The Universal History of Western Civilization: Who are we, really?

In 732 AD, Charles “The Hammer” Martel, military and political leader of the Franks during the Merovingian dynasty, attacked and routed an invading Moorish army at Tours, bringing to an abrupt end decades of incursion by Islamic invaders.
In the first decade of the 5th century AD, in the years before Alaric marched his Visigoth horde into Rome and sacked the city, Britannia was, albeit temporarily, at peace. In the four hundred years since the first Roman invasion, tyrannical military force had largely tamed the native Celtic population, bringing classical education, economic stability, and ultimately, even Christianity to the Islands, following its adoption as the official religion of the Empire in 313 AD. 
For many observant Christians, 2012 is a year of deep trepidation, a time in which the realisation of biblical prophecies of the “end times” is widely feared to begin in earnest. And yet, in the confusion and educational paucity of our times, much of the true history of western civilisation from the birth of Christ and days of the patristic fathers, through the rise and decline of Rome, its resurrection in the Byzantine, later Anglo-Dutch (Venetian) Empires, and finally to current history in the era of 21st Century “globalisation”, remains murky at best to the majority of self described biblical scholars.