Guy Taylor intimidated at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court after pleading No Case To Answer

It is now known what happens when a defendant pleads neither guilty nor not guilty.

Guy Taylor appeared at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court, Wales, today at 10:00 in connection with a ‘minor public order offence’ allegedly committed by Guy several months ago. Guy Taylor denies that any such offence ever took place.

In court, the clerk, Michael Cray, appeared very agitated and aggressive, and was reportedly rude to a lady member of the public before proceedings started.

As proceedings opened, Cray said to Guy Taylor: “You plead not guilty, Mr Taylor?”, to which Guy replied that there was “no case to answer”. Upon hearing Guy's response, the clerk, as described by members of the public present, became almost ‘demented’, and ordered the police to take Guy down to the cells for contempt of court.

Some members of the public were also thrown out of court at this point. Observers noted that even the magistrates appeared bemused at the strange behaviour of the clerk.

The police subsequently said to members of the public that they had been ordered to take Guy Taylor to the police station and that the Court was intending to hear the case without Guy being present. Some members of the public described the scenes in Court as deliberate intimidation of Mr Taylor.

Guy was in fact taken back to the court cells, and it is believed he will be brought back into court later this afternoon.

Security men at the court remarked that they had not seen Mr Cray before and it appears he may have been brought in especially for the Guy Taylor case. Update follows…