Happy Deathday England, Love ZanuLabour

Today England awoke to a thumping headache, a nation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and economic collapse, after abudget that could only really be described as having been farted directly from the bowels of Satan himself. Well, if only he could have taken the time to tune his sphincter before billowing forth such an unholy collection of cacophonous garbage, because as far as I can tell, the entire shambolic mess does not stack up to the harsh scrutiny expected from a particularly learning impaired five year old.

That is not to even mention the fact that the national debt that we have now been saddled with, and are being forced to pay for, is illegal and illegitimate. Words that this regime are becoming quite comfortable with by all accounts, well after all, if the shoe fits, eh?

It's nice to know that whilst those of us brave enough to still be proud of this country (after everything these criminals have done to it over the last 10 years) are busy attempting, via their best imitation of "stiff up a lip", "muck in and get on with it" stoicism, to celebrate our national patron saints day, we are smacked rudely in the face yet again by the Vogonesque inter-planetary demolition squad that is New Labour.

Oh, but don't worry folks, good old Auntie Beeb is on hand to help "reframe" any misguided patriotic impulses we may have into something more obscure and politically correct for the times. After all, there once was a nation called England, according to some bizarre myth that nobody really believes any more. No Common Purpose there then, no Siree.

So where are the dambusters when you need them? Somebody should just drop a few well placed bouncing bombs on the whole stinking lot of these scurrilously treasonous ratbags. Well, let me give you all a small clue :

The clock is ticking. It is 5 minutes to midnight. Either we remove these inept, evil and rapacious tyrants from power and take our country back, or there will be nothing left to argue about, or indeed anyone to argue about it with, in a few years from now.

What better way to celebrate St George's day?