Formal Complaint To Full Fact

The following formal complaint was sent to the website today. The trustees of ths pseudo-charity are: Hon. Michael Samuel (Chairman), Simon Briscoe, Lord David Lipsey, Baroness Julia Neuberger and Professor Jean Seaton.

Dear Sir,


Following our brief telephone conversation this afternoon - I take issue with your article posted on the fullfact website dated 3rd July 2012 15:14.

You claim that:

Full Fact is an independent fact-checking organisation. We make it easier to see the facts and context behind the claims made by the key players in British political debate and press those who make misleading claims to correct the record.

1. You are in fact a fully funded non-profit company and therefore work for and on behalf of your powerful and politically active funders - your claim to be independent is erroneous.

2. In the above article, in which you fail to acknowledge the proper source - the UK Column, Will Moy attempts to undermine and make light of a serious article about imprisonment, loss of liberty and serious failures in the legal system. As such Mr Moy's article appears specifically designed to undermine and discredit the accuracy of our original report.

You state that:

Full Fact was not present in Wirral Magistrates' Court yesterday but, of course, neither were the people publishing these unlikely allegations.
The explanation offered by the council and backed up by the Courts fits the law, and in spite of the claims of a "secret" trial, the facts are readily obtainable by anyone that cares to look into the matter. This particular conspiracy theory therefore needs to be put to bed.

The true FACTS are that Mr Hayes was arrested on Monday morning, taken to a police station for three hours and then taken to directly to court. No listing for that court hearing was posted, Mr Hayes had no legal representation, nor was he permitted any, Mr Hayes was given no opportunity to present a defence, no jury was present and neither was the general public or press present at that hearing.

That being the case Mr Hayes was subjected to a 'star chamber' and secret court process as correctly stated in our original article.

In addition, according to Mr Hayes' Statement of Fact made in prison this morning, neither was he informed of the court case on Tuesday 26 June at which the bench warrant was issued - thus he did not attend the hearing, nor could he conduct his defence.

3. For your organisation to try and label reporting of these serious omissions, failings and malfeasance within the legal system as misleading and 'conspiracy theory' appears to be a deliberate and calculated attempt to undermine the UK Column and British Constitution Group and the full and proper defence of Mr Hayes.

4. The UK Column is currently reporting on many issues in the public interest which include the attack on liberty and the British Constitution, BBC misreporting and propaganda, exposure of Charities acting in a political capacity, the abuse of children by the state, serious abuses within the education system, monetary system fraud, Leveson and many more subjects. We work on evidence and fact, and report accordingly.

5. In the interests of transparency, your claims to be an independent 'fact-checking organisation' and the wider public interest, I am making this email public.

I look forward to your response and a full apology in due course.

Yours sincerely

Brian Gerrish
Joint Editor UK Column