Gibraltar Court IVF Child Snatch

On 26 May 2010, unreported by British mainstream press and media, yet another ‘Child-Stealing by the State’ case occurred in Gibraltar. A 10 year old IVF girl was snatched from her mother (Ms G) in a secret Court, and immediately flown back to UK in the custody of Isle of Wight Social Services. What was the mother’s crime? To try and protect her daughter (Miss X) from paedophile abuse she had suffered from the age of two. What was the little girl’s crime? - to try and tell the truth about her abuse.

Sources close to events report an unprecedented effort by authorities in England and Gibraltar to take the girl from her mother. In fact, so high profile was this case, that despite massive cutbacks in British public sector budgets, an English High Court Judge was appointed to the Gibraltar Court, and Isle of Wight Social Services hastily flew in a team of three case workers to fight the costly extended legal action against the isolated mother. Taxpayer’s money is clearly readily available when the State decides to take our children. In contrast, the mother has expended her life savings on legal costs.

Now held within the ‘gulag’ of the English Family Courts and Social Services system, the mother has not been able to communicate with her daughter for over three weeks. She is faced by a wall of silence by IOW Social Services, and threats of more Court hearings. The pain is unbearable for the mother. Who knows what the daughter feels? - as this young lady was denied her opportunity to speak to the Court to voice her wishes and feelings.

Investigation of this case, strongly suggests that IOW Social Services colluded with members of the English legal system, law firms, police, Gibraltar Social Services and others to snatch the girl, thereby perverting the course of justice. Even the Gibraltar court proceedings were biased against the mother, allowing IOW Social Services to take the girl contrary to European Law under Brussels IIR rules concerning extradition of children.

The massive effort, haste and sheer cost of the action by the English and Gibraltar establishments strongly suggests that they wanted the mother and daughter silenced - and fast.

Police & Social Service Incompetence Or Cover Up?

During the course of this abuse case, the performance of the Police and Isle of Wight Social Services was either incompetent or a deliberate cover-up of the activities of paedophiles. In light of the latest action in Court to take the daughter and silence the mother, the cover-up seems highly likely.

Key events in the case speak for themselves:

Buckinghamshire Police initially investigated, made an arrest but then released the individual - the abuse continued.

Vital faxed child abuse Case Information was “lost” in a handover between Isle of Wight and Surrey Police, and they were “confused” over their respective telephone and fax numbers. According to the mother, Surrey Police later admitted to her that the case paperwork was so “chaotic”, they were unable to investigate ‘failings’, until the paperwork was sorted out. This never happened.

A transcript from a video interview provided to the mother was either inaccurate and contained omissions, or was deliberately falsified. This undermined the daughter’s evidence. The police denied responsibility.

Another vital DVD of evidence went missing in the police system. No action was taken.

A report by the IOW Police admitted that conduct for one officer “did fall below the required standard”, but lamely recommended “management action in respect of record keeping.”

Having correctly made a complaint against the Isle of Wight Police and Social Services for failing to take proper action to investigate her daughter’s case, both authorities sent the same officers and staff to reinterview Miss X after she had revealed significant new evidence of her abuse. Significantly they failed to video the interview or allow a legal representative to be present as an independent witness. Unsurprisingly, both authorities later ‘self-reported’ on their performance and declared that there was no new evidence, or abuse. This response raises immediate questions since they had already identified Miss X as a credible witness and medical evidence was readily available.

Faced with an embarrassing and possibly criminal investigation into their Social Services, IOW Council took an easier and more devious route - they allowed the Social Services to speed up their efforts in UK to take the daughter and her personal evidence, so as to deny the mother access to a proper investigation of her complaint.

After the Gibraltar Court hearing, IOW Social Services removed Miss X within 48 hours, flying her direct to the UK. This tactic effectively denied the mother her one month right to appeal the court decision taking her daughter.

Concern In The Gibraltar Establishment

As details of this ‘child-snatch’ have emerged, the UK Column is reliably informed that the case has caused major debate in the Gibraltar political establishment. Senior establishment figures were so concerned that Miss X was denied her rights to speak for herself, that they tried to intervene on her behalf. Allegedly, these samaritans and others were subsequently ‘warned off’, by threats of Contempt of Court charges, should anyone try and block the girl’s extradition.

Twisted Legal Tactics Used In Court

As is usual in Family Courts, there was no Jury or any other means by which the general public could see justice being done in Gibraltar - the secret court, which has historically been a tool of oppressive regimes and dictatorships, it is now a commonplace procedure in dealing with children. Yet closed doors hide dirty deeds. Informed sources have alleged a number of serious irregularities in the Miss X Gibraltar court proceedings:

The Judge did not test the validity of any of the English court orders, including the Interim Care and Recovery order. In fact the Order that the child was returned upon was not only not tested for validity, it was not placed before the Gibraltar Court.

A highly experienced and well qualified retired child-protection expert in Gibraltar, was refused the right to be her Guardian Ad Litem (an independent Legal representative and ‘friend’ to the child) in the Court proceedings.

Miss X was refused her right to express to the Judge in person her wish to stay in Gibraltar, although it was clearly noted within the Guardian Ad Litem report to the court. The child was particularly distraught and suffered further stress at not being able to speak for herself.

The mother was not allowed time to engage Counsel to appeal the legal process which is her right. Despite having one month under European Law Brussels IIR to lodge an appeal, the Court would not stay the return of Miss X and she was hurriedly flown out of Gibraltar in 48 hours.

In contrast to the overwhelming International states judicial might against her, the mother was forced to go to the Supreme Court of the Gibraltar alone as a Lay Litigant, to log the Notice of Appeal, and request a stay of the Order returning the child to UK.

The mother was initially falsely informed by the court that she could not make this appeal as a Lay Litigant.

Alongside the general public we ask - Why would Public Authorities and the Courts want to do this? Why don’t the authorities want to hear the evidence of a mother and daughter in public to ensure that child abusers are caught and convicted?

Evidence reaching the UK Column indicates that not only are paedophiles and paedophile sympathisers buried within the Establishment and the Public Authorities charged with protecting the public, but they are sufficiently powerful to influence and close down cases threatening to expose them. This view was recently reinforced by members of the Metropolitan Police who disclosed that they had experienced the inexplicable close-down of police investigations into London paedophile rings, child trafficking and child prostitution involving people in high political and public service offices. The Westminster establishment was implicated. The police officers likened the cover-up to that of the close down of the Operation Ore paedophile investigation by Mr Tony Blair.

Following Abuse & Victimisation By The Establishment Mother & Daughter Run To Spain

The abuse of the child Miss X started at the age of two in 2002 and continued until early 2010. Details initially emerged following unusual and recurring female medical conditions, which the mother reported to her GP. This led to involvement by Buckingham Social Services and the police were quickly brought in. An individual was later arrested, but no action was taken. A later court decided on the Balance of Probabilities the abuse did happen and the individual was constrained to supervised contact.

In 2005 after a further ‘fact finding’ hearing, the Court recommended a shift towards unsupervised access by the same individual. As periods of unsupervised access by the individual increased, Miss X again suffered recurring female medical problems.

The situation worsened when Miss X began to suffer further problems and she became fearful of contact with the individual who was now also showing signs of aggression, and making unusual demands upon her. As a result, Isle of Wight Social services became involved, but they casually dismissed the need for further investigation, and supported unfounded accusations that the mother had a “split personality”. Miss X continued to suffer bouts of unexplained medical conditions, and by 2008 was ill with more serious female ailments requiring professional advice from Senior NHS paediatricians.

In 2009 Miss X started to report harrowing memories and flashbacks of abuse following periods with the individual and others. The police and Social Services again failed to investigate properly. By late 2009 the mother started complaints procedures against the police and IOW Social Services for their failings that led to a lack of action in dealing with the abuse.

Events immediately accelerated, and in a Social Services Case Conference early this year the mother was told that “they had serious concerns for emotional harm of the child’ [the inference being not from the identified abuser but from the mother herself]. In quick succession the police stopped all support for the mother. It now became increasingly clear that IOW Social Services were either covering-up their incompetence and /or the paedophile activity by switching the focus to the mother who had made the complaints.

In March 2010, desperate to protect her daughter from the continued abuse and the hostile actions of IOW SS, the now isolated mother took her to Spain as a place of refuge.

For two weeks mother and daughter felt safe, but the whole situation changed when she entered Gibraltar to settle. Local police detained her, after having been warned by IOW SS that she was.............”on the run with her daughter”. Other mothers have described this process as “like having a predator hunting them for their child.”

Parallels With Abuse Of Hollie Greig

Worryingly, this latest Gibraltar case mirrors events in the recent vast Scottish Establishment cover-up and dirty-tricks campaign to prevent justice for Hollie Greig, the Aberdeen Downs Syndrome girl, sexually abused over 10 years by elite members of the establishment. As with Ms G, Hollie’s mother Anne was falsely branded as mentally ill, and was later unlawfully locked up in an psychiatric institution to undermine her evidence and silence her. Grampian police consistently failed to investigate the case properly, including the suspected murder of Hollie’s Uncle after he identified abusers. In fact the police have colluded with Social Services to intimidate Anne.

Recently, both authorities broke into her home and ransacked it, seizing her computer which held evidence of her daughter’s abuse. Shropshire Social Services have now set up a closed Court hearing for July 2010, which threatens to remove Hollie from her mother’s care. This has been achieved by using false psychiatric reports to accuse the mother of harming her daughter by seeking justice.

Having moved from Aberdeen to Shropshire for their safety, Anne and Hollie Greig also report “being hunted by the Establishment for trying to tell the truth.” Similar evidence of such perverted justice concerning child abuse is emerging in many more cases.

Child Abuse - Cameron & Clegg In The Spotlight

In Gibraltar, Ms G has lost her daughter to a vicious and corrupt Social Services and Family Court system. Only a mother who has suffered infertility and pursued IVF treatment could understand the depth of grief for this mother in losing her much wanted daughter. Snatched behind closed doors without the right to free speech, this cruel Gibraltar case demonstrates a twisted judicial and Social Services power that can cross international borders. But there can be no doubt that the rotten heart lies within the British Establishment and Judicial system.

A society that cannot protect its own children has no future. All parents in the UK should start asking their MPs for a full open public enquiry into this and every other child-snatch case. David Cameron and Nick Clegg, as family men, are now in the driving seat - they have no excuse for continuing the family gulag system created by the corrupt Nulabour project. Both men must act to restore justice and protect children and families, or be brought to book for protecting paedophiles and their corruption of the establishment.