David de Rothschild - Jesus?

Every once in a while, a photo appears in the mainstream press which deserves comment.

Sunday's Observer newspaper carries an article entitled "The voyage of the Plastiki". Apparently, the world's richest eco-terrorist is about to set off on a voyage of activism on "a 60ft plastic catamaran, kept afloat with 12,500 empty bottles, across the Pacific".

Bully for him.

Half way down the article, the above photo appears.

Here we have Mr de Rothschild in a cruciform repose, with his long dark hair and beard, and fully equipped with halo. Interestingly, he has a skull and bones on his belt buckle.

So what's going on here?

He might just have a high and mighty opinion of himself. Or, maybe, he's taking the mickey out of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Either way, there's a message being sent. I leave it up to you to decide what that message might be.