A Conversation On The NHS

In recent months the NHS has hit the headlines with events and revelations that would previously have been deemed unbelievable...

Thousands of people dying in conditions of dirt and neglect, elderly deliberately dehydrated and starved, 'care' pathways implemented to end the lives of those most heavily dependent on the NHS for treatment and care, money paid by government for NHS Trusts to meet and exceed targets for those placed on death pathways, those blowing the whistle on these and other serious concerns bullied, victimised, pushed out of their jobs and gagged under 'Compromise Agreements', those guilty remain in their jobs - fully backed by Government Ministers. No police investigations over the deaths, which many would class as murder - if not genocide, on the figures of over 100,000 deaths.

How can caring people in the NHS do this? And where is the outrage at a government paying bonuses to kill the vulnerable? Where is the realisation that something is badly wrong in the NHS which mirrors callous actions in many other areas of government policy. Care of the Elderly and Child Protection come to mind, along with unlawful wars overseas and torture of 'enemies of the British state'.

Events in the UK care system are now being mirrored in the USA, particularly with the introduction of 'Obamacare'. Is this a coincidence?

Just where has this cold callous low-empathy management style come from? Are people being de-sensitised in training?

How can we recognise low-empathy people? What does low-empathy in society lead to?

Where does the British Government stand in all this? The two pronged attack - Our Society Targeted with Low Empathy Propaganda and the parallel rise of Low Empathy 'Runaway'.

Taking Action - what can we do about it?

Brian Gerrish speaks to Kevin Bull to find out.