Constitutional Convention - To Reassert Our Constitution

22nd October 2011 - Kings Hall Stoke On Trent
5th November 2011 - Friends House, London

A constitution is a vital part of any country's system of government. It provides the rules by which the people agree to be governed. It is a contract, the terms and conditions under which those elected must govern, be they a monarch, president or parliament.

The people as a collective are the ultimate supremacy. Once accomplished, a constitution cannot be changed without the express will of the people  -for to do so would be a violation of contract and would negate the authority of those in breech.

Britain Has A Constitution

Britain has a constitution of considerable standing, the foundations of which were established almost 800 years ago with the signing of Magna Carta in 1215, and reasserted 322 years go with the Declaration of Right and Bill of Rights in 1688.

Parliament was not party to either Magna Carta or the Declaration of Right and thus has no authority to impinge upon the contract agreed i.e. our constitution. They are, however, obliged to obey its provisions. The Bill of Rights is a parliamentary affirmation of the Declaration of Right, it does not replace it or stand above it, it is merely a confirmation of it.

If parliament breeches our constitution, it renders itself illgitimate to us, for as long as the breech remains. No breech may stand as binding upon us.

Our constitution has been emulated by countries around the world as it is recognised as a benchmark for the protection of the people against the tyranny of rulers and errant politicians.

Our constitution provides a stalwart barrier to dictators, tyrants, and the political elites engorged with their own self-importance - but stands only subject to the vigilance of the people who must be prepared to defend it or lose it. The dire consequences of the latter being once lost it will take civil war and bloodshed to reinstate its provisions which are the very foundation of our rights and freedoms.  The natural instincts of the politicians are to grasp power for themselves and to try to diminish any authority which stands in their way.

Our constitution has for the past 100 years (since the 1911 Parliament Act) been progressively and deliberately undermined by the progressive political elite party system, which has sought to destroy it in pursuit of greater power for themselves.

A Call To Arms

We are now calling on all of those whose responsibility it is to help to defend and protect our constitution; these being the peers, bishops, politicians, judges, magistrates, senior civil servants and police officers alike, to work with us to undo the damage inflicted upon our system of governance by reasserting our constitution in every aspect.

We call upon them to assist us in every way possible and where there may be attempts to cajole them into opposing us, to resist and instead to look to their duty. We also ask that these same people assist with the implementation of new provisions in our constitution to take account of modern circumstance, to provide enhanced protection of our rights and freedoms for centuries to come.

But above all we are calling upon the British people themselves to lend a hand to our campaign to reinstate our constitution. For without the support of the people we are lost and become mere servants to do the bidding of a new political order, an elite which has deemed itself the soul arbiter to decide how it is we will be governed, which in their vision means that we serve them and not they us i.e. a dictatorship.

The Time To Act Is Now

The time to act is now. This is a call for all people who value their sovereign rights and freedoms to stand with us to help push back the tide of tyranny and bring to account all those who have knowingly, willingly and deliberately helped undermine our constitution for personal gain, at our expense. Chief amongst these traitors is Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, whose impact during office was enormously destructive.

Blair in particular has played his hand so well, like a smiling assassin armed with his cheesy grin and affable demeanour and having disarmed the general public, he has been able to introduce an enabling act (Civil Contingencies Act) and other oppressive legislation, all designed to suppress our constitutional rights and liberties and all this on the back of the phoney war on terror.

Following Blair, we had Brown, a dishonest and devious tactician, who further bloated the public sector while penalising the private sector. He sold the nations gold for a pittance, sold private pension funds in order to boost public pensions causing conflict between them and then plunged our country into unsustainable levels of debt beyond anyone's imagination, all part of a carefully contrived plan to diminish the status of our nation and oppose an ever greater tax burden on the people for the ultimate benefit of the banking cartel.

We now have Cameron, who, like Blair, is affable and disarming, but every bit a member of the elitist group whose aim it is to strip us of the protections that our constitution provides so that they can secure power for themselves.

Make no mistake about it... these people are not working for our benefit.  The true character of Cameron will not be difficult to expose... it will reveal itself when we ask for his support to reassert our constitution. Cameron has no need of a constitution... because his agenda is that of unconstrained political power – which a constitution would and should prevent.

The BCG is convening two constitutional conventions, for October and November 2011 and several more in 2012, the purpose being to mature the process of taking back control of our country from the traitors who now govern us. Follow up conferences around the country are designed to educate people as to what is going on re the suppression of our rights and to secure their support for the reassertion of our constitution with appropriate updates, to include such things as the rules governing the retention of DNA, privacy, excessive surveillance, and who should control the means of the production of our money supply etc.

At the heart of the convention will be ‘The Declaration’ a document that will lay the foundation for the restatement of our constitution. It is our intention to set this document in stone, such that it will last for many centuries hence, to provide protection for our children and their children, as is our duty so to do. As history continues to demonstrate, in the same way that tyrants tried before and are trying now, so they will surely try to take control in the future – our task therefore is to put in place the mechanism to stop them... that mechanism is our constitution, restated and reasserted with all its provisions intact and undiminished.  

The first two constitutional conventions will focus on informing officialdom of our grievances with a specific offer for them to provide us with redress and make amends, i.e. for them to start acting in the best interest of the British people... and to stop acting for the benefit of special interest groups, such as the banking fraternity. We will also be outlining the proposed consequences to them if redress is not forthcoming, to include, loss of pensions, confiscation of wealth and in many cases prison sentences for proven acts of treason where their actions have contributed to the diminishment of our sovereignty and the depletion of our national resources/wealth where contrary actions would have done the opposite.   

We have already seen the gradual implementation of a soft-dictatorship, through the tightly controlled political parties, with the pretence of different objectives whilst in reality following a preordained blueprint for control – whilst the parties in government change, the agenda remains the same. What politicians say they oppose whilst in opposition, they will all too frequently endorse when in office... and thus the dictatorial juggernaut rolls on.  This clever step-by-step implementation has been perfected over many decades so that no single generation has been exposed to all the changes and thus less able to perceive the dangers that these changes have brought.  The strategy being employed to implement their controls is to suppress our constitution gradually, piecemeal and imperceptibly, so that we have become slowly accustomed to their unlimited and arbitrary powers and through this process of gradualism we have become incapable of understanding what has been taken from us.

Our counter must be to explain the provisions of our constitution to the general public, explain how these have been deliberately undermined and by whom and for what purpose. Through our declaration we will challenge the elites to explain themselves. It is vital therefore to spread the word of our constitution... to the police as well as the general public, so that everybody has a clear understanding of what it is we are dealing with... i.e. an oppressive regime being built right under our noses.

Our biggest problem has been ignorance and apathy and the lack of basic constitution knowledge at grassroots level leading to our inability to defend our constitution because we do not know what we are defending nor understand the need to do so.  We expect the police to uphold our constitution on behalf of the British people and help us to claw back the controls that we have lost. Failure by those in authority to respond positively must be seen as a declaration by them of their support for the oppression of the people... surely an act of war against the people... and treason.

Our objective, to take back control of our country and reassert our constitution can only be achieved if we can secure the support of the people from throughout the United Kingdom. The constitutional conventions are the means by which we will start this process... following which we need to get helpers handing out leaflets in every town, village and city in the UK.

If you want to play a part in our constitutional conventions (and we do need help) – please call 0151 601 4694 and put your name forward as a helper and please copy this article/letter and send to your work colleagues, family and friends.

You can also help also by joining The British Constitution Group, if you have not already done so.

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