Leveson State Press Control: Building The Picture With UKColumn

Network of connections between the formation of political charity Common Purpose by powerful international banks, through the secret meeting to create the Media Standards Trust, to the creation of a highly political clamour by the Hacked Off campaign for government control of the British press and media via the government’s own place-man Leveson.

Formed in the mid to late 1980s Common Purpose has developed into a powerful and devious political charity with one agenda - the change of British society into their own communitarian model. Common Purpose has never disclosed the identity of all its founding funders, nor has it explained how it tapped into public money via the government, but it has an opaque and incestuous relationship with many international banks and large corporations.  

In 2005 CP Chairman David Bell and his Chief Executive Julia Middleton held a debate on media standards at Bell's Pearson Offices. This closed door meeting was attended by bankers, a representative of the Bank of England, BBC's Robert Peston, a bishop, academics and others - mainly undeclared. 

This unelected and unaccountable group of people decided that press and media standards in UK were largely unprofessional, given to unlawful practices and needed to be improved and strictly regulated, with journalists and publishers being held to account. Thus the Bell Middleton cabal created the Media Standards Trust to do just that job, albeit acting 'outside authority' in their self imposed position of guardians of press standards.

Common Purpose has continued to claim that the Media Standards Trust is independent, although Common Purpose created it, and MST also shared offices with Common Purpose. Moving to Portobello Road some time later however, the MST incestuous relationship with Bell and Common Purpose continued.

Whipping up criticism and angst in the press and in social media, the Media Standards Trust in turn spawned the Hacked Off campaign which was to aggressively campaign for a government led inquiry into press and media standards, with the clear objective of helping to create a new powerful body to replace the existing Press Complaints Commission. 

Aided by Common Purpose's powerful hidden lobbying agenda in government and the Civil Service, a self generated whirlwind of 'celebrity' media complaints and the Guardian spin of the deletion of texts concerning Milly Dowler, Justice Leveson was duly appointed head of the 'Leveson Inquiry' to examine the culture, practices and ethics of the British press. Maintaining strict independence his senior panel member was none other than Sir David Bell from Common Purpose. Leveson's findings were subsequently published in hsi very own Leveson Report.

Although Leveson attempted to lever in draconian State backed controls of the British press and media, his agenda was considerably disrupted by the Daily Mail which published an eleven page exposure of the role of Sir David Bell, Julia Middleton and their circle of Common Purpose cronies, in their conspiracy against free press and media.

Leveson's inquiry led to the creation of the 'Independent' Press Standards Organisation, but the powers of this new vehicle were considerably curtailed by public exposure of the inquiry and vested interests, as well as the failure of most editors to sign up to IPSO.

In publishing a detailed analysis of the Leveson Inquiry and Common Purpose scam, the Daily Mail drew heavily on UKColumn and www.cpexposed.com investigations into both Common Purpose, the Media Standards Trust, and those organisations funding this dangerous attack on freedom of the press.

The diagram above provides an easy visual overview of the people, organisations and events in the conspiracy to subvert free speech.

Against the overwhelming evidence as to their actions and intent in the matter of Leveson and State control of the press, Common Purpose claims that the whole affair was a 'mistake' and people were 'confused' over their involvement in the Leveson affair. 

UKColumn continues to warn that Common Purpose continues its dangerous political and social Change agenda which has now replaced 'Leading Beyond Authority' with 'Cultural Intelligence'. Operating in UK and worldwide, Common Purpose seeks the creation of a society where a super state, of unelected 'future leaders' will control each and every aspect of our lives.