Ex Forces GB Stunned Into Action

Veterans attending Brian Gerrish`s lecture at The Imperial Hotel Blackpool yesterday, were stunned with the facts that they, their families and the whole country is being systematically betrayed and destroyed by the political elite holding Office in the United Kingdom.

Veterans sat in a stunned silence as Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish produced the facts for an audience of ex forces veterans showing how they & their country have been betrayed by a greedy, nasty, treasonous Political Elite.

You could hear a pin drop as Lt Cdr Gerrish advised these veterans, many who had fought for Queen and country were now being betrayed by the incumbents of the Palace of Westminster. An intricate web of deceit, lies, bullying and betrayal.

Lt Cdr Gerrish showed irrefutable evidence of how the Political Elite of the UK are systematically dismantling and destroying our country.

Leaked documents from the heart of cabinet were produced and shown in graphic and uneasy detail exactly how these nasty, dangerous individuals, deep within the heavily guarded walls of the Palace of Westminster are subverting the Constitution, destroying our democracy and continuing to hand over our country to a foreign power.

Lt. Cdr. Gerrish stated, "This is very real, these people are very nasty, very dangerous. It is YOUR families, your children and grandchildren who will suffer."

A Veterans spokesman vowed "We will not stand back and allow our country to be destroyed from the inside. All of these guys have fought for their country. They will fight again!"

We were informed that more than one Minibus containing veterans travelling to this meeting were stopped by Police and vehicles impounded leaving all passengers stranded and unable to attend the meeting! Why are the State so concerned? Time is indeed running out for us all.

The history of our once great country appeared to be taking a very real and new path yesterday. Our MPs are - and should - be VERY concerned!