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Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf NOT to Lead Child Abuse Enquiry



  • Yep, appears that way. I passed that forward from Alun and am having difficulty reading due to an eye infection. I so agree that the majority of the players really due appear to be rotten to the core. For so me strange reason I keep experiencing the urge to shower again.

  • Recapping a portion of the excellent Twitter sleuthing from yesterday:



    Colin Tucker hired as footman to Lord Mayor of Lon BEFORE he was acquitted of embezzlement and WHILE he owned gay bar inv with Magic Circle


    My Sweet Landlord

     Said he was in Cornwall with friend who suggested he sign up with agency. Footman job came up, had 2 interviews!

    L.D. Inns Limited


  • I wonder who the friend was? Dirty dirty dirty ... all in it together.

  • I'm not sure if this has been posted/linked to, but a new and rather disturbing aspect has surfaced, story and links (to MSM article) on the Needle blog. A "James Saville" (no relation to you-know-who) who represents CSA inquiry panel member Sharon Evans, has threatened a Mail on Sunday journalist for trying to investigate the appointment of Woolf.

    Plot steadily thickens.


    Laughing Duck social worker connection:

    Colm Cunningham, an Edinburgh City Council social worker

    15 May 2002

    Colm Cunningham, an Edinburgh City Council social worker who has organised Saturday’s meeting, said he hoped the team would be able to take part in next year’s International Gay Rugby World Cup.

    Mr Cunningham, 34, came up with the idea after unsuccessfully trying to find a gay club specialising in a team contact sport. However, after discovering gay rugby teams had already been set up in London and Manchester he decided to look into the possibility of setting one up in the Capital.

    The meeting for anyone interested in the club is being held in the Laughing Duck, in Howe Street, on Saturday at 1pm, when two players from the King’s Cross Steelers* will attend.

    *(King’s Cross Steelers: The club was founded on 1 November 1995 in the Central Station pub located in Kings Cross in London)


    The Caledonian Thebans is the first gay and bisexual friendly rugby club for men in Scotland. The club came to life on 18 May 2002 when Colm Cunningham, a gay man from Northern Ireland, put up a poster in the Laughing Duck, a now defunct Edinburgh gay bar.




    The footman to the Queen Paul Burrell bought the Laughing Duck 1982 and sold it to the footman to the Lord Mayor of London Colin Tucker 1988

  • I just spat my tea all over the keyboard   laugh crying

    Before I hyperventilate - congrats to Troy - finds gold in that there dirt

  • Laughing Duck ................. I'm sure there's an inuendo in there somewhere.............



    You really couldn't make it up - a boyfriend named P A E D...........................................o

    what a tangled web

  • Geezus! It's a good thing that I wasn't drinking tea at the moment. "You really couldn't make it up - a boyfriend named P A E D...........................................o" and all. Unbelievable dirty tangled web. Perhaps the Laughing Duck will finally bring their glass castles down and make them the Laughing Stock.

  • I, and many others have long thought that Scotland will be central to the revelations about paed's in high places.

    Many, many reasons, not least being Savile and the royal's connections - and affiliations

    Not to go off topic, but Crowley also found his perfect Lochside retreat there - Boleskin House. if I recall correctly.

    Small wonder they fear Robert Green- they know, once under scrutiny, their dark secrets will be revealed.


    Former Laughing Duck (later The Standard, now Mother's)


    27 JANUARY 1990,



    It is a short walk from Edinburgh's Court of Session to the Laughing Duck.


    IF YOU sit down to dinner at the best window table in the Pompadour restaurant of the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh you can see Fire Island. It is above the shops on Princes Street and was, for many years, the Scottish capital's leading gay rendezvous.

    The rumours linking senior members of the Scottish judiciary to homosexual prac- tices, and even rent-boy vice rings, have presented a quite different picture of Edin- burgh from that held by the average visitor. It is an image which the city would prefer to keep tucked away.

    Not half a mile from the Court of Session on the Royal Mile, the Mound slips away into the New Town and James Craig's glorious Georgian grid plan of the 1820s. In the well-proportioned tenements and houses live many professional people in- cluding many lawyers. It is within this square mile that gay bars and hotels have always thrived.

    A great survivor, yards away in Howe Street, is the Laughing Duck. Though neighbours may have such grand flats that they feature in interior decorating maga- zines and one of them is open to the public on Sundays during the summer, 'The Duck' boasts a plate-glass door and an interior of riotous darkness, once owned by two women, Karol and Diane (they split up when Diane caught Karol at home with the builder, the story goes). The Duck has gone downhill of late. But the pull of a gay venue and a late licence will keep the money rolling in. Certainly it has changed in all appearances from the time when the eminent and heterosexual Scottish earl used to go there at lunchtimes for chicken- in-a basket.

    In all such places one may find, from time to time, copies of Scotscene or Scots Men, not the daily paper so beloved of lawyers, but an occasional news-sheet de- tailing such things as homosexuals may care to know on arriving in Edinburgh.



    The Laughing Duck

    "The Laughing Duck (in Howe Street?) was the only gay disco.  It was owned by Diane Mckean whose folk owned Salon Henry in Frederick Street, THE hairdresser before Brian Drumm arrived ."


    There’s a new bird in town and it’s Happy, carefree and gay

    23 Jan 2002

    FIFTEEN years ago it was the best known gay bar in Edinburgh. The pub no-one wanted to be spotted going into, but the one which everyone wanted to glimpse inside.

    As infamous as it was famous, the Laughing Duck was a thriving mix of high-energy music and beautiful people, where celebrities such as Barbara Windsor, Christopher Biggins and Su Pollard regularly hung out when in town. In the outrageous 80s, you were no-one until you had experienced the dancing bar staff and become part of the hedonistic clientele of the Howe Street pub.


    A point Fiona Horne, proprietor of Nexus Cafe-bar in the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Centre in Broughton Street, agrees with. She remembers her first visit to the Laughing Duck at the tender age of 21. Now 32, she has worked on the gay scene for 12 years.

    "I remember the Duck as being very dark, an illicit place that made me feel that I shouldn’t be there.

    "I suppose it was what would have been described as fashionably seedy

    Barbara Windsor & queen (not at the Laughing Duck)

    Kray & Windsor

    (Magician Peter Mehtab performed for Barbara Windsor too


    Christopher Biggins warns against sex scandal becoming a ‘witch hunt’

    Television personality Christopher Biggins has said he thinks the sex scandal currently sweeping the entertainment industry is in danger of becoming a witch hunt.

    Christopher Biggins has said that the BBC chose to protect Jimmy Savile and his TV shows - and ignore the victims.

    The former I'm a Celeb winner said: "Dear Aunty - as the BBC used to be called - was very precious. Everything was covered up, nothing was spoken about and things happened which were terrifying.



    Christopher Biggins Makes A Joke About Jimmy Savile On Celebrity Juice

    @21 secs


    Politically, Biggins has expressed his admiration for former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He admits in his autobiography that he cried on the day she resigned



    Su Pollard

    1987, she toured the UK with The Su Pollard Show and co-hosted It's a Royal Knockout.

    It's a Royal Knockout

    Some of those who took part:

    Stuart Hall, Barbara Windsor, Su Pollard, Cliff Richards, Paul Daniels, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Tom Jones (singer)...


    One of the newest fetish clubs in Edinburgh is Velvet Chains, which is held in the basement of The Laughing Duck pub in Howe Street. There, a bizarre mix of fetishists who are into bondage and S&M, and who dub themselves "leather bears" and their "cubs" (bulky, hairy gay men who are into leather, rubber and uniforms, and their admirers) meet every six weeks in what is advertised as a "dark atmosphere". Admission is 3 and everyone must follow a strict dress code which dictates: "goth, fetish, leather, rubber etc . . . no street clothing."

    A spokesman for The Laughing Duck says: "The next one is on Friday, October 18, and they have been getting busier - about 60 people attended the last one. The room is hired by the people who organise the club and they have their own entrance, so it’s a different clientele from the one we have upstairs."


  • Very perceptive observation. What's in a name'? Always worth considering what's in plain sight.

    Snippet on Tucker

    Major and minor players in the unfolding investigation

    Wednesday 27 January 1993

    Colin Tucker: Partner with Burnett Walker WS. As a result of Law Society and police inquiries, he was charged with embezzling client funds. Trial took place at High Court in Edinburgh, December 1989. Found not guilty after defence claimed that Walker had forced his compliance by threatening to expose him as a homosexual. Struck off the solicitors' register in 1990. Now a footman with the Lord Mayor of London. Defended at trial by Robert Henderson QC. Rumours begin suggesting existence of a ''list'' giving identities of high-placed and judicial homosexuals.

    Lord Dervaird: Appointed a High Court Judge in 1988 but resigned without explanation two days before Christmas, 1989 and three days after the Tucker acquittal. His departure followed a meeting attended by the then Scottish Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, the then Lord Advocate Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, and Scotland's most senior judge the Lord President, Lord Hope. Resignation highlighted in leaked police report as coming three days after Colin Tucker's acquittal, with suggestion that the acquittal had been facilitated by means of a secret list of homosexual Judges.

    Rifkind - Leon Brittan's cousin.....................



  • [quote=strider]

    Home Office whittled list of 60 down to 3 before picking Fiona #Woolf, 1 of only 28 friends and family who sponsored Diana Brittan's fun run



    Revisiting this selection process statistic.

    Statistics can be interpreted in different ways.

    Could imply that despite Woolf being heavily compromised, maybe she was the LEAST compromised of the 60 candidates?

    Could mean that Woolf was May's preferred candidate because a whitewash was guaranteed?

    Could mean that May and Woolf have a special affinity?


  • A measured synopsis of the ineptitude

    Is Fiona Woolf’s child abuse inquiry falling apart before it’s begun?


    Those overseeing the inquiry seem to be in no rush to commence proceedings. The home secretary set it up on July 7 2014; Butler-Sloss was appointed on July 8, and resigned on July 14 after her establishment links and record on other child abuse investigations was pilloried in the media. Her replacement by Woolf was revealed on September 5.

    Woolf did not appear before the committee until October 21, more than six weeks after she was selected and 15 weeks after May initiated the inquiry – and still the panel has not begun its substantive work.


    Woolf has promised that the first report from this monumental inquiry will be ready by March 2015. And yet, the inquiry is in real danger of becoming a farce before it has even started.


    In fact, in July, Michael Gove, then education secretary – and arguably holding the greatest child protection responsibility of any politician in the country for – stated that there should not be an inquiry into abuse by political figures.


    It may be that allegations of abuse by senior political figures and of subsequent cover-ups prove to may be wholly unfounded, but they must still be fully investigated with the greatest of care. Anything less will only add to the suspicion that there has been a conspiracy at the highest levels of the state to bring about and cover up the sexual abuse of children.

  • post from Magic Circle thread - will post here too


    Thanks PG_Tips - for the link - will come in handy.


    Strider re: Scotland - agree... there is so much covered up very vile, that when revealed, may be the straw...


    Strider wrote:

    I, and many others have long thought that Scotland will be central to the revelations about paed's in high places.

    Many, many reasons, not least being Savile and the royal's connections - and affiliations

    Not to go off topic, but Crowley also found his perfect Lochside retreat there - Boleskin House. if I recall correctly.

    Small wonder they fear Robert Green- they know, once under scrutiny, their dark secrets will be revealed.


  • There is energy and then some in a name. Great stuff in lining up all of the ducks! yes

    The United Kingdom child sexual abuse panel inquiry is  an overarching investigation into a series of cases in the United Kingdom concerning allegations of historic child sex abuse within government and other institutions. The reason we need this is that there are vast quantities of evidence, not least from the victims, of large scale organised paedophilia, principally within children’s homes but also in other places, both historic and reaching to the current day. We need this inquiry because all previous attempts to investigate have failed. Some may say that they were sabotaged.

    [The famous Elm Guest House List pic]

    The alleged perpetrators are the establishment. Senior figures whose names you would recognise. Others less famous but with huge power. And they are being investigated by the establishment. The inquiry was to be chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss. On 14 July it was announced that Baroness Butler-Sloss was standing down from the inquiry, and on 5 September it was announced that it would be chaired by Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London.

    The fact that we have the establishment investigating the establishment should be massive cause for concern. But it gets worse, much worse. The harsh reality is that the perpetrators also seem to be freemasons, as you can see from the video above. And freemasons wield immense power in the UK. Certainly far more than the electorate think that they themselves do.

    Freemasonry deliberately recruit those in positions of power so as to add power to themselves. Their members include Royalty, most members of Government, most of MI 5, most senior politicians, most policemen, most lawyers, most judges and many senior people in control of the press (so you will only learn about the truth by doing your own online research). Rupert Murdoch is a senior freemason as are most British Prime Ministers.

    Freemasons are not only taught to lie, they are taught that it is essential, because freemasonry is a secret society. So right from the beginning they are taught to dissemble to family and friends about what happens at their meetings and what freemasonry is all about. The handbook of masonry says: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations“. So you can never believe anything a freemason says, even if it is under oath.

    Then there are the blood oaths that freemasons swear and the charades they act out to reinforce their hocus pocus. These oblige every freemason to look after all other freemasons before all else, before their family, before their employer, before the law and before all other oaths. As you can see this is an immense obligation and one that is taken incredibly seriously. It is the core of freemasonry and why people join.

    So as you can see a freemason is above the law. When gangster Kenneth Noye was master of a freemason lodge he could get away with any crime, until he murdered a member of the public in full public view. Freemason Harold Shipman was reported to the police for mass murdering and they did nothing, leaving him to continue his killing spree. Serial paedophile freemasons Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith were reported to the police repeatedly for their crimes and, obviously, nothing was done. And in this video you can see how the North Wales police have treated these crimes:

    It must be very clear now to anyone reading this why all the previous inquiries have failed. The freemasons have such enormous power from who their members are and what those members’ obligations are that any sort of truth was never going to emerge. And there is no reason why this new inquiry is going to be different.

    But there is more. Go to the internet and start searching for the alleged names of the alleged perpetrators (here is a start) and pretty soon it becomes very obvious indeed how much damage the truth would do. It has the potential to bring several powerful national institutions tumbling down and to lead to several others being massively reformed. It would damage the whole heart of the British establishment. And you know that they really are not going to allow that to happen. So this is a battle for the survival of the British establishment. And you can be sure that they will use all their immense freemasonry power to win.

    And still there is even more. This is also a battle for the survival of freemasonry as it is currently constituted and the enormous power they wield. If the truths gets out they would be pretty much finished. And you can be sure that they really are not going to allow that to happen.

    So the inquiry will be sabotaged. In every possible way. Kincora in Northern Ireland and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey have both already been excluded from the inquiry. And both were favourite haunts of some very powerful and famous paedophiles. The internet will tell you who. But this is just the beginning. At every turn the inquiry will meet obstacles, lies, false evidence and so much more.

    Continue reading here.

  • What a flipp'n farce. It is a complete insult to all of the victims and their families.


    Yesterday, while searching " laughing duck in Edinburgh"  - whose figurehead is the Duke of Edinburgh -  who is known as the duck - I saw this photo posted in the "news"...and had a laugh - I know they are geese....but some similiarities nonetheless :)


    A "not-laughing" duck of Edinburgh







    Tony lowe @AngrybriTony  ·  4h 4 hours ago

    @Snowfaked @realperidot54


    it was no blunder. It was tactical. Or she wouldn't be getting supported by PM, Hague, Clegg, etc


  • #CSAinquiry the 10 qns have arrived from the office of @Keith_VazMP - FWoolf must reply by tomorrow


    #CSAinquiry reply from FWoolf to @Keith_VazMP 's 10 qns due from her - personally, I assume: ie not @ukhomeoffice drafted - by 12 noon tmw


     Colin Tucker talking to the BBC about his role as Butler to Fifi (5 mins audio), including how he helps shopping and dressing. [1]

    Some of the results of his role..


    Fi Fi in casual wear- Santa Hat Jumper with bling blending in


    Fi Fi in smart casual, 3/4 length coat, wearing flower pot and poppy accessory, about to go out


    Heil Fi Fi


    Fi Fi looking forward to her next non establishment role


    Time to go Fi Fi, you and your establishment are beyond parody.

    Rediculing the rediculous.

    However what we want is the truth for victims. Woolf has to go and rewrite terms of reference.



    and btw TUCKS

    you may want to lay off the black choker look for FiFi- don't want to overdo it, especially during these sensitive times -

  • Excerpt:

    Colin Tucker, steward to Fiona Woolf, Fettesgate and the Scottish ‘Magic Circle’ Affair, and Wider Networks – Part 1

    October 28, 2014

    In the letter from the Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf, to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, dated October 11th 2014 and published on the website of the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse on October 20th,

    as well as the details of connections to Lord and Lady Brittan, the CityUK organisation, Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, former Legal Officer NCCL, and Harman’s successor Marie Staunton (who openly defended the organisation’s affiliation to the Paedophile Information Exchange (‘The Left’s web of shame: It’s not just Harman, Dromey and Hewitt.)

    As we reveal, many other members of Britain’s ruling liberal elite held senior posts at the NCCL when it was closely linked to paedophiles’

    the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (the trial of a former teacher at which will take place in early 2015), and the City of London School for Girls (whose former trumpet teacher Helen Goddard was jailed in 2009 for abusing an underage girl, as detailed within this long post), there was a hitherto little commented-upon passage concerning an employee at Mansion House:


    I believe it is appropriate to bring to your attention the report of an inquiry conducted in Scotland in 1993 relating to an allegation to pervert the course of justice. A current staff member at Mansion House, an employee of the Corporation, was referred to in that inquiry; the individual concerned was not in the employment of the Corporation during the time period mentioned in the report. Full details of the inquiry and its conclusions (at pages 106-107) are contained in the attached link to the full report ( ). I can confirm that I have never discussed this issue with the individual and was unaware of the individual’s prior history until the matter was recently brought to my attention.

    The individual in question is Anthony Colin Tucker, a former solicitor who has been steward to the Lord Mayor since the early 1990s. The report in question is W.A. Nimmo Smith QC and J.D. Friel,  In this audio interview, Tucker speaks about his work for the Lord Mayor in what is essentially a butler-like role, suggesting something rather closer than Woolf’s term ‘current staff member at Mansion House’ would imply.

    The report refers to the now mostly forgotten almost 25-year old saga involving an alleged ‘Magic Circle’ within the Scottish legal establishment, in which gay judges were alleged to have given more lenient sentences to gay criminals because of fear of blackmail. Tucker’s own trial on charges of embezzlement, for which he was acquitted, was central to this affair; the trial came about after Tucker’s senior partner, Ian Walker, killed himself. One journalist, Graham Grant, Home Affairs Editor for the Scottish Daily Mail, reported on this connection this Saturday (October 25th, 2014), in this article below.

    As mentioned by Grant, of central importance is the role of Tucker’s defence counsel, the late Robert Henderson QC. Henderson has been in the news again since his daughter Susie has claimed that she was abused by both him and the late former Scottish Solicitor General Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (Emma Cowing and Graham Grant, ‘I was raped aged 4 by top aide to Thatcher: Woman claims she was abused by senior Conservative MP who visited notorious guest house with paedophile Cyril Smith’, Daily Mail, August 14th, 2014), who has also been alleged to have been a visitor to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, a key location for VIP guests to abuse young boys, said to have been delivered from care homes (‘Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in child abuse scandal link’, The Scotsman, July 13th, 2014). This has led to a renewed interest in the ‘magic circle’ allegations (see for example Jonathan Brocklebank, ‘A magic circle of judges, a sex abuse probe and the sinister truth about the Fettesgate scandal’, Daily Mail, August 14th, 2014), though until Grant no-one had made the connection with someone close to the Lord Mayor of London.

    Tucker is also listed as a partner in a company entitled ‘LD Inns’, address 24 Howe Street, Edinburgh EH3 6TG, from March 9th 1988 to July 17th, 1989, together with a Burnett Walker and David Ben Aryeah. It turns out this was the notorious Laughing Duck gay bar (see Rory Knight Bruce, ‘Below the Law: It is a short walk from Edinburgh’s Court of Session to the Laughing Duck’, Spectator, January 27th, 1990), mentioned at various points in the 1993 report, and listed with a three star rating in the 1982 edition of Spartacus International Gay Guide for Gay Men; membership of Spartacus, which was run by Roman Catholic priest John Stamford, who was later convicted of sending pornographic material through the post, also notoriously gave discounts for stays at Elm Guest House, and championed PIE; Stamford also published PAN: A Magazine about Boy-Love

    Tucker was also for seven years an elder at St Cuthbert’s, next to Edinburgh Castle (Bruce McKain, ‘Solicitor tells fraud trial his partner had hold over him’, Glasgow Herald, December 16th, 1989). Burnett Walker was also a director of a delicatessen, Victors of Edinburgh; Edinburgh-born David Ben-Aryeah worked for the Israeli military, as a travel agent, and was one of the first journalists to report on the Lockerbie disaster

    Amongst other matters, this affair demonstrates the importance that the inquiry incorporates Scotland as well (and Northern Ireland, where the Kincora Boys’ Home scandal is said to have involved intelligence operatives from the mainland). Not only is Fairbairn alleged to have been linked to abusers in both England and Scotland, but also the Paedophile Information Exchange was itself founded in Scotland, in Glasgow in 1974 by Ian Campbell Dunn and Michael Hanson as an outgrowth of the Scottish Minorities Group, of which Fairbairn was himself honorary vice-president in the early 1970s (Guy Adams and Andrew Malone, ‘Revealed: The Full horrifying truth about Sir Nicholas Fairbairn – the other paedophile at Margaret Thatcher’s side’, Daily Mail


    In the meantime, it is reported today that Fiona Woolf may have to face a second appearance before the Home Affairs Select Committee ... it is important that Keith Vaz MP and other members of the committee also question her over this affair and whether it represents a significant conflict of interests.

    Below I reproduce a wide range of articles from Tucker’s trial, through the course of the ‘Magic Circle’ and ‘Fettesgate’ affairs, up until the release of the report

    Part 2 will include subsequent articles on the affair, the allegations of sexual abuse made in 2000 against Robert Henderson, then some obituaries of Henderson, followed by recent press articles which have revisited these affairs, relating to Henderson and Fairbairn. The Fettesgate affair related to the theft of a report by Detective Inspector Robert Orr on ‘Homosexuality and the Criminal Law’, relating to the possibility of a homosexual network in the legal profession, which can be read here. This is a complex and detailed affair which requires extensive reading.



    More on other butlers and...

    The 'gay mafia' of the royal household



    Paul Burrell

    The rumours have been washing through Fleet Street. Queen Elizabeth intervened in Paul Burrell's trial, they alleged, to avoid his going into the witness box at the Old Bailey and revealing tales of homosexual rape, male orgies and a gay mafia in control of the royal household.

    That there is at least some truth in them has only fanned the gossips' flames. Prince Charles acknowledges running up a legal bill of at least stg£100,000 (?160,000) on behalf of a trusted member of staff accused of raping another man. The allegation was widely known in the household, as the Spectator magazine, a staunch defender of the monarchy, reported.

    Twenty years ago, Buckingham Palace investigated an alleged homosexual orgy on the royal yacht Britannia, when Burrell was a footman. One member of staff was required to resign.

    Some whisper that Burrell was implicated in those events; others mention a telephone call to Scotland Yard after Burrell's arrest. The Australian caller described "alleged aspects of Burrell's private conduct that might not entirely tally with his public image", according to the Spectator.

    "a suspicion is taking root that the homosexual mafia that infiltrates the court has had a criminal case stopped to protect the prince from sordid revelations concerning one of its own.



    Buckingham Palace butler 'ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family'

    1 October 2008

    A former Buckingham Palace butler has been unmasked as a sexual predator who  ran a paedophile ring while serving the Royal Family.

    Bachelor Paul Kidd, 55, groomed at least one of his teenage victims for sex by taking him for tea with the Queen Mother at Clarence House, it has emerged.


    In 1976 he was appointed as butler to the Queen at Buckingham Palace and served there for six years until being transferred to Clarence House where he served the Queen Mother.

    During his years in Royal service, he was said to have met and looked after three American Presidents including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan plus many other Heads of State from around the world.

    He also appeared on stage with Hollywood actor Robin Williams at the Nemacolin Spa & Resort Centre in the USA.






    Ahh - Fiona invited 350 people to a quiet little dinner at her home................. how charming

    And she invited the Brittan's to a quiet little dinner at her home - on 5 or 6 occassions - and the group size was max 8 people............

    slightly more intimate




    DON'T YOU?

  • I rightly do declare that we should be apprised of the nature of the friendship between Missy May and Missy Woolf.



    Tom Minogue @MinogueTom  

    Is Woolf saying she didnae ken bout Tucker's MC role until this month? Odd if she is its well recorded & this on 15/8


  • Thank you Goodness. Tom Minogue has written some really excellent articles like this one Magic Circle Man about Tucker et al and the Magic Circle with links to Thailand etc. which you may have already posted in the Magic Circle thread. Meanwhile judos to Jim Hood, MP:

    It has been claimed that Lord Brittan was handed a file, which is now missing, in late 1983 which allegedly detailed child abuse at the highest levels of Westminster.

    But he has not until now been publicly accused of having played a part in such abuse.
    The controversial remarks were made during a debate in which MPs accepted a motion which said Margaret Thatcher’s government ‘misled the public’ about pit closure plans during the 1984 miners’ strike.
    Mr Hood, the MP for Lanark and Hamilton East, who had been discussing violence on picket lines, said: ‘By the way, the current exposé of Sir Leon Brittan, the then home secretary, with accusations of improper conduct with children will not come as a surprise to striking miners of 1984.’
    Tory MP Conor Burns raised an immediate point of order and said: ‘He has just made very profound, serious accusations against a noble Lord. Is that in order?’
    Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said he had not heard the remark but replied: ‘It’s up to each member to decide what they said and they must make that decision.’



    Mr Vaz has set out 10 questions for her to answer, including whether there were more meetings with Lord and Lady Brittan and whether the judicial review action will delay the inquiry.

    He has also asked how Mrs Woolf plans to increase her knowledge of child abuse after her admission that she has no experience of dealing with the issue.

    'Completely independent'

    Mr Vaz said there should have been more consultation with Parliament and victims' groups before Mrs Woolf's appointment.

    He added: "This is not the home secretary's finest hour."


    Ian Mcfadyen @IanMcFadyen1966  ·  19m 19 minutes ago

    The deadline for these questions expired at 12 pm today . @Keith_VazMP Can I ask if you have received a reply ?


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