The last three months of 2009 seem likely to be exciting ...

In Ireland we have the Lisbon Treaty referendum in October. If ratified we will be made subject to an EU wide Political class and Police that are above the law and immune from prosecution. And ratification seems likely, since there doesn't appear to be the same momentum behind the no campaign as for the previous referendum, and in any case, the fix is in.

Also in October, our Constitution as contained in various documents such as the Bill of Rights (1689), Act of Settlement, Oaths Act, Act of Union is scheduled for further debate in Parliament, for example in the Royal Marriages and Succession to the Crown (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill. Is the timing of this act of Constitutional vandalism significant or coincidental to the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty?

Likely. again in October, we have the prospect of another financial perfect storm as the system propped up by Quantitative Easing suffers another round of collapse.

The ongoing media fuelled Swine flu panic leads us to believe that a second wave of the virus will emerge in October. Vaccinations will begin in October.

We believe these vaccinations will be compulsory. That might seem like a step too far, but the hints are everywhere.

A few days ago, a French government document (pdf, in French) came to light which defines a plan for the mass vaccination of every French resident.

The document, signed by French Health Minister Rosaylne Batchelot-Narquin and the French Minister of Interior, Brice Hortefeux, specifically states that no French medical GP or medical establishment will take part in the vaccination programme. Instead, people will be herded into specially established secure vaccination centres.

School children are to be vaccinated in school by mobile pandemic vaccination teams.

There is no mention in the document about vaccinations being forced, however it states quite clearly that everyone in the country, without exception, is to be vaccinated. People will be tracked via their carte vitale, their health insurance card which these days is chipped and has a photograph.

The document refers to laws Article L3131-8 and Article L3131-9 that allow Departmental Prefects to issue decrees to compel medical personnel, including medical students and medical army personnel, to administer vaccines or face penalties.

The document explains the size, shape and layout of the vaccination centres. It explains the number of vaccinations to be carried out. It describes the responsibilities of the various staff.

So, the question is, is there a similar document doing the rounds of Whitehall? We think it is likely. There is certainly evidence in legislation that the government is gearing up for something.

In Britain, recommendations regarding vaccines and vaccination are made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. This is a committee made up of academics and others, including some who receive research and other grantsfrom pharmaceutical companies, including companies with a vested interest in the swine flu vaccine.

Until January this year, their recommendations were just that - recommendations. But in January, Alan Johnson created a Statutory Instrument amending the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. This piece of under the table legislation states that recommendations of the JCVI will now receive the full support of the Secretary of State for Health, and the force of law.

Also lurking in the background is the Civil Contingencies Act, which empowers Ministers to make regulations in the event of an emergency which may:

enable the confiscation of property (with or without compensation); provide the destruction of property, (with or without compensation); prohibit movement to or from a specified place; require, movement to or from a specified place; prohibit assemblies; prohibit travel; repeal or change any previous laws; authorise the deployment of Her Majesty’s armed forces.

So it is our view that October is the confluence. We are to be hit with several emergencies at once - emergencies intended to kill all resistance to the marching New World Order. By the end of this year, Britain, the world, will be a very different place.