Aberdeen Fatwa

We at the UK Column are very disturbed to discover that Peter Watson, of Scottish law firm Levy & McRae, has allegedly taken more threatening action in a vain attempt to prevent the Hollie Greig story from gaining an unstoppable momentum.

We have received an email from a whistle blower - a source we consider one hundred percent reliable.

The email reads:

Watch yourself. I think you may be next on the police/Angiolini hit list. I heard from a very reliable source that they are after all concerned with the Hollie Greig case. This is all being orchestrated by Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. Make sure you also make them a focus for the public, just as in their masters and their spin doctors. If Angiolini didn't have the likes of Watson charging around like a bull she would be nothing. Watson  and his troop generate fear and pull the police strings, such as what happened to Robert [Green] last week. They arranged that interdict so he wouldn't know about it and arrested him for effectively breaching it, although as formal service never took place, they had to arrest him on breach of the peace. I know all about it as a police source has told me the whole story. There was also a request granted to bug Robert's phone, internet and email. You better tell him that. You might also be next, if its not already enforced. Thanks for letting me know about Tom. When you talk to Robert, give him my regards.

<Name witheld>

It has also been alleged through another whistle blower that Mr Watson is using resources outside the normal lawful process to achieve his aim of hushing this story up.

It has been suggested in the forums that we are sensationalising things. My aim here is not to sensationalise. It is to report what we are being told, and warned of. Whether or not there is basis to the warning, whether or not this is all just another attempt by Mr Watson to scare us all into shutting up, I would just like to state that we will not tolerate this kind of threatening behaviour.

Finally, I would ask everyone reading this to bear in mind that Hollie's case is particularly nasty. People at the very top of the Scottish establishment seem to be implicated, either directly in the abuse, or in its cover up. There is already one highly suspicious death associated with it (Hollie's uncle). The unlawful arrest of Robert Green, and the continuing threats, are just the most recent incident.