Duchess Of Cambridge Topless Photos A False Flag In Preparation For Leveson

Is the publication of the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge no more that an act of greed by French and Irish trash publications?



At first glance we could be forgiven for thinking that this story is no more than the opportunistic exploitation of celebrity by French and now Irish junk publications. 

However, as most of the coverage in the mainstream press demonstrates, Britain's media is exploiting the story in a cynical act of collective suicide. Even the Mail and the Sun, each of whom have highlighted the dangers of the forthcoming Leveson Inquiry report, seem to be falling into the trap.

The Duchess of Cambridge is being used by those who would present the notion that the media is simply incapable of setting any standards for itself. In some cases this may be true. Leveson, however, intends to throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

The Leveson Inquiry intends to establish the Media Standards Trust as the new regulator for the media. It intends to use its common purpose to stifle the last vestiges of a free press. 

The real story here is not some topless photos. The real story is the media reaction to the topless photos. This story is a false flag of sorts - designed to enrage people against the media; to soften us all up to accept Leveson's report. 

But as Ian Hislop said in his evidence to that inquiry, there are already laws in place to curb the excesses of rogue journalists. Any journalist breaking the laws of the land should be put in prison, not have his wrists slapped. And for the rest - the legal but reprehensible invasions of privacy such as this - there is always the power of our pockets. 

The millions of pounds spent on Leveson were unnecessary. Leveson was unnecessary. And his Draconian report will be unnecessary. 

We will soon lose the last vestiges of freedom which our media has. Unless, that is, we recognise what is going on here and act accordingly.