60 Days To Doom

History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man. 

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

A gloomy and muggy summer weighs Great Britain down, punctuated by frequent and turbulent rain storms. Our weather seems appropriate, as the menacing clouds of a great and terrifying international storm gather around us. Can this be how our forbears felt when confronted with the horrific calamities of their times, a “war to end all wars” of death and carnage on a scale undreamed before?

If we are to believe the puerile media, a great recovery is “just around the corner”. The credulous and statistically inclined might just be fooled by such talk, if they were to base their perception of economic prosperity on the stock markets, which are just now rebounding with a perplexing vigour that belies the stark reality of the physical economic breakdown crisis that is now gathering speed, behind the charts and graphs of the perennial merchants of economic mumbo jumbo. But despite such frantic and misplaced optimism, productive jobs continue to be lost at an alarming rate, with wages and working conditions marching briskly along behind them, to the extent that even the largely toothless British Unions are beginning to stand up for their members and demand industrial action. As the famous adage goes, “there are lies, damned lies, and then, there are statistics”.

Meanwhile, the plight of UK PLC seems increasingly uncertain, as Peter “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson sinks his Europhile claws ever deeper into the levers of power, corrupting and unwinding great swathes of our sovereignty with every slimy touch of his malignant hands.  Will he complete his mission of collapsing Sterling to pave the way for our final surrender to the EURO, and economic servitude to supra-national regulatory agencies who report to Brussels, rather than our national Parliament? And what of the “alternative” Tory proposals to disband the FSA, and hand all regulatory authority over to the proverbial men behind the curtain at the Bank of England, the great mothership of global usury? Either way, debt slavery to an ever increasing mass of illegitimate speculative claims against the public purse beckons.

But enough of this moribund national introspection, let us instead turn our attention to events inside the American “consumer of last resort”, where, despite all the recent hyperbole about “hope” and “change”,  all is very far from well indeed.

Shockingly, in the last week of July, the Inspector General of the TARP told the US Congress that, in contrast to the $700 billion figure that was presented to the public as the cost of the Wall St bailout, in fact, when taking into account all of the sources being used to sustain the collapsing derivatives bubble, the figure is now up to a staggering $23 TRILLION. With such incomprehensible statistics, regardless of the myopic and trivial garbage we hear from the national and global media on a daily basis, there can no longer be any debate as to the fact that we are facing a planet wide collapse into a new dark age, as the US Dollar is crushed under a hyperbolic tsunami of speculative debt.

As of now, the majority of the US States are in technical, if not entirely yet literal bankruptcy, hurriedly forcing through emergency budget cuts that involve drastic measures such as the furlough of essential public sector workers, IOUs and other accounting tricks, as with the recent California budget that was passed at the 11th hour after intense negotiations. But despite such insane and desperate shenanigans, the absolute outer limit for such fiscal deck chair rearrangement is October, the end of the third financial Quarter. With official statistics reporting close to 10% unemployed, and unofficial ones at more like 30%, the States are increasingly caught in a vice between the twin jaws of collapsing state revenues due to escalating unemployment and increasing costs of lending as federal stimulus flows dries up and they are forced to borrow operating funds from the private money markets.

But why, you ask, am I focusing all of my attention on conditions inside the United States, when there is equal or worse desperation here at home in the UK? Well, as the quote at the beginning of this article implies, there is a historical parallel with what is happening to America, and what happened to the Weimar Republic under the weight of the manifestly unserviceable war debt that was imposed by the Allies at Versailles. Then, it was the lie that Germany had been the sole “cause” of the catastrophe of WW1, rather than the geopolitical machinations of the British oligarchy, which feared a land based network of trans-continental railroads as a threat to their Imperial control of world trade by means of their monopolistic maritime power. Today, the City of London, in collusion with the openly fascist regime that has installed itself under President “Nero” Obama, is out to bankrupt the United States of America, collapse the nation into riots and civil strife, and use the resulting chaos to impose a dictatorship on that country.

And what lies beyond the collapse of the United States, were such a diabolical plot to succeed? A world central bank and single currency, based on carbon credits, a vastly reduced population (witness the global push for legalized Euthanasia amongst other anti-population “green” policies), herded into population centres, micro-chipped, monitored and tracked on a 24/7 basis to ensure compliance with the (naturally, entirely benevolent) diktats of the new fascist world government. At the slightest hint of rebellion, the offenders’ “carbon credit” chip will be disabled, and he or she will be cast into social limbo to suffer a slow and agonizing death by starvation.

Sounds far-fetched? Well if you have not already done so, try picking up a copy of HG Wells’ The Open Conspiracy and/or The New World Order and take a good hard look at what is happening around you today. This conspiracy is not new, and is now nearing end game, unless the American people finally wake up to the nature of the enemy they, and all of humanity are fighting, and take back control of their country from the traitors on Wall St and their pet politicians in the Congress.

The Federal Reserve is bankrupt, and must be replaced by a new national Bank, under the relevant, far sighted provisions of the US Federal Constitution. Under such an initiative, and with agreement of the other major economic powers of the planet, the European financial oligarchy and their New Dark Age policy can be out-flanked, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, at the point of maximum danger for civilization.

When men have nothing else to lose, in the service of freedom, and defence of their own lives and of those dearest to them, what other pragmatic course of action is there to take? For this is a crisis that will admit no error or deviation from what must be done to save us all from hell - a hell that was hatched from the greed of evil financial parasites and the weakness and foolishness of politicians who failed to understand the simple economic principle that what goes up, must one day come down, and my word is this system ever coming down around us now...

The hour is indeed late, but there is still time for the next cycle of our historical poem to be one of beauty and hope, a true Renaissance, and no more talk of a dystopian New World Order of slavery and despair.

People of Great Britain, you have nothing to lose but your chains, join our fight for a new international credit system NOW, before it is too late!