"Lazy" Whitehall Civil Servants To Face Sack

For the first time, Civil Servants' jobs could be at risk as a result of their "performance".

In the initiative being led by Francis Maude's Cabinet Office, the overhaul of Whitehall Civil Servants is to be unveiled next month.

Francis Maude claims that Civil Servants are themselves "frustrated and concerned" that "the worst performers" face no action while those that work hardest do not receive the recognition they deserve.

This statement seems at odds however, with the performance related bonus culture at Whitehall, where bonuses of as much as £187,500 were handed out on top of annual salaries this year.

And yet, despite these massive insentives to stick around, a quarter of Civil Servants have already quite Whitehall since David Cameron's government took office.


We believe the answer is twofold - an outflow of civil servants into the private sector to take up lucrative jobs providing exactly the services they provided in the public sector, but with access to even higher salaries and bonuses, and an outflow of civil servants who have simply been unable to cope with "behavioural change" agenda being forced upon them by Francis Maude and his common purpose training programme. Perhaps this second option is the cause of the low morale that the civil service unions are speaking about.

So now, Maude would seem to have decided that its time to get rid of all those civil servants who are not coping well having their behaviours changed, leaving behind only those who have. It is understood that one department will act as a pilot for staff cuts of up to 70%.

Naturally, government has an economic policy which guarantees that they have high quality alternative jobs to go to.

Serving coffee.