, as Great Britain enters a stage of unprecedented, some believe terminal socialeconomic and political crisis; we must ask ourselves the fundamental question of Qui Bono? Certainly not the rapidly increasing ranks of the unemployed, pensioners, nurses, doctors and public servants, small business owners, i.e. ordinary working and middle class families across this country, who want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this deeply murky and uncivilized shenanigans.

In our view, as always at such times in history, it is a tiny coterie of elitists, who, in defense of their beloved “globalized” system of unlimited free trade, unregulated, offshore financial speculation and laundered drug money, believing that in an existential crisis the only effective strategy against an inevitable and (at least for a generation or two) irreversible return to a “Westphalian” system of sovereign nation states, is to tear down civilization and plunge the world into chaos before such a system of co-operation and agreement can be implemented.

And what more effective tool of unbridled chaos can anyone envisage than a global, fanatical religious war?

The preceding, deeply alarming strategic picture, screams that the time has now come for decent, honest and concerned people who call this Island home - of all beliefs, backgrounds and cultural heritages - to stand and be counted, in defense of our nation and its reputation, before the evil that we have tolerated in our midst for far too long, brings the wrath of the civilized world down upon us all.

Happily, the point at which the operations of the Fabian elite are forced by political circumstances to escalate from incremental gradualism into open confrontation and destabilization, is precisely the point at which the perpetrators and their minions become most vulnerable to exposure.

We therefore issue a public call to all serious, influential people in this country to act NOW by rejecting these insane and dangerous policies, and sending a strong public statement to these political and literal domestic terrorists now domiciled in the UK:


Let us instead mobilize the country, along with people of good will from other nations, for a great strategic intervention, against the religious and geopolitical machinations of the supra-national financial oligarchy. Let Great Britain reject its globalist, Imperial heritage, and move forward to take its rightful place in the world community of sovereign nation states, united in a principle of peace and development, to the mutual benefit of all.