UK Column News - The Divine Right of Eurocrats, Fake News & Thermonuclear Madness (3rd October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START A Pack of Lies : Article 50, the Great Repeal & ‘Domestic Law’ 04:27 Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham : ‘Strange political times…’ 05:19 An EU Defence Structure : Former Major General Thomson speaks 08:42 International Development Secretary Patel : Afghan Intrigues Apace. 09:58 Harriet Baldwin & the ‘Special Relationship’ twixt USA & Britain… 11:47 Ash Carter, ‘Advocate in Chief’ for Global thermonuclear Apocalypse 14:51 The Sophisticated Interface of Manufactured Propaganda & Surveillance 15:48 A Fake Protest in White Helmets - Paris ‘Demonstration’ Reveals False News 17:29 'Government will never gamble with out National Security’ : Liar Fallon 21:32 British Networks in formation : Lincoln, Chichester, Milton Keynes & Totnes 22:41 Despicable ‘Chancellor’ of the Exchequer Impoverishes the Nation with Lies NB Residents of Totnes, Lincoln, Chichester and Milton Keynes are advised form sovereign networks immediately - contact [email protected] for details of participation.