Global Warming Fanatics On The Rampage

In a stunning display of the power of vox populi to destroy entire nations and cultures, a jury yesterday cleared six Greenpeace activists of criminal damage to a coal fired power station.

Without doubt, these "ecowarriors" feel entirely justified in smashing up things that we taxpayers, in our ludicrous efforts to keep this rapidly sinking economy afloat, feel somewhat justified in thinking are rather urgently required to solve the imminent energy crisis that these same dangerous Luddites have themselves helped to create over the last few decades.

Well, give yourselves a great big pat on the back guys, because you have now established the precedent for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of your fellow traveling medieval flagellants to conduct similar acts of willful destruction to our vital economic infrastructure.

Not that we need to be worrying about power shortages and massive hikes in our electricity bills of course. After all, the threat of anthropogenic global warming is a much bigger danger than that of a few coal fired power stations, right? Wrong.

Ok, I'll tell you what, how about we stop making coal fired power stations altogether and get straight on with the urgent task of building that new generation of nuclear power stations we absolutely need in order to be free of fossil fuels for good. Excuse me, what do you mean you don't support nuclear power? Surely, if you want to "defeat the threat of climate change" (an impossibility, but hey, who cares about syntax or logical consistency these days anyway) then surely the only viable solution to our energy needs has to be nuclear power?

Oh, I get it. If we actually do that and invest in infrastructure to solve our energy shortages, then your patron saint Al Gore, and his hedge fund buddies won't get to steal what remains of our dwindling wealth with their swindles and scams. Well, good job again I say, it's all part of the service you bog trotting lynch mobs provide to the ruling classes, all the while thinking you are saving the planet from nasty old humanity.