Who is the biggest power in the world? The US has the biggest military capacity, and China is being eyed as an economic giant, but few see Europe as a force to be reckoned with.
Following on from my previous article, "The Section 151 Officer, Council Tax and Fraudulent Accounting”, we take a closer look at this little known official and the truth about the raising of Council Tax.
Previously, the Weekly Nudge has focussed on various agendas which involve the incremental process of ‘nudging’ society towards a particular conclusion. Such groups of people that seek to persuade the wider population to accept their agendas use psychological techniques that are most commonly described as "social engineering".
This article covers research done by a layman to accounting and is the first in a series covering the activities of “Section 151 Officers” within local councils.
“It wasn’t meant to be like this”, says the BBC's Nick Robinson.
The Tory Party tweeted out their simple truth today: that true compassion isn't giving people a benefits cheque - it's giving them a chance.
Amid rumors and various online reports that typically fail to quote specific sources directly, police in western Austria have directly confirmed for AFP that Bilderberg 2015 will indeed take place at the Interalpen Hotel near Innsbruck in the Tyrol region, Thursday through Sunday, June 11-14.
Peter Hitchens
From political charity Common Purpose with its secret meetings for 'future leaders', to the Cabinet Office Insights Team, the main weapon used to destroy our families, culture and history has been an orchestrated attack on our minds.
Poland’s former Prime Minister has replaced Herman Van Rompuy as European Council President. However, this seemingly normal changing of the guard signals that a full-court press for free trade is imminent by new European president Donald Tusk, even as Ukraine might erupt into all-out chaos and killing.
Earlier this week a man was sentenced to jail for sending an offensive tweet to labour MP Luciana Berger.