Tuesday, 17th January 2012

Why are children's brains and other body parts being secretly removed and stored?

This is the question in the minds of distraught parents in Dorset who are only now learning that their dead children's brains were removed without their knowledge or permission.

Dorset's Police Force is one of the few across the country to have declared a policy of "openness" — though it refused to comment on the number of brains stored on its behalf in hospitals.

One mother, Julie Middleton learned that the brain of her six-week-old son Regan was still in a jar at Southampton General Hospital 12 years after his death.

Southampton Hospital has insisted that it did nothing wrong, but was acting as a storage facility for the Police, Home Office or Coroner.

Permission to keep the organs was not needed at the time, but the law changed in 2006. A report in March will uncover a figure for the UK, as there will undoubtedly be many more cases nationwide.