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Broadmoor (inc Moors murders) and Savile

edited July 2014 in Children's Issues

In the news today:


Moors Murders shock: New hunt planned for four victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley


Did evertyone know that Hindley and Brady used to go to Savile's discos?


Except it actually happened, as it 'appens, more or less as scripted. According to extracts from Myra Hindley’s diary quoted in Emlyn Williams’s Beyond Belief, she and Ian Brady were indeed regular punters at the New Elizabethan Ballroom at the now-demolished Belle Vue pleasure grounds, in Manchester’s Gorton district. savilerolls-1She daydreamed about the two of them being billed as featured dancers there one day, and we know that they attended at least one of the many "Carnival Nights" hosted by the venue's resident DJ at the time, Jimmy Savile. Myra Hindley was a Gorton girl, living at her grandmother's house on Bannock Street. Savile’s big red fuck-off Rolls Royce was a local landmark, regularly parked on ostentatious display right outside the entrance. Savile sequenced two "smooch times" in his DJ sessions (still called "record dances" in those pre-disco days): one before and one after the live group that he reluctantly put on as a sap to the Musicians' Union. The second smooch time would segue into an hour of rock 'n' roll, followed by a Ray Conniff-driven proto-chillout to end the evening and clear the room with as few altercations as possible. 

On Boxing Day, 1964, Brady and Hindley made an audio recording as they bound, gagged and photographed Lesley Ann Downey before they killed her. The tape ends with a snippet of the song "The Little Drummer Boy". It was the version by Ray Conniff.

Flash-forward fifteen years. Janie Jones, the tabloids' favourite sex-party hostess with the mostest, answers a summons to appear before Jimmy Savile soon after her release from prison. His grounds for demanding the encounter? To read her the riot act for having the temerity to campaign for Myra Hindley's release. Not for the reason why most people would have objected to the idea of freeing Hindley — you know, her having helped kidnap, torture, rape and murder other people's children and bury them on Saddleworth Moor, all that stuff — but because, as Janie Jones explained, "he said it was disgraceful that I was siding with Hindley against Brady." Ian Brady was Jimmy Savile's pal.


Where and when Savile first met Brady, whether at HMP Parkhurst or at Broadmoor Hospital, is unclear.Savile was famously — now infamously — associated with hospitals and care homes, but not with prisons, yet he definitely pitched up at Parkhurst at least once. That may well be where he met Ronnie Kray for the first time as well.And it's definitely where he first met Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, before going on to deepen their friendship at Broadmoor. Savile would "drop in" for some old-school Pennine bonding with Sutcliffe in his cell. Yorkshire-born and Yorkshire-bred, strong in t' arm and a ball-pein hammer in t' yed. 




  • Jimmy Savile investigation: Broadmoor Hospital


    Independent investigation into Jimmy Savile’s activities at Broadmoor Hospital.

    Published 26 June 2014



    Haven't had a chance to read it yet



    Una O’Brien, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health, says “we are deeply sorry that inadequate processes” enabled Jimmy Savile to carry out abuse.


    So PROCESSES were at fault - not People? More COVER UPS.


    The findings of the investigations into sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals has been released this morning. At Leeds Infirmary:

    • Savile reported to have committed sex acts on dead bodies at Leeds hospital, actions in mortuary are described as “harrowing”

    • The first case of abuse occurred in 1962 when Savile was 36 with the most recent in 2009 when he was 82

    • Savile’s victims ranged from five to 75 years of age

    • 19 of those who came forward were under 16 with the majority of his victims teenagers

    • 19 victims were female hospital staff

    • 43 of the encounters took place in public areas such as wards, corridors and offices

    • One witness said Savile wore rings made from the glass eyes of dead bodies in the infirmary’s mortuary

    At Broadmoor hospital:

    • Close associate of Savile was given a job at Broadmoor

    • 11 allegations were made

    • The allegations involved three minors, six patients and two staff at the hospital.

    • Nine of the victims were female and two were male

    • Two patients were subjected to “repeated assaults”

  • Sir JIMMY SAVILE autograph HAND SIGNED charity recipe book

    Contributors include: A book of recipes contributed by famous people to raise funds for Battle Hospital in 1992: I have numerous correspondances between the organiser and various "rich" or "famous" contributors. Highlighted titles are Hand Signed and currently available - details on request: HRH Diana, The Princes of Wales Rt. Hon Virginia Bottomley MP David Jacobs Esther Rantzen Susan Hampshire Lady Baden-Powell General Sir John Mogg Duke of Westminster Rachael Hayhoe-Flint Victoria Wood Glenda Jackson John Cleese Ian Gall Rabbi Lionel Blue Michael Aspel Griff Rhys Jones David Bailey The Hon. Bob Hawke, Prime Minister , Australia Rt. Hon. Paddy Ashdown MP Robin Know-Johnson Sir Jimmy Savile Clare Francis Bruce Oldfield George Cole Peter de Savary Dame Cicely Saunders Anthony Hopkins Sir Yehudi Menuhin Terry Wogan David Frost Chris Bonington Prue Leith Lord Carrington Ben Kingsley Tom Conti Rt. Hon Dr David Owen MP The Rev. Lord Soper Sir Robin Day Ernie Wise Beryl Reid Rt. Hon Margaret Thatcher MP John Mortimer William Benyon MP Rt. Hon Michael Heseltine MP David Dimbleby J P R Williams Sir Cyril Smith MP Jeremy Irons Lord Lichfield Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester Lady Pamela Hicks Lenny Henry Rabbi Julia Neuberger Max Bygraves Dulcie Gray Jane Asher Geoff Boycott Rt. Hon Edward Heath MP Duchess of Wellington Faith Tolkien Carl Davis Dr Robert Runcie Raymond Blanc Sir Ranulph Fiennes Michael Caine Delia Smith John Wells Spike Milligan Cliff Richard Vince Hill Miss Read Sir Richard and Lady Body Rt. Hon Neil Kinnock MP Sir Brian Rix Dame Janet Baker Ronald and Nancy Reagan Nanette Newman Lord James Callaghan Sir Harry Secombe Baroness Sue Ryder Dame Kiri Te Kanawa Elizabeth David Martyn Lewis Ronnie Corbett The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon John Major MP Barbara Castle Scans of any book available – please contact me Positive Feedback Rate = 100% Global seller - I deliver WORLDWIDE ! Prompt shipp in g in secure packag in g - ALWAYS ! I show all signatures of HAND SIGNED items - ALWAYS ! 100% money back guarantee on hand signed items - ALWAYS ! I always state if 1st Edition books are not a 1st impression - ALWAYS ! Delivery track in g on Recorded and International Signed For items - ALWAYS !

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    He certainly had friends in ALL the high places....................

  • Ref today's Savile report - and the comments re glass eyes............

    From Sun newspaper 7 Oct 2012

    Warped eye of a predator

    Check out the article for the picture............




  • Interesting... I seem to remember when all this stuff came out about Savile there was a media archive of him humming that same Little Drummer boy song (I think he was busy wheeling some unfortunate person on a hospital stretcher).  I remember how eerie it was and then reading this horrendous article about Brady & Hindley, coincidence? Not so sure... Sorry I don't have any links to it but it was on telly some time ago.

  • I am pretty sure that Thomas Sheridan spoke about Savile's link to Brady & Hindley awhile ago on one of his radio shows and/or videos. I just quickly checked Thomas' website and he posted this page on Thursday. Hopefully the video included is the one I am remembering ... Oh no shoot, sorry, the video is the one linking him to Peter Suthcliffe a.k.a. The Yorkshire Ripper but I will post it here anyways and continue to look for that other recording.

    Thursday, 26 June 2014

    Jimmy Savile: Re-Open the 'Yorkshire' Ripper Case NOW


    I am not one to gloat over being right about a news story concerning something so horrific. However, the British media and establishment - which is the same entity - are finally letting it out of the bag -  just how monstrous this creature was. 



    However, it goes much much deeper. Hence, why we keep the subject going and why we must demand a reopening of the so called 'Yorkshire' ripper case of the 1970's. 















    Yes this is a Real Book Jimmy Savile Wrote in the 1980's




    and so is this.




  • In another 'life', in anothe year - I found this on Sheridan's site - now the link doesn't take me back there............ but this is the post that was intriguing to me


    Humour Defends Against Psychopaths

    About 10-13 mins in Sheridan mentions Savile as a serial killer

  • And this too


    Anyway, here's some more material on Jack the Ripper:

    New Ripper suspect's ritual killings obeyed occult decree:

    ''One avenue, which was never explored by the police of the day, mainly due to their ignorance, was occult ritual murder, including the doctrine that certain organs should be removed from murdered prostitutes, killed at pre-arranged sites, which were to be located at the four points of the compass.'

    During his research Edwards realised that the victims were carefully laid facing north, east, south and west. 'How do you calculate the probability of finding four bodies randomly distributed in a city so that they form the precise points of a cross?' he asked.

    He then did what no other researcher has done before: measure the distances from victim to victim and take compass bearings to discover if there was a pattern between the sites where the women were murdered.

    'I found that by joining some of the sites together, you created two equilateral triangles; a sacred symbol which, in occult doctrine, Satan devised to be used in worship of him,' Edwards said. By joining the sites in a different way, a Christian cross was revealed.

    After examining the position of the fifth and last victim, 25-year-old Marie Jeanette Kelly, Edwards realised that all the women were killed within a 500-yard radius and that, by joining the sites together, it was possible to create the Vesica Piscis, a fish-like symbol worshipped by the early Christians. By murdering his victims and leaving their bodies in that way, the killer intended a tribute to Satan.'

    and Aleister Crowley on Jack the Ripper :

    'The number of murders involved in the ceremonies was five, whereas the Whitechapel murders so-called, were seven in number; but two of these were spurious, like the alien corpse in Arsenic and Old Lace. These murders are completely to be distinguished from the five genuine ones, by obvious divergence on technical points.

    The place of each murder is important, for it is essential to describe what is called the averse pentagram, that is to say, a star of five points with a single point in the direction of the South Pole. So much for the theory of Tau Tria Delta. ...

    Armed with these discoveries the horoscopes of the Whitechapel murders shone crystal clear to him. In every case, either Saturn of Mercury were precisely on the Eastern horizon at the moment of the murder (by precisely, one means within a matter of minutes).

    Mercury is, of course, the God of Magic, and his averse distorted image the Ape of Thoth, responsible for such evil trickery as is the heart of black magic, while Saturn is not only the cold heartlessness of age, but the magical equivalent of Satan. He is the old god who was worshiped in the Witches' Sabbath.'

  • Thank you for the additional information Strider. That 666 diagram dovetails with Thomas' theory that he discusses in the video I posted above. Here is another recent interview with Thomas from May 12, 2014 which I am pretty sure has been posted elsewhere before but I will include it here on topic.

    The Jimmy Savile Hellgate - Thomas Sheridan

    "Jimmy Savile Serial Killer in Cahoots with Royals, Cyril Smith, The Moors Murders and Peter Suthcliffe as discussed by Thomas Sheridan and Jay Pee on his Ever Beyond Radio Show.

    "Thanks to the people who made the Was Jimmy Savile an Inter-Dimensional Wizard for some of the footage used."

  • by David McGowan "There's Something About Henry"

    Very good reading about The Myth of the Serial Killer

    I know it is not directly linked to Savile this article and it is American but it sure made me think about Savile and is it impossible to think that he was solely a paedophile and not anything more? Possibly even a serial killer? A serial killer who had people ready to take the fall? All these links seem to indicate more of an involvement with these convicted murderers than meets the eye...

  • I was watching the Unknown Fred West last night and in one of his many police interviews, he said he did not act alone. He said there was another person.  Later he changed this to 'another person or persons.'

    Not that anyone could belive the monster, it did make me wonder about how for Saville travelled.



  • Slightly tangential - but all part of Savile's associations with underworld characters - like the Kray brothers Whole article is fascinating - but I'll simply post the concluding questions:


    1. However, three questions occurred to me when I began to read about Bert Ambrose, Kathy Kirby, Ilford Palais and Savile in light of recent revelations:

    2. Were Savile or Thatcher aware that Kathy Kirby’s niece, Sarah, daughter of Kathy’s younger sister Pat ended up marrying Mark Thatcher as his second wife? It seems Kathy Kirby was estranged from her sister in later years and mostly kept to herself following Ambrose’s death and a second marriage to a policeman turned reporter
    3. In view of Edwina Currie’s support for Savile’s control of Broadmoor in order to break union action, was Savile’s reputation as a Union-Breaker already known to the Conservative party and utilised by them? Is this what Thatcher and Savile would reminisce over at Chequers during New Year celebrations?




    and another insight into Savile - more chilling with hindsight


  • "Or an element of dangerousness, if you like"

    The Glasgow Herald - Apr 27, 1989

  • Goody - I know you just posted this - thought it relevant to other stuff I'm finding


    Detectives are investigating claims of a Broadmoor sex abuse ring linked to Jimmy Savile.

    The fresh allegations are believed to date back as far as the 1970s.


    William Pate has some champions in Parliament (Hansard 22 Feb 1979)



    Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie), I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.



  • Here's a start...Sir Geoffrey Pattie, a former defence minister defends vicious paedophile

    I wonder what the names are of the ‘all-party group of MPs’ who campaigned for the release of paedophile William Pate ? Convicted of  horrific crimes against children, and despite doctors at Broadmoor believing him to be ‘a danger and not fit for release’, the campaign was successful. In 1984 he was convicted yet again for paedophilia and ‘sadistic homosexual practices’ after imprisoning a young boy for 12 hours and abusing him.

    I think it is a reasonable question to ask which MPs campaigned for his release, don’t you ?


    William Pate has some champions in Parliament (Hansard 22 Feb 1979)



    Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie), I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.


    Sir Geoffrey Pattie, UK Minister who kept the UK in the game, unblocked the GSM technology impasse and called for officials to draw up the GSM MOU

    Mr Pattie is one of life’s great ambassadors. He has wit, charm and presence.It wasn’t long before he was chatting to the French Minister like a long lost friend. In came the magic sentence about our presence in the digital cellular co-operation agreement. The conversation halted abruptly. The French Minister looked totally perplexed. He turned to M Grenier, one of his top officials and asked why he hadn’t been told of this. M. Grenier mumbled something about a very recent development. They hadn’t time to brief the Minister. The conversation moved on.

    I’m told that the next day M Grenier stalked into the Director General’s office with copies of the digital cellular co-operation agreement. He put it on his desk saying “The games-up “. The documents were signed. A week later Alastair Macdonald and my new chief Robert Priddle were in Paris visiting the French PTT. When Robert got back he sent me the signed agreement with a hand written note which said that they were handed to him by M Grenier “without so much as a blush”.

    I just sat at my desk and stared at the signed copies of the agreement for what seemed a very long time.

    In an account that Philippe was to publish on the GSM’s history many years later he was to sum up this whole saga in a single very diplomatic sentence…”Very soon after Stephen Temple succeeded in making the UK join”…

    Was it worth all the blood, toil, tears and sweat?

    It was later to prove critical to the whole European GSM project. When Germany, France, Italy and the UK move together – the world changes!

    But in September 1986 we were still some way off from moving together in the same direction.

    Public trust in politics plummets

    27 March 2013

    ...the current system regulating the activities of lobbyists. It claims that MPs ‘can at least know who is a paid lobbyist, by reference to a voluntary register of lobbyists published by the UK Public Affairs Council (UKPAC).’ Again, a system widely regarded as a joke. Very few lobbyists are on the voluntary register, and of those that are, some chose to keep their clients hidden. Like the defence lobbying firm Terrington Management. It is run by Sir Geoffrey Pattie, a former defence minister. Pattie claims on his website that his 'experience of knowing where to go and who to see… offers an unrivalled added value opportunity to clients.’ The firm recently appeared on the voluntary register of lobbyists – but refuses to disclose its clients.

    It also states that the lobbying trade bodies ‘have developed their own codes of conduct to which their members must abide’. This is beyond a joke.

    It also takes the government at it word that it ‘is now proceeding with consideration of a Bill that would establish a statutory register of lobbyists.’ The commitment to introduce a register was made in May 2010. A first set of proposals, published in January 2012 nearly two years after David Cameron warned that lobbying in this country had got 'out of control', were widely derided. Since then… nothing.

    To be fair, the GRECO report is focused on MPs behaviour, and the rules that govern it. And it is here that the report is most damning – the way that MPs are punished for breaking the rules governing conflicts of interest. Or rather not punished. The report “is of the strong view that clear expectations of conduct and transparency need to be coupled with effective sanctions”, but that ‘the whole structure heavily relies on self-regulation’, and that ‘the power of the House itself to expel an MP’, the most severe punishment, ‘has been rarely used.’ Not since 1954 in fact. One of the report’s eight recommendations was for a review of the sanctions for MPs misconduct. The government is expected to respond to these by the end of April next year. No hurry.



    William Pate has some champions in Parliament (Hansard 22 Feb 1979)



    Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie), I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.




    Mr. Christopher Price - took the case of William Pate to the Ministry - Pate a sadistic convicted paedophile


    Holloway Prison

    HC Deb 13 May 1983 vol 42 c511W 511W

    § Mr. Christopher Price
    asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make a statement about the exclusion of the head of the education department by the governor of Holloway prison from that institution on the grounds that he was in contact with a former inmate; and what is his policy about such contacts.

    § Mr. Mellor
    As part of their general responsibilities for assisting prisoners in preparing for release prison education officers sometimes maintain contact with former prisoners after release. But under rule 81 of the Prison Rules they are required to make the governor aware of such contacts, and it is open to the governor to prohibit them if in the particular case he considers it advisable to do so in the interests of good order and discipline. I understand that in the case to which the hon. Member refers the governor considered it necessary to prohibit contact by the education officer with a particular prisoner and instructed him to give a formal written assurance that he would comply with that instruction. When the education officer failed to give that asssurance the governor requested his employer, the Inner London Education Authority, to withdraw him from the prison pending a formal hearing of the case as provided under his conditions of service. That hearing is due to take place on 26 May and it would be inappropriate for me to comment further at this stage.





    The head of the education department, at that time was the recently outed, by msm, 

    Sir Keith Joseph, seated next to Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher later referred to Joseph as her closest political friend

    In July 2014, Joseph was named by former activist, Anthony Gilberthorpe, as one of a number of senior Conservative Party politicians who he had seen having sex with boys at cocaine-fuelled romps, in private rooms at seaside conferences. Gilberthorpe claimed he handed a 40-page dossier to Margaret Thatcher, in 1989, detailing Cabinet ministers who took part in the sex parties but says he was warned off by William Hague and a senior civil servant.


    Social Services

    In opposition, Joseph was spokesman on Social Services, and then on Labour under Edward Heath. He was one of twelve founder members of the NCSWD, the National Council for Single Woman and Her Dependants on 15 December 1965. According to Tim Cook in his book The History of the Carers' Movement, he and Sally Oppenheim were critical in raising funds from the Carnegie Trust and other organisations, which enabled the carers movement to succeed and thrive through their formative years.

    Trade spokesman

    Despite Joseph's reputation as a right-winger, Heath promoted him to Trade spokesman in 1967


    Child Care

    HC Deb 09 May 1983 vol 42 cc217-8W 217W

    Price & Peter Morrison re: arrangements for looking after children

    § Mr. Christopher Price
    asked the Secretary of State for Employment what general guidance he has given to the Manpower Services Commission over the training of women with children and the provision of child care facilities in training centres.

    § Mr. Peter Morrison
    I have approved the commission's plans for the training for women wishing to return to work. I have also made clear my view that before218W a person of either sex responsible for looking after children embarks upon a course of trifling at public expense, it needs to be established what arrangements can be made for looking after the children, not only during the training but also in subsequent employment.


  • FFs - were there any non-deviants in Thatcher's govt?

    I read somewhere - can't find it now - that Thatcher's cabinet was the most aristocratic of any (up to that time) - the most titled landied gentrified it was possible to assemble.

    Seems for all the latest revelations - the majority of them were perverts.

    So aristos and pervs - seem to go hand in hand?

    Can we find any decent one among them? At this stage we may as well look for the exceptions to the ''rule'' (of power) - or are they needles in haystacks?


  • So - when did Jimmy first get involved with Broadmoor?

    The accurate answer appears to be here

    Copious amounts of info - not sure about the 'angle' adopted - but the news extracts and docs speak for themselves


    'A major undertaking was a recording of BBC TV's Song of Praise, also Radio One's Speakeasy, an undited hour long free speech program with 250 patients

    from all wards'
    So, it was 1969 that Jimmy first became acquainted with BM.  I wonder if 'Britt' is still around, go on have a wry smile about that name guys and gals,



    Why was Jimmy Savile given the keys to Broadmoor?


    Richard Harrison, a psychiatric nurse at Broadmoor for 30 years, said of Savile’s appointment: ‘The lunatics have taken over the asylum.’

    He added: ‘I considered him, as many of my colleagues did, as a man with a severe personality disorder and a liking for children.’

    Quite why Edwina Currie and Kenneth Clarke were so enamoured with Savile is a complete and utter mystery.

    In 1997, a disturbing child-abuse video ring was uncovered at Broadmoor:

    According to the Mirror:

    ” Sex-and-kill “snuff” movies were among the hard core porn hoard discovered at Broadmoor, it was claimed yesterday.

    The videos were said to be among 100 “vile and disgusting” movies found in a swoop at the top security mental hospital, which houses some of the country’s most dangerous criminals. Child sex offenders and killers are copying the smuggled videos using their own recorders. Staff are now probing an alleged ring dealing in child porn.




    ^ +1 find Strider


    Also, a little background on PYE Records:

    Pye Ltd. was an electronics company founded in Cambridge, England that is now wholly owned by Philips.

    When the BBC started to explore television broadcasting, Pye found that the closest of their East Anglian offices was 25 miles outside the estimated effective 25 mile radius of the Alexandra Palace transmitter...

    In 1955, the company diversified into music production with Pye Records

    Pye Telecom Wireless Heritage

    ....Over a 70 year period this company was known as Pye Radio Works Ltd, Pye Ltd, Pye Telecommunications, Philips Radio Communications Systems (PRCS), Philips Telecom-PMR and Simoco International Ltd.

    The story of Pye in the field of radio communications began with the involvement of Pye Ltd in the development of military radar in the late 1930s and wireless equipment for the Army in 1940. It progressed through the development of the commercial Private Mobile Radio (PMR) industry (known as Land Mobile Radio (LMR) in the United States) using analogue transmission, to the digital communications of today which use the Tetra system and TCP/IP protocols etc.

    When the Queen visited New Zealand in 1953-54 PYE brought to New Zealand a complete television transmitting station which for several years remained the only demonstration unit of its kind in this country. Waihi's Rugby Park was the scene of New Zealand's first outside television broadcast, which Akrad engineers staged for a Harlequins versus Barbarians rugby match in 1954. The telecast, complete with commentary on the play, was viewed by hundreds of PYE sets placed around the field, in the Waihi hospital and several private homes.


    NSA Type 1 cryptographic algorithm

    SAVILLE is a cryptographic algorithm, that is widely used by the US Army and by NATO in high level encryption devices. It was developed by the NSA, probably in the late 1960s, and is categorized as an NSA Type 1 encryption product. It is mainly used for voice encryption in military equipment, such as the KY-57, KY-68 and KY-99.

    Still, to Philips Usfa and its cryptography aware employees it seemed quite peculiar that cryptographic equipment using a foreign, NSA-developed crypto logic, was used to protect top secret information. SAVILLE was implemented in hardware, more precisely in circuits comprising a custom gate array and standard integrated circuits, by Philips Usfa in the first half of the 1980s

    Marble Arch Records


    'Budget' sub-label of Pye Records. Situated in London, with its logo based on Londons' famous Marble Arch landmark. Initially releasing predominantly mono recordings, the catalogue prefixes later changed to 'MALS' for releases with stereo sound.

    Parent Label:

    Pye Records

    Leida Costigan Discography

    Look Lively... Look Lovely !


    Marble Arch Records – MAL 1221


    Vinyl, LP, Mono







    Education, Therapy




    Savile and Franey


    Dr Bill Kirkup CBE, lead investigator into allegations at Broadmoor Hospital, said:

    “Taking all that into account there seems to me no doubt that Savile was an opportunistic sexual predator throughout the time he was associated with Broadmoor.”







    Another potential witness bites the dust?

  • Here is the link to the Broadmore Investigation report:

  • [quote=strider]


    Another potential witness bites the dust?


    Um ya! How convenient ... timing is everything, etc. etc. etc.

    This is the only thing I could find at the BBC so far this morning in their "newspaper headlines" blog section:

    Ripper report

    There is widespread coverage of the murder of a 22-year-old women at hostel in the village of Argoed, near Blackwood, south Wales, in what is believed to have been an act of cannibalism. The suspect, Matthew Williams, 34, was shot with a police Taser, and died after he was arrested.

    Metro and the Daily Star lead with the story, and along with the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, liken Williams's reported actions to that of the fictional killer Hannibal Lecter.

    Meanwhile, the Sun reports that friends of Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe believe he is "on the brink of death" after a heart attack. The 68-year-old is being held at Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital, where he is serving life for 13 murders committed between 1975 and 1980.

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