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Child abuse timeline

As an overview of incidents and connections and links, this series provides a bare bones structure of the scale and extent of the covered up child abuse cases:














And let's not forget thsi:




which seems not to have been followed up by msm. Makes me think of The Untouchables................


And Patrick Rock - whatever happened to him?


Profile: Former David Cameron aide Patrick Rock


And Cyril Smith - a relaunch of an investigation -  abuse claims at the time of the original allegations were ignored


Greater Manchester Police are to investigate claims of a cover-up of sexual abuse at Knowl View School in Rochdale where the former Rochdale MP served as a governor.


and does anyone ask themselves the question why suddenly a bunch of 70+ year old paedos are being rounded up?

Is it because of what and whom they know/knew?

Their connections with politicians?


Sex abuse Leeds teacher jailed for historic offences


Higgins was jailed for 14 years yesterday after being convicted of seven serious sex offences by a jury at Leeds Crown Court.

Higgins abused the youngster many times during school trips he organised for pupils in the early 1970s.
He also forced the boy to have sex with him after taking him to his then home in Roundhay, Leeds.


And Roundhay was Savile territory


and Cyril Smith was a governor at the school


Higgins worked and lived at the school – whose ex-governors include the late Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith




Jimmy Savile's brother was a Liberal parliamentary candidate


When they use that phrase


"We're ALL in it together" - well they mean exactly that.  They're all implicated in either knowing or participating in what went on.


Savile didn't ''groom a Nation''


They groomed a Nation's children


and they're still doing it.







  • Thank you for this post strider   smiley

    I did not know about Johnnie Savile and pussy galore and the liberals.


    Blackman Campaigns : News Photo



    Blackman Campaigns

    23rd February 1974: Actress Honor Blackman lends support to the Liberal Party as she joins Johnnie Savile, brother of broadcaster Jimmy and candidate for Battersea North, London, on a canvassing tour of the constituency. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)



    I seem to learn something new and disgusting every day.

    They really are all in it together.





  • Here's another corker that many haven't seen before:



    Sir Jimmy Saville OBE DJ TV Presenter stands to attention in a naval uniform saluting onboard HMS Belfast in London with his Brother John. They had not spoken for 8 years due to a family dispute until they met on board the ship May 1990

    Two pae's in a pod?

    Then we have:

    "Over an extended period Sir Jimmy completed the Commando Training Course at Lympstone, Devon. In 1966 Sir Jimmy and his brother Vince, then a serving officer with the Royal Navy, completed the gruelling 30 mile march over Dartmoor which has to be done in 8 hours. Jimmy and Vince both finished the march and Jimmy was awarded the coveted green beret.

    Over the years Sir Jimmy maintained his connection with the Corps often attending parades and ceremonies."

    (link has, I think,been scrubbed - it was on:

    Both John and Vince in the Navy? Jimmy in Naval uniform - is it that of a Rear Admiral?  Wonder why that would be................


  • Later, Charles sent Savile a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday along with another note that cryptically read,

    “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

    I wonder what Chas meant?




    Vince Savile the brother of Jimmy Savile at a local hospital in the 70s


    Vince Savile, the former celebrity’s brother, founded Radio Glamorgan, a community station based at Cardiff Royal Infirmary in 1967.

    The radio station later relocated to the basement of the University Hospital of Wales in 1974.

    Vince Savile died of cancer, but WalesOnline understands that during that eight-year-period Jimmy Savile visited the Royal Infirmary on numerous occasions.

    Savile’s brother Vince, whose family live in Pontypridd, also worked as a Royal Navy recruiting officer in Cardiff.



    They dressed up as medical professionals....................... and Naval Officers?

    Must be a family trait?

  • I think what Jimmy did for the country was destabilize the population through abusing children and supplying children to be abused, thereby causing multi generations of troubled adults and abusing adults in some cases. This self perpetuating crime will cause ripples that will impact the UK people for ever more. Charles you are an enemy of the people as is your whole family, a DNA test might just show you to be less than human. Lint Bint

  • Savile was indeed a vile persona.

    The myth that one man 'groomed a nation' - that Savile was a lone operator - is still being pedalled.

    The reality is that child abuse and trafficking is an international and lucrative BUSINESS. Savile was merely a cog.


  • The importance of timelines - and the depth of the rabbit hole

    Newcastle City Council, Brian Roycroft, and North Wales care homes

    Written by a former social work professional who wishes to remain anonymous.

    Local publicity about the connection between children and young people in the care and protection of Newcastle City Council and Bryn Alyn only became public in the 2000 with the publication of the Waterhouse Report following the prosecution of a number of individuals for crimes of physical and sexual violence in residential care in Wales

    The Mail on Sunday Feb 13th 2000 reported that the £13 million inquiry stopped short of concluding that the abuse was orchestrated by a ring of paedophiles who helped each other to secure top jobs in in the Welsh Care system and which were said to include policemen, public servants and businessmen- this included a Welsh Office Inspector of Homes who was sentenced to 14 years.

    12 former children in care were known to have committed suicide because of their experiences.

    Locally the first reference to the Waterhouse Inquiry revelations occurred on Feb 15th when the Sunderland Echo commented on the report noting that two weeks beforehand Sunderland’s “longest running child abuse Inquiry collapsed.” The Echo paper appears to be making the point that the passage of time did not appear to have affected the successful prosecution in Wales and other situations.

    The point made by the Sunderland Echo back in 2000 has been strengthened for on April 29th 2013, that is another decade after the third Witherwack trial ended, the Director General of the National Crime Agency issued a Public report on the progress of Operation Pallial covering 140 complainants reporting offences in 18 establishments in North Wales 1963-1992 against 84 named individuals. Operation Pallial continues. The 18 page progress report makes reference to the establishment of a review of the working of the Waterhouse Inquiry conducted for the Ministry of Justice by Lady Justice Macur DBE and which published an Issues Paper on January 8th 2013 which included a call of information.

    In October 2013 Cathy Fox used an FOI request to ask the Ministry of Justice when the Macur report would be published. Further requests were made in December and May of this year. No date has been fixed.

    On February 16th 2000 under the headline Suffer the Little Children the Newcastle Journal provided the story of one of the victims in Sunderland mentioning that the NSPCC report had referred to a web of institutional abuse and reported that 32 staff had been involved.

    The Journal article also refers to the Pin Down regime in Staffordshire, to an investigation in Northumberland and the 300 complaints which has arisen to that date as part of Operation Rose.

    On February 16th, the Journal also published an editorial covering the Waterhouse Inquiry and the 1998 Utting report

    The Sunderland Echo also published an editorial Two Decades of Horrific Abuse and an article on the movement of staff suspects between local authorities. The Newcastle Spotlight on Abuse article is important drawing attention to the role of the Director of Social Services Roycroft in relation to the 1976 Hugh Bostock Scandal and his alleged opposition to the proposal for a register of dismissed staff. Cathy Fox’s request for Hugh Bostock inquiry info to be published was refused.

    On Feb 17th the Newcastle-based Journal published the story of one victim who contacted them among the 28 who were said to have been assaulted after being placed in Bryn Alyn by the City of Newcastle.

    NB A subsequent report indicated that only a small number had approached Newcastle Police with complaints.

    The Feb 17th complainant mentioned that Director of Social Services Brian Roycroft visited the home to open an extension. “It was almost laughable he was singing the praises of the place yet what was going on there was evil.”

    Roycroft was Director of Social Services for Newcastle 1971- 1993 and before then its Children’s officer, who also acted as Director of Education and Chief Executive for short periods, and was appointed a European Social Commissioner by Margaret Thatcher as well as having a controlling influence within the Association of Directors of Social Services and the advisors to the Association of Metropolitan local authorities.

    He commented in what appeared to be a prepared statement “ It is fairly common place to send children with behavioural difficulties to homes around the country, here weren’t the facilities available in the North East. It is perfectly possible that some children from Newcastle and the North East did go to some of the homes in North Wales named in the Waterhouse report. I had 42,000 children in my care during my career and I cannot possible remember where they all went. It is also perfectly feasible that I did visit the Bryn Alyn Home “ It is noteworthy that although he left Newcastle a number of years before he knew the total number of children was over 42,000

    “I would often visit homes where children from Newcastle were in care as would social service staff from the city” The article includes comments from the then current Director of Social Services for Newcastle.

    In 1987, that is a year after the first complaints about the conduct of the owner of Bryn Alyn were made, Roycroft who was then President of the Association of Directors of Social Service recommended colleagues at the North East Region branch meeting the placement of children in care at Bryn Alyn, speaking warmly of the hospitality he had received. He rarely mentioned his national/internationally activities.

    Roycroft also made a point of advising colleagues on another occasion that he sometimes invited children in care to his home.

    It was then on morning of the 18th that the Journal posed the question Why were 69 of our Children sent to Bryn Alyn? The key sentence in the article (9) is the reference to a Labour MP Chris Ruane Vale of Clwyd (and still there) wanted Prime Minister Tony Blair to assure him that prominent people had not been left out.

    Also regarded of significance is the accompanying piece about one former young man how he had been threatened at gun point by a staff member before insisting on sex. Was their proper investigations of residents reported missing from the home who were never found by their placing local authorities? The Editorial demanded the facts and the inquiry report to be published.

    The importance of establishing a timeline database to include the various police investigations and other inquiries is reinforced by the Daily Mail front page headline article on the same morningEven Worse- suggesting the potential of 11,000 victims based on the Lambeth-centred inquiry Operation Middleton and which also referred to Operation Care Merseyside and to an operation in Birmingham. The Newcastle Chronicle that evening asked for one victim placed at Bryn Alyn by North Tyneside - Why did no one listen to me?

    On the 19th the Journal again asked the question Why did they keep sending children? The article refers to the 1988 devastating report of its Director on its Children’s Homes and which included Bryn Alyn.

    The 19th saw the Journal report the story of Michelle Atkinson in relation to a Newcastle residential care home. On the same date the Journal reported that David Brushett, the Welsh Office Children’s Inspector who had worked at the former Approved School, Aycliffe County Durham joint secure remand centre and community home with education on he premises from 1967 to 1974 when he had become deputy Headmaster at the school part of the establishment.

    The Chronicle then disclosed on February 25th that Peter Howarth who was convicted and sentenced to ten years for crimes at the notorious Bryn Estyn Establishment had worked at the former Axwell Park (renamed Clavering House) Newcastle establishment. The then current Director of Social Services called for any victims to come forward in a Journal article on the 26th.

    In 1968 following the conviction of Mary Bell aged 11 years for the murder of two boys, Roycroft then Children’s Officer Newcastle became personally involved with her welfare and was widely praised by the author of two books on the murders and the life of Mary as “one of the finest social workers in the country” and referred to “his passion for “social justice.” quoted in the Guardian Obituary.

    As already mentioned in 1976 Roycroft was at the centre of concern about the conviction of Newcastle Residential Home officer Hugh Bostock. The Council has refused to publish its internal report via a Cathy Fox FOI request.

    Roycroft who died in 2002 during the libel action against the Council and the authors of the report on the Shielfield Nursery Scandal (the Chronicle settled out of court) was also the lead member of the team who investigated the conviction of the Calderdale Social Services Director in 1988 (when he was immediate past President of ADSS) for crimes against children in care and Calderdale director was reported to have links with Peter Righton)

    In 1994 Roycroft was part of the part Inquiry into Oxenden House. A Cathy Fox FOI request for a copy of the report to be published has been refused.

  • Family secrets: Jimmy Savile, aged 12, circled third from right, with his family, older brother Johnny, first from left, Christina, Mary, Joan, father Vincent, mother Agnes, Marjory, and oldest brother Vince, far right


    ...the dark twisted mind of Jimmy Savile reveals the most deeply disturbing truths of all...

    Jimmy Savile's brothers were both surrounded by abuse rumours

    In 1980, Johnny Savile was sacked as hospital 'entertainment officer'

    He had sexually assaulted a female patients in his Springfield office

    Vince Savile left the Royal Navy aged 54, to work as a radio DJ in Cardiff

    While in Cardiff he was seen with young girls 'on numerous occasions'

    Witness says he 'had a group of teenage girls who stayed at his house'

    ...Instead – remarkably, as events would later bear out – he whiled away his free time in the corridors and wards of the St Joseph’s Home For The Aged across the road. It was run by nuns, and Jimmy’s father Vince was a trustee.


    St Joseph’s, I suspect, was where the seeds of Savile’s long and sinister fixation with death were sown. ‘They were always dying,’ he said of the elderly residents. ‘The nuns would say, “Why don’t you go downstairs and say goodbye to her?”

    He told me he enjoyed getting to ride in the hearse for the funerals.

    He rarely talked about his father, even going as far as refusing to tell me when he died. And beyond the lessons he claimed to have learned from his siblings about the pitfalls of romantic entanglement, Savile’s two brothers and four sisters appeared only in brief cameos in his well-worn anecdotes.

    When the Duchess’s body was put on display in an open coffin at his sister’s house in Filey, Savile sat next to the casket and hardly moved, later describing the period as ‘the best five days of my life’.

    ‘To me, they were good times,’ he said some 20 years later. ‘Once upon a time I had to share her with other people. We had marvellous times. But when she was dead she was all mine, for me.’

    When the coffin was then transferred to Leeds, Savile chose to ride with it in the hearse. He did the same on the day of his mother’s requiem mass at St Anne’s Cathedral in the city. His two older brothers were among the pallbearers that day as the tiny casket was carried to the high altar, where Savile was waiting to kneel alone before it.

    The tension between Johnnie and Jimmy was hinted at a week later, when Johnnie was pictured in a newspaper picking rotting wallpaper from the damp-infested walls of his basement flat in Clapham, South London. ‘I refuse to ask Jimmy for help,’ he declared.

    Guy Marsden, the nephew of both men, said: ‘He could play my uncle Jimmy like nobody else.

    ‘[Johnnie would say,] “I’m your brother and you don’t give me ’owt. All I’m going to do is go on the radio and tell everyone.” And uncle Jimmy would cough up… he couldn’t beat him.’

    Johnnie was in fact his younger brother’s Achilles heel, something Marsden, one of 14 children raised by Savile’s sister Marjory, witnessed as a teenage runaway in 1967.

    Marsden told me that he and a group of friends from Leeds were hanging around at Euston Station in London when they were approached by a stranger who offered them food and a place to stay at a flat nearby.

    A few days later, Marsden  explained, his uncle Jimmy mysteriously appeared at the flat. Without explanation, Savile moved the boys into a house and over the following weeks took them to all-night parties at a series of large houses. Marsden said the only guests at these soirees were men and children.

    He remembered the children as being aged between six and ten, and claimed they were periodically taken off into bedrooms.

    He went on to tell me that their stay in London came to an end when one of his friends was caught stealing money at one of the parties.

    It was at this point that ‘Uncle John’, as Marsden called him, entered the fray, ordering the boys back to Leeds having first confiscated photographs they’d taken.

    Another long-standing associate of Jimmy Savile told me that Johnnie once tried to sell a story about his famous brother to a newspaper.  Given Johnnie’s knowledge of the parties, and, presumably, his possession of the photos taken at them,  it is perhaps not surprising that Jimmy Savile repeatedly tried to pacify him.

    In the ‘king flat’ Jimmy Savile bought for ‘the Duchess’ on Scarborough’s Esplanade, I probed him about his relationship with his late mother. He was adamant there was ‘no tactile affection’ during his childhood, and that he had to learn ‘how to enjoy her’.

    It wasn’t love but friendship, he said. I wanted to know how their relationship evolved in the years following his father’s death, and  how it reached the point where  he described it as ‘living through her proxy’.

    The first thing he told me was: ‘She was ruthless’. It’s an assessment that Tony Calder, who was 18 when he ran into Jimmy Savile in the  corridors of Decca Records in 1961, and who encountered Agnes while staying with Savile in Leeds, agreed with. Calder described her as ‘domineering’, and Savile’s level of devotion as ‘embarrassing’.

    ‘He’d get up on a Sunday in his house in Leeds. His mum lived round the corner. He’d walk round and see her, and they’d go to church.’

    Savile, Calder recalled, would be ‘kissing her hand coming out of the church. He had his arm around her like she was his girlfriend. It was a bit sad.’

    The more Jimmy Savile provided, the tighter her grip became.

    Savile said she never watched him on television or congratulated him on his achievements, and lived in constant fear of the police knocking at the door – she couldn’t believe how successful he’d become, fearing he might be some sort of crook.

    But Agnes Savile also became her son’s most conspicuous companion. They went on holidays together, to the Imperial Hotel in Torquay and to Rome to visit the Vatican.

    Bizarrely, Savile used sexual innuendo to describe his mother’s apparently inexhaustible energy levels, saying she had ‘the energy of a teenager and could pleasure all night as often as the opportunity arose’.



    "Anonymous30 July 2013 09:20

    It's endemic. A dear friend of mine who drank himself to death a few years ago went to Pitt House school in Torquay. Most of it's former masters are either doing time or have served time for child abuse. My friend was among the victims. Famous figures were regular visitors to the school, including Savile and royalty such as the late Mountbatten who had a house group named after him.. He also told me that most of his old school mates were either dead from suicide or as he described it 'queer'."

    SAVILE, GEORGE WALTER WREY, Major, was born on 14 March 1860, at Torquay, Devon

    Torquay has many occult associations, and visitors of interest including Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling.

    “Accordingly, Torquay's 'secret societies', when they were exploring hidden knowledge, could also be referred to as occult.

    Though now primarily philanthropic organisations, Torquay's Freemasons (founded in 1810), the Oddfellows (1856), and the Foresters (1858) all claimed to have their roots in antiquity - in ancient Egypt, Rome or Anglo-Saxon Britain. They also used rituals that have, in the past, concerned the established Church.

    On the other hand, One Torquay resident revelled in his reputation as an occult practitioner of 'Magick'. This was Aleister Crowley, ('the wickedest man in the world') who lived in Barton. Crowley (1875-1947) was responsible for founding the religious philosophy of Thelema and is now seen as one of the most influential occultists of all time…

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873), lived in Argyll Hall on Warren Road. A hugely successful poet, playwright, and novelist, Edward had an in-depth knowledge of the occult and he included esoteric ideas in his work. This earned him the respect of the leading figures of the nineteenth century occult revival. Consequently, a number of societies claiming hidden knowledge have seen him as one of their own. He has been suggested as a member of organisations that have sometimes been active in the Bay, including the Rosicrucians, Theosophists and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Debate continues over how close he actually was to these groups.”


    Former BBC boss: 'Never any concerns' over Jimmy Savile


    October 18, 2012
    STORIES are emerging about Jimmy Savile's predatory sexual behaviour in South Devon where he had holiday homes for 40 years.
    The Jim'll Fix It presenter kept a suite of rooms at Torquay's luxury Imperial Hotel. And he had a caravan in Shaldon, which he said was for the use of disabled Stoke Mandeville patients. (He also had a chalet at Shaldon's Devon Valley Holiday Village.
    Former BBC 1 controller Alan Hart, who now lives in South Devon, has said he will be willing to take part in the official investigation into the TV presenter.
    Claims have emerged about how the former DJ sexually assaulted two teenaged Teignmouth girls during a trip to Torquay's 400 club. Meanwhile, former BBC 1 controller Alan Hart, who is now chairman of the Friends of South Devon College, has said that during his time running the station in the early 1980s, there were never any concerns brought to his attention about the star.
    Mr Hart said: "I heard no rumours about Jimmy Savile. Of course if the BBC wants to talk to me as part of any inquiry I will be happy to be a part of that.

    Former BBC 1 controller (1981 -1984) Alan Hart, who is now chairman of the Friends of South Devon College.  Mr Hart said: "I heard no rumours about Jimmy Savile.  ...during his time running the station in the early 1980s, there were never any concerns brought to his attention about the star.

    BBC/ 1980s 

    ABUSED CHILDREN were still living at Jersey’s most notorious care home when the BBC began filming its Bergerac detective series there in the Eighties, the Sunday Express has established.


     BBC's Bergerac filmed at notorious Jersey home where abused children suffered 
    The Haut de la Garenne complex, the scene of horrific physical and sexual abuse, was used by the BBC in the popular television drama to depict the Bureau des Etrangers, a fictional department of the Jersey police.

    It had previously been thought the BBC filmed there only after the home closed in 1986, but victims and production figures have told the Sunday Express that crew and cast, including star John Nettles who played

    Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, were there at least a year earlier.

    The BBC said that despite “extensive searches” of its records, it was unable to confirm the finding.

    However, footage on YouTube from the fourth series of Bergerac, which aired in 1985, shows the detective driving into the grounds of the home, then walking through the main door
    Sources on the island said the BBC, whose show ran for a decade from 1981, had demanded to use the home because production bosses had become increasingly frustrated at distractions and logistical problems at their previous urban location.
    One man who was at Haut de la Garenne at the time wept as he told the Sunday Express last week how he begged the police in the Eighties to investigate the home’s staff.



  • Just who was the former Tory Cabinet Minister caught with

    filfth coming back from Amsterdam?

    Could it just have been our West Worthing tulip grower?enlightened

    Tulips to adorn the front garden of a certain property in Barnes maybe?

    Great find goodness.


    Jerry Hayes, ex Conservative MP confirming that they knew about Savile & others in the 80’s.


    Number 10 needs to get a grip on the Dickens dossier disappearance before this turns into a political scandal
         5 Jul 2014

    Of course we knew about the mortuary exploits of Jimmy Savile and his penchant for amputees.”

    “And many of us watched, as was our duty, grainy footage of some unidentifiable old boy, grunting over what was said to be an underage boy. We were told it was a well known grandee.”


    Major backs Tory in gay sex scandal.


    Rocked John Major last night shielded married Tory gay scandal MP Jerry Hayes.

    The Premier, needing the backbencher's vote to hang on to power, failed to act against him over allegations of sex with an under-age male lover.

    Yet 48 hours earlier, Major presented himself as a defender of families.

    Dad-of-two Hayes, 43, confessed to writing passionate love letters to a former aide but denied sleeping with him.

    Hayes was accused of cheating on wife Alison with teenager Paul Stone who was given a Commons security pass so they could meet inside Parliament.

    Stone was just 18 when he claims he and Hayes met in 1991 and was still under age the following year when they began to regularly have sex.

    The legal age of consent then for homosexuals was 21. Hayes later voted for the limit to be reduced to 16.

    Stone claims Hayes wrote a series of love letters and promised to leave his family so they could be together.

    Stone, now 24, claimed the affair began after they met at the 1991 Tory Party Conference in Blackpool.

    And he revealed: "Jerry just liked having me around for when the mood took him - which was quite a lot."

    He said he was introduced to top politicians like Michael Portillo and Brian Mawhinney.

    "I fell for Jerry head over heels. He promised the earth but deep down I knew he only wanted me for sex.

    "Knowing he went back to his wife's bed after sleeping with me made me sick. I couldn't stand his hypocrisy."


    Hayes' gay lover was openly camp and wore make-up to Tory meetings.

    The MP met Paul Stone when he was teenage chairman of the Young Conservatives in Peterborough.

    He boldly introduced himself after catching the MPs eye at the Party Conference in 1991.


    "They met at the 1991 Tory Party Conference in Blackpool."



    We used to hold several conference breakfasts here. The MPs loved it. They were great fun.”

    Blackpool had the rather magnificent Tower and a theatre where all the big stars have played (the Beatles, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard) and every British prime minister since the Second World War, apart from Gordon Brown, has spoken at the Winter Gardens, which is also a mecca for ballroom dancing.

    “There is a deep well of aff­ection for Blackpool in this country. British seaside resorts are unique and Blackpool is a national icon. I’m convinced we’ll have big names performing here again.” And the politicos? “Oh yes, they’ll be back too.”


    "There have always been shocking levels of sexual abuse of children in this town," says Sue McGurty, coordinator of Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (Mosac), "but before Charlene Downes went missing it was completely swept under the carpet."

    There are approximately 800 convicted high-risk sex offenders living in Blackpool. Many choose to move there after their release from prison. "Why do so many child abusers want to live in Blackpool?" asks Wendy Shepherd from children's charity Barnardos. "Alongside the increase in child sexual exploitation there is a marked increase in the sex industry in Blackpool, and sex tourism masquerading as stag weekends. Questions need to be asked about the links."

    Recently the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (Crop), a child protection charity based in West Yorkshire, warned that Blackpool is becoming one of the hotspots where children and young people are sold for sex to older men.

    "My father was a taxi driver in Manchester when he met Jimmy Savile. For some reason Savile liked the company of taxi drivers and often joined them in their hut at Piccadilly Station. I attach no sexual significance to this, not least because I can’t, for the life of me, see any. It’s hard to imagine how you’d prey on the innocence of a Manchester taxi driver. But you never know. Perhaps he needed their discretion. Or occasionally craved the conversation of grown-ups.

    He gave his time freely, anyway, to the annual Manchester taxi drivers’ convoy of disabled children to Blackpool, an event which my father helped to organise, chivvying other drivers and spending weeks decorating his own cab with toys and balloons. It doesn’t fall to everybody to be good with disabled children on an outing such as this. At the behest of my father, I tried once and failed. But he was excellent at it, naturally kind and jolly, not distressed into uselessness as I had been, and Jimmy Savile, he assured me, was even better. That being the case, one has to take one’s hat off to him. Behaving as though you’re a child yourself has its uses.

    "All aboard to Blackpool, guys and gals

    21 May 2005

    A BOARSHAW pensioner has helped to arrange a trip to Blackpool for almost 200 handicapped children.

    Bernard Andrews, of Jubilee Road has been a member of Manchester Taxi Drivers Organisation for the past 44 years, and was joined on the outing by Sir Jimmy Savile - the veteran DJ's 50th trip with the children.


    Sir Jimmy's sad farewell

    30 Jun 2005

    SIR Jimmy Savile, the charity's patron, has been supporting the excursion for more than 40 years, along with fellow celebrities Corrie stars Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn.


    Thursday, 17 February, 2005

    Red tape halts seaside outings

    Sir Jimmy Savile: The cabbies faced too many restrictions

    Child protection laws and red tape have ended more than 50 years of trips to the seaside for Manchester's children....


  • Broadmoor


    As accusations against the shamed star last night continued to mount, the Daily Mirror can also reveal Savile arranged for 60 patients, including convicted murderers, to be granted early release.

    But for the patients who remained, Savile used his trusted status at the hospital in Crowthorne, Berks, to organise day trips for patients to the Queen’s back garden at Windsor Great Park and aboard a luxury boat on the Thames.

    He also invited bands into the hospital grounds, then home to patients including Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and gangland boss Ronnie Kray, to stage exclusive concerts.

    A former employee at Broadmoor, who knew Savile but asked not to be named, said: “He had access to all areas.

    “He went where he wanted and spoke to whoever he wanted to. He spoke to all the patients. He would just walk up and have a chat. He was always there.”

    Savile’s influence was so powerful, the shamed star was allowed to run regular parties for female patients with help from the Friends of Broadmoor charity.

    A nurse working at the hospital at the time of the disco in 1970 said after the first party: “The discotheque provides entertainment and a therapeutic atmosphere and is much enjoyed.”

    Savile, who owned nightclubs Maison Royale and Le Cardinal in Bournemouth in the 70s, was the DJ at the launch event and subsequent discos.

    He would play records and mingle with female patients, housed in two blocks at the hospital.

    In 1982 Savile even organised a boat party for patients starting at the wealthy village of Wargrave for a day trip along the Thames.

    Security fears at the time were shrugged off by staff, who said nurses had volunteered to join the patients.

    In another treat for patients at Broadmoor, which stopped housing women in 2007, he held a picnic at Windsor Great Park, owned by the Crown.

    He also staged a rock concert at Broadmoor headlined by pop band Roxon Roadshow in 1982.

    The Jim’ll Fix It star, who had a flat in the grounds, volunteered at the hospital for 20 years before he was made head of a task force to plug a £20million deficit in 1988.

    The DJ was considered by the Department of Health as the ideal person to fix the hospital’s finances and advise on welfare.

    After taking over in the position, Savile organised for 60 patients to be released to less secure facilities, claiming they had been cured.

    Savile said of Broadmoor in January 1989: “There’s a marvellous atmosphere there and some of them have been in a long time.

    “At some stage in their unfortunate lives they have contracted a form of violent behaviour. That has now been rectified.”

    The Department of Health said at the time in a statement: “It is fair to say Jimmy Savile can take a lot of credit for this.”



  • Incredibly, only 6 people (maximum) were abused at Broadmoor according to BOSSES ar Broadmoor Hospital...


    Scale of Jimmy Savile's abuse at Broadmoor revealed

      7 Jul 2014 

    BOSSES at Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne have confirmed up to six people were sexually abused at the site by Jimmy Savile.

    In a report published last Thursday by the West Berkshire Mental Health Trust, it also confirmed staff and patients were involved in sexual relationships during the time that the disgraced TV presenter was heavily involved with the high-security psychiatric hospital.

    Savile made contact with the hospital in 1968 and his association with it lasted until 2004.

    The report stated: “We have descriptions of 10 allegations of sexual assault directly related to Broadmoor, and one allegation of indecent exposure to a minor. Six of the allegations of assault involved patients at the time (one male and five female), two involved staff and two involved minors.

    “On the basis of the detail and consistency of their accounts and the circumstances of the assaults, we conclude with confidence that at least five of the 11 individuals were sexually abused by Savile, and that it is more likely than not that he also sexually abused a sixth.”

    The report confirmed Savile was accepted into the hospital by the then medical superintendent who authorised the predator’s accommodation at Broadmoor and his use of keys, which allowed him unrestricted access to ward areas. However Savile was unable to access some wards with tighter security and where staff did not trust him.

    The report accepted there were other areas where Savile was able to gain access to patients – often because staff were scared he could get them fired.

    The report said: “Savile could be charming and persuasive, at least to some, but at the same time was grandiose, narcissistic, arrogant and lacking any empathy.

    “He was also very manipulative, and many staff were convinced he had close connections in high places and had the power to have them dismissed.

    “Savile’s general behaviour toward women was often flamboyantly inappropriate, including extravagant forms of greeting, inappropriate remarks and physical contact.”

    It added until at least the late 1980s, female patients were obliged to strip completely to change into nightwear and to take baths, watched by staff, who were sometimes joined by Savile.

    The report also revealed during Savile’s reign of terror the “institutional culture in Broadmoor was previously inappropriately tolerant of staff–patient sexual relationships.”

    It said fewer reported assaults by Savile had come to light at Broadmoor than at other NHS hospitals with which he was closely associated.

    The report added a num-ber of security improvements had since been made.

    It said: “Current policies, procedures and practices seem to us to minimise the probability of a recurrence of the sort of abuse seen in Savile’s time.”

    While Savile raised millions for charities, the report dismisses his fund-raising for Broadmoor as “trivial”, giving “relatively small donations of prizes and equipment”.

    It said: “His celebrity was seen as being of value to Broadmoor, although it is possible his association with the hospital brought more benefit to him than to it.”


  • For reference - highlighting some pertinent parts of timeline:

    1977, April 23rd - Ripper victim number 4,

    1977 (reported May 10th) - Champneys, at Tring, in Hertfordshire, Jimmy Savile spotted there talking to a Fleet street

    editor, as witnessed by reporter for The Glasgow Herald, Alan Hubbard.

    1977, June 26th - Ripper victim number 5.

    1977, September - Geoffrey Prime quits GCHQ, unable to cope with his double life.

    1977, 19 September - members of P.I.E. first open meeting in London at the Conway hall in Red Lion square.

    Members attacked by outraged mothers.

    1977, October 1st - Ripper victim number 6. Jean Jordan, body found in allotments next to Southern Cemetery, Manchester.

    1978 - Sir Maurice Oldfield retires from M16.

    1978 - Leon Brittan made Queen's Counsel.

    1978 - Queen Elizabeth visits Jersey.

    1978, January 21st - 7th Ripper victim

    1978, January 31st - 8th Ripper victim.

    1978, May 16th - 9th Ripper victim. Vera Millward. Body found in grounds of Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester.

    1978, July - Savile thrown off luxury cruise liner SS Canberra after an assault claim on a 14 yr old and being quizzed

    by the Captain. (But he will back on board 15 yrs later in 1993.

    1978 - October 1st - Peter Hayman cautioned by police. Hayman is linked to the P.I.E. group by a package of pornography left on a London bus

    in October, 1978. Tracing the package revealed that under the name Henderson, Hayman had used a small apartment in London's

    Bayswater district to conduct obscene correspondence.

    1979 - 1982 Nicholas Fairbairn (Elm Guest house documents) appointed Solicitor-General for Scotland, the second most

    senior law officer.

    1979 - (1984) Paul Kidd begins work as senior footman to the Queen Mother, until 1984.

    1979 - CHE's head office is moved to London.

    'CHE's local groups throughout England and Wales were often highly independent, producing their own newsletters giving

    details of social and campaigning activities in their own area. Local groups and members had input into CHE policy

    through the National Council, which met quarterly at different venues through the country, and was composed of CHE

    members elected by the whole membership. Annual conferences also continued to be held; these were major, multifaceted

    events covering a long bank-holiday weekend and can be seen in hindsight as key moments in the struggle for gay rights

    in Britain.'

    1979 - At every Tory party conference from 1979 the Campaign Group For Homosexual Equality hold a "fringe meeting in

    the damp basement of a third-rate hotel some distance from the conference centre — whichever Peter (Campbell) had managed

    to book — and a dozen or two embarrassed-looking Tories would sidle in; and Peter was always there, first to arrive and

    last to leave, after clearing up."

    1979 - 81 - Vincent, abused in Elm Guest house age 11 and house next to church in Sea Rd, Bexhill abuse.

    'two men' mentioned twice - same ones? Filmed - took big boxes away.

    same time Grafton Close raided after cleaner came in to tidy and found photos and videos of young people behind the cushions,

    staff disappear and one got 3 months probation and then went back to working with children.

    1979, April 4th - Ripper victim number 10. Josephine Whitaker. Body found in Savile Park, Halifax.

    1979, 4th May - Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister.

    1979, 4th May - 10th January 1988 - Willie Whitelaw Deputy Prime minister. Also Home Secretary from now until 11th

    June 1983.

    1979 - 1981 - Leon Brittan Minister of State at the Home Office, and then made Chief Secretary to the Treasury,

    a Cabinet position.

    1979 - 1983 - Harvey Proctor MP Basildon.

    1979 - 1983 Alastair McAlpine deputy chairman of Tory party.

    1979 - Stuart Hall campaigns for Thomas Pendry in the 1979 general election having appeared on the Labour MPs


    1979 June - 1985 ''PAN: A Magazine About Boy Love'' published. Changed to 'Paedo Alert News'

    in 13th issue. Published by John Stamford and Frank Torey, Spartacus Association.

    Edward Brongersma and Frits Bernard frequent contributors.

    1979, June 17th - Savile in Jersey for 'International Year of the Child'. Leads a parade of uniformed bands in Howards

    Davis Park of nearly 2000 children dressed in costumes. Includes girl guides, brownies, cubs, majorettes & children

    from different schools in fancy dress through town to park. Pictured saluting on the stage & subsequently with

    his hand up in audience.

    1979, 27th August - Lord Mountbatten killed by IRA bomb on boat in Ireland.

    1979, September 2nd - Ripper victim number 11.

    1979, 5th November - Martin Allen, 15, disappears. Last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station

    as he made his way home from school. Man and boy seen acting suspiciously at Earl's Court, just a few miles

    from Elm Guest House. Photofit bears remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor.

    1980's and 1990's - Islington council's childcare policies pro - actively recruit gay social workers. "Paedophiles

    exploit its well - intentioned commitment to equal opportunities & soon most of Islington's 12 children's homes have

    child molestors on the staff who cynically pretend to be homosexuals".

    early 1980's - Derek Laud becomes first black member of the Conservative Monday club.

    1980's - Savile allegedly attends lot of charity events in Jersey. Anonymous recalls charity event that was held

    in phycis gym in the elephant park up at les quennevais up st brelade:-

    1980 - Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher together support the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children,

    in 1980. Source: CNN.

    1980 - Savile pictured on Guernsey’s seafront in 1980, has his will registered with local firm Ogier Advocates. 1280672

    'Savile's Money is Here'.

    1980, Feb 5th - 'Telephone message from Jimmy Savile' to Maggie Thatcher (revealed present day under 30 yr rule). Details unclear.

    1980, March 6th - Letter to Thatcher from one her aides, 'G.V.', is written, revealing Prince Charles was going to be the patron

    of one of Savile's charities, the Stoke Mandeville Appeal.. “Even more encouraging, though again confidential at this stage,

    Jimmy Savile tells me that the Prince of Wales has agreed to be Patron of the Appeal.” Letter is released after30 yr rule passed

    & this line will only be revealed following FOI contest in March 2013. Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood will be blamed for


    1980, August 20th - Ripper victim number 12.

    1980 - November 17th - final Ripper victim number number 13.

    1980/early 81 - around this time royal butler Paul Kidd becomes close to Diana before she weds. (later convicted for

    being a paedophile and part of a wider ring at Buckingham Palace - connected to Dickens dossier 1983?)

    981-Paul Kidd (Buck palace butler) grooms a young teenager, meeting via a CB radio, who he will abuse.

    1980, December 21st - Buck palace perimeter line passsed without authority.

    1981, January 17th - Buck Palace security perimiter penetrated.

    1981 (early) - According to minutes of the CGHE's executive committee, there are 62 members at this date, increasing

    to 171 by late 1983.

    1981 - Savile becomes a regular visitor of Henlow Grange/Champneys and close friend of Stephen Purdew and his mother

    Dorothy when they now take over from Leida Costigan (August).

    1981 - Maggie Thatcher describes Savile's work as ''marvellous''. 11 consecutive new years spent with

    Savile at Chequers.

    1981 - 3 senior care staff at Kincora boys home jailed for abusing 11 boys.

    1981 - a young woman, an east end prostitute, is dragged into a workman's hut by three young men who repeatedly rape her. Crown

    decides no trial as victim, 'Carol X', makes an unreliable witness because she is a prostitute. One journalist telephones the

    Solicitor-General Nicholas Fairburn (Elm Guest House list) to ask why, and Fairbairn tells him. This is a major breach of

    protocol and Fairbairn has to resign. Rare private prosecution brought and won in 1982.

    1981, Feb 24th - Prince Charles and Diana announce engagement.

    1981, March 16th - 'Retired Civil Servant linked to Porn Scandal', the Lewiston Journal

    Geoffrey Dickens MP accuses government of cover up for refusing to prosecute retired diplomat for involvement in child pornography case. References

    in article to Blunt and spies He was a former High Commissioner or or ambassador to a Commonwealth country, with access to top secret docs & knighted.

    Man referred to during Tom O Carroll trial, chairman of P.I.E.

    1981, March 18th - reports state Peter Hayman recently resigns from post as a governor of International Students House, an organization for overseas

    students, and as director of a company named Delta Overseas, after the previous week's trial involving Tom O Carroll mentioning an unamed ex diplomat

    (him) being investigated for sending pornographic material in the mail.

    1981, May 22nd - Sutcliffe begins his sentence at HMP Parkhurst.

    1981, June - three young Germans are discovered in the grounds of Buck Palace a few yards within the perimeter wall.

    "They had spent the night there after climbing the wall, in the belief that they were in Hyde Park." They are interviewed

    by the police and released.

    1981, July 29th - Prince Charles and Diana wed.

    1981, 4th August (Royal Wedding) - Vishal Mehrotra goes missing on way home to Putney, less

    than a mile from Elm Guest House, whilst 'Kings and Queen's' at Rocks Lane in full swing.

    Body found in 1982 in woodland in Sussex.

    1981, August 5th - a man is discovered in shrubbery in the grounds of Buck Palace. He is bewildered and incoherent

    and either can not or will not indicate the point at which he had climbed the wall. He is taken to a mental hospital.

    Some reports say he wa sprofessing admiration for Princess Anne.

    1981, September 2nd - The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust registered.

    1981, October - Kings and Queens party held at Elm Guest House. Many senior people come to abuse children. Several photos

    taken of prominent men in sauna room funded by Rowe and RAWRO. Carole Kasir allegedly took photos. It was at this party

    that John Rowe and Peter Glencross of Spartacus discussed their grand plans with Carole.

    1981, November 6th - From Hansard. Speech by Norman Fowler, Secretary of State for Social Services. ’One outstanding

    example of what can be achieved when the National Health Service, the community and voluntary interests are working

    together towards a shared goal is the national appeal which Jimmy Savile is mounting for the rebuilding of the spinal

    injuries unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital.’

    1982 photograph of Norman Fowler and Savile being presented cheque.

    1981, December - Nicholas Fairbairn's (Elm House documents) " political star in the descendant". House of Commons

    secretary, with whom he has been having an affair, is allegedly found trying to hang herself from a lamppost outside

    his London home. He manages to stay on as Solicitor General for Scotland until the following year.

    1981, December 11th - person climbs over wall or railings of Buck Palace and is sighted/arrested.

    1981, December 23rd - a man runs through an open gate at the front of Buck palace. He is arrested immediately, but

    later released.

    1981, December 31st - Date Geoffrey Prime alleged to have stopped "conveying information" after 14 years as a spy.

    1982-1992 - Margaret Hodge emerges as council leader of Islington.

    1982 - Jimmy Savile meets Pope John Paul II.

    1982 - 'Age of the Train'. Savile appears in A brace of iconic "Age of the Train" ads for British Rail.

    1982 - two men, John Rowe & Terry Dwyer, persuade Carole Kasir to change Elm Guest House into a place for homosexual men.

    1982 - Haroon, Carole Kasir and William Everett charged for from this year having in their possession obscene articles,

    (5 video tapes), for gain.

    1982 - advert for Elm Guest House placed in Spartacus International Gay Magazine,

    with a special coded 10% ''discount'' for members. ''Harry'', husband of Carol Kasir, the contact point for bookings.

    1982, January 11 - Mark Thatcher, son of the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, disappears in the Sahara during

    the Paris-Dakar rally. He is rescued January 14.

    1982, January 21st - Nicholas Fairburn (Elm Guest House docs) Solicitor General for Scotland, tenders letter of resignation

    to Margaret Thatcher for breaching protocol and talking to journalists during the Glasgow rape case. (Which case was prevented

    from prosecution by the Crown owing to the victim being a prostitute and 'unreliable witness' - a private prosecution will

    later be brought and won).

    1982, April 6-7th - 'my constituents want blood' troubled mood of Thatcher's party in aftermath of Argentinian invasion

    revealed in letter.

    1982, 8th April - issue of CGHE - Tory affiliated group (that is actually a pro - paedophile organisation & not merely a gay

    equality group) contains a particularly glowing review of Elm Guest House and lists facilities such as a sauna, solarium and

    video studio. Letter reads...“Dear John, many thanks for your letter. I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but

    can’t find the text about the Dutch venture. Could you please let me have another copy?”. The 'Dutch venture' is not

    explained. It is thought the John is John Rowe, an integral member in the setting up of the guest house, and referred to

    as 'MI5'.

    1982, April 27th - Geoffrey Prime arrested for 3 charges of indecently assaulting girls aged between 11 and 14. He will

    plead guilty.

    1982, May 2nd - Belgrano sinks. Thatcher hears the news when with Savile.

    1982, May 6th - Auberon Waugh in his diary, says ’Mrs Thatcher should use this [i.e. the Falklands War] as a golden opportunity

    to blow up the huge grain silos in Northern Argentina, containing all the wheat intended for Russia. In fact, I was urging

    her to do this long before the Argentinians invaded. But nowadays she listens only to Ferdinand Mount and Jimmy Savile.

    I might as well babble of green fields.’

    Quoted in 'The War Diaries', eds. Alan Taylor and Irene Taylor, 2005.

    1982, June - CGHE strongly recommends Elm Guest House to visit in their newsletter to members. Letter first

    actual proof of a Tory link to the guest house.

    1982, June 12th - Charges start this date, for on OR before, for Carole Kasir and William Everett, keeping a 'disorderly house'

    at Elm Guest House.

    1982, June 14th - Falklands War ends. MT notes of telephone conversation (MT receives news from Northwood of Argentine

    surrender and situation in Falklands) [released 2013]

    1982, June 19th - MET'S Special Patrol Group of 60 officers raid Elm Guest House, (this when 17-year-old rent boy who

    acted as ‘in-house masseur’ was detained & who also appeared on dr who & Royal Command performance), resulting

    in charges being brought for running a disorderly house. Police found a ''huge store of pornographic material including

    video tapes''. There were also whips, chains and ropes.'' 2 under - cover officers were embedded as guests making secret

    radio recordings in a plastercast. Less than 10 people present at the house during raid. Warrants for Carol and Haroon's

    arrests issued from Bow Street Magistrates COurt. Arrested under prevention of Terrorism Act which means access to solicitor

    denied for 24 hours.

    1982, June 19th - other charges of neglect of a child, (by Carole, Haroon and William Everett) on OR before, alleged from this

    point. On AND before living wholly or in part off the livings of a prostitute (acquitted), knowingly permitted the place to

    be used for prostitution, (acquitted) on AND before this date, and William Everett for published on OR before this date obscene


    - Link to full charge sheet - ''Elm Guest House Charge Sheet''. Charges state Haroon Kasir, Carole Kasir and William Everett''on or before 12th June

    1982 kept a disorderly house at 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, London SW 13.'' And that ''on or before the 19th June 1982'' the

    three ''neglected'' (redacted) ''in a manner likely to cause him unecessary suffering''. Chris Fay notes that

    despite this Social Services was not informed by the police nor a Place Of Safety Order issued alongside the warrant from

    the magistrate. It was only done AFTER the raid. Also points to heavy involvement of William Everett.

    1982, June 19th - The body of "God's Banker", Roberto Calvi, chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, is found hanging beneath Blackfriars

    Bridge in London.

    1982, June 21st - Prince William born at St Mary's Hospital, London.

    1982, June 21st - man climbs over a gate at the front of Buck palace and is arrested running across the forecourt.

    He is taken to a mental hospital.

    1982, June 25th - Geoffrey Prime interviewed by DCS Cole of of West Mercia Police on suspicion of being a spy.

    1982, June 26th - at 4.30pm Geoffrey Prime made his complete confession.

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