A Child Or A Statistic

We have to ask and ask again, what is this unhealthy and worrying fixation which the power elite have with sex and children?

Is paedophilia in high places spreading so rapidly that it should become government/national policy, globally?

Young children are not interested in sex so where is this obsession to make them sexually aware at such a young age coming from?

It is a result of the planned implementation of the following;

Every Child Matters/Children for Change, The Role of Teachers in a Changing Context, Global Dimension in the School Curriculum, Global Citizenship, UN, EU and the coming One World Order. Last but not least, sex education from UNESCO via the above conduits; Equality and Diversity, the process by which these changes are being implemented.

With Unesco's involvement with child sex education, the picture becomes ever more clear that the vile perversion of our children comes from a single source, being implemented in every country across the world via Every Child Matters (ECM)/Change For Children/equality and diversity training, it is truly global. In the USA, 'No Child Left Behind' was the precursor to ECM and was used as a campaign tool in the Obama election programme.

With each sad and cruel death of a child in horrific circumstances, new policies are introduced; strangely, these policies are already set up and ready to go, much as the scanners in airports were, to order - at the drop of a hat.

There are just too many ‘problem-reaction-solution’ events for this to sit comfortably!

The matters of every child are extremely lucrative with today’s ‘corporate child’; money changes hands at every turn. Fingerprinting, vein recognition, controlled vaccination, DNA, in fact all pupils' data will be stored and shared with other schools, corporations, universities and eventually, the Universal Database which will contain everything, on everyone.

Children are precious, but to the coming New World Order and its corporate interests, they are no more than a statistic. MPs, the courts, Lords, lawyers and others involved therein alongside education, police and social services are so intertwined with money aspects and targets, if the price is right those in power relinquish any semblance of conscience, regardless of the effect on children and families because they really DO NOT matter. The word ‘CARE’ now carries the precise opposite of its original meaning. (Career Advantage Remuneration Equity?) It is not easy to distinguish where the private and public partnerships begin and end.

Re-framing children into global citizenship to encourage reporting on neighbours and parents for 'state or environmental sins' in the guise of street-watch and volunteering in the community, action groups, for the supposed benefit of the 'wider community. These groups incorporate moves to label everyone a global citizen which ultimately ensures that all inalienable rights are removed, 'change' is actually being insidiously orchestrated against all human rights to freedom and sadly, is readily accepted by the “ignorant masses" (a term attributed to Adolf Hitler).

The guilt complex mind set which pushes 'generous giving' to charities, some of which are parasitic in nature, where those who control them bask in sun drenched luxury and track their investments. Children are led to believe that they helping those less fortunate when, in fact, the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. Children are being subjected to social indoctrination into statehood and out of the loving trust of the family unit.

The word CITIZEN has gradually been introduced into various countries over a number years. The Citizenship Foundation website describes the term citizenship as:

…Rights and responsibilities defined in law (or directives) such as the right to vote, responsibility to pay tax, also to general forms of behaviour…it encompasses all forms of education in the home, through youth work, training organisations, the work place and in the curriculum…

We should realise what the underlying definition of the above statement actually means and its implications to birth registration which makes each human being a slave to the corporate system. From birth, we are each programmed by our parents who were themselves indoctrinated into the ongoing system of bondage decade after decade, without recognition of the true facts.

The original purpose of birth registration was for tax purposes and for availability for military value of the person. Compulsory registration of births is a practice which originated in England and Wales in 1837. In effect, when a child is registered, it belongs to the state, which generously allows parents to 'care for the child' – sometimes.

'Plan', or ‘count every child’ is actually just that, a plan to identify every child in the world. Plan is working with United Nations agencies, such as UNICEF, on the issue of birth registration. Plan Europe submitted a parliamentary question to the European Commission on the inclusion of Universal birth registration in their policies, so we can assume that before too long all children will be on one Universal database.

Every child across the globe is to be identified and ‘visited’ at least four times a year for vaccination purposes by the year 2015according to the WHO, another extremely lucrative programme for the World health Organisation and it’s Pharmaceutical partners.

Children in Kabul are now being identified for registration; they are also being given a new oral polio vaccine, administered by health visitors going door to door. The World Health Organization says more than 85 million children under the age of 5 in West and Central Africa will be vaccinated against polio. (Source: CTV Health). Mobile registration units are being set up to peer into every corner in South and South-East Asia so that no corporate entity should be missed. We should sincerely hope that the new vaccines were properly tested and have no nasty additives

The World Organisations such as the UN, Unesco and the World Bank with its educational time-frame funding would all have us believe that Every Child Matters, Change for Children, global vaccination and birth registration, data retention and global change programmes 2008 – 2015 are to protect children and ‘make poverty history. Why then, does this identification and control by faceless tax-collectors who re-distribute our wealth at their whim, not feel like the word and work of a benevolent guardian?