The Cattle Are Being Stolen, You Bloody Cowards!

In 2008, then South African president Thabo Mbeki’s mother, wrote an open letter to the South African people, severely criticising the nation's political leadership. Published in the Johannesburg Sunday Times, she concluded: "South Africa wake up. Zemk’iinkomo Magwala Ndini! (The cattle are being stolen, you bloody cowards!)"

Since 2007, hundreds of billions of pounds of banking assets have been wiped off the books. For a year or two now, we've been told that these same banks are "profitable" again, but the truth is that its only through hyperinflationary injections of cash that this illusion has been made possible.

So it is in this context that we should view the globally increasing levels of protest, conflict and general chaos. None of these is a local or regional event. They are all part of a single strategy aimed at one objective: the political and physical destruction of this nation, amongst others, resulting in the consolidation of political power into pan-national institutions, and the raw material wealth of the planet into the hands of City of London and Wall Street based private corporate cartels.

It’s not hard to see the shape of the “invisible” global financial monetarist Empire if you shine a light in the right places, and the picture is not a pretty one. Britain has carried a parasite on its back since 1689, when it moved here from Holland. The first sight we had of it was the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694, and since then it has fed off us and the rest of the world.

Virtually all the offshore financial centres that dominate this globalised, deregulated planet, are located in British or Dutch colonies, like the Cayman Islands, the Dutch Antilles, the Isle of Man, the Grand Bahamas, etc.

Britain has a history of working closely with the raw materials cartels, through the private mercenary industry, particularly Executive Outcomes, Sandline, Defence Systems Ltd. These cartels already own the lion’s share of the precious metal wealth of Africa, Australia, and South America.

British counterinsurgency methods, pioneered during the 18th and 19th Century heyday of the British East India Company, are still practiced on a global scale, by British intelligence operatives and “former” officers, now operating under private cover. In fact, it could be argued that the privatisation of large sections of the Ministry of Defence and the secret services in recent years is just a reversal of the nationalisation of the British East India company and its intelligence organisation begun by Lord Shelburne.

In the Washington Post on the 6th of January, 2008, Africa specialist Caroline Elkins wrote:

If you’re looking for the origins of Kenya’s ethnic tensions, look to its colonial past. Far from leaving behind democratic institutions and cultures, Britain bequeathed to its former colonies corrupted and corruptible governments … Added to this was a distinctly colonial view of the rule of law, which saw the British leave behind legal systems that facilitated tyranny, oppression and poverty rather than open, accountable governments. And compounding these legacies was Britain’s famous imperial policy of ‘divide and rule,’ playing one side off another, which often turned fluid groups of individuals into immutable ethnic units, much like Kenya’s Luo and Kikuyu today … We are often told that age-old tribal hatreds drive today’s conflicts in Africa. In fact, both ethnic conflict and its attendant grievances are colonial phenomena … Britain was determined to protect its economic and geopolitical interests during the decolonisation process … It’s not hard to discern similar patterns … in other former British colonies such as Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Iraq that share similar imperial pasts.

Of course, that colonial past is not Britain's - it's the colonial past of the Bank of England. It's not just the colonies that have suffered from that parasite. Britain itself now carries a £9 trillion national debt which our great-great-great-great-grandchildren will still be repaying unless we succeed in bringing in Glass Steagall style legislation. In the meantime, our basic infrastructure - our health system, our roads and rail, our power generation - is all crumbling round our ears. We are fighting unlawful wars, and living under the weight of five cameras per lamp-post.

And now, in parallel with collapsing markets, these same tactics of divide and rule are being used against the British people by their own government, at the behest of the globalist financial elites. These "rioters" and "looters" are not acting spontaneously. They are acting as they do as the result of policy and training, and we risk a new "Jacobin Terror".

We are being asset stripped, while the apparatus of financial monetarist Empire has been unleashed, to foment chaos nationally, and provoke warfare globally.

Global assymetric warfare, in combination with a global financial and economic collapse, is the last phase in the great game which will bring about that New World Order.

So I say to our media, our elected representatives, our police, our military and our judiciary, "wake up! The cattle are being stolen, you bloody cowards!"

Now is the time for action. Act!