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I have always been interested in history and research especially about what lurks in the shadows. Here are a few things on the subject of "Spooks." I have not watched the BBC series Spooks since it was not yet being aired in Canada when I had a television there. I am going to take a look at it now though from the perspective of predictive programming, when time permits. I invite you to add to this thread any interesting information that you come across with regard to the Global Spooks Spider Web. 

Who Watches the Watchmen?

"In this first episode of my new podcast series I [Tom Secker] look at the age old question Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?, usually translated as Who Watches the Watchmen. I examine how the question has been subverted by the modern spy thriller series Spooks and the failings of the intelligence oversight body in the UK the ISC. After touching on events in Syria I conclude that the public are better at providing accountability than the government and mainstream media." You can say that again Tom!

I was aware of some of these but not all ...

The International Forecaster

5 People You Won't Believe Worked With the CIA

by James Corbett 

September 28, 2013

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has a fascinating story of a surprise meeting he had with the CIA in a basement conference room of the state capitol shortly after pulling off a surprise victory in the 1999 Minnesota gubernatorial race. According to Ventura he was taken to a basement conference room where he was confronted by 23 Central Intelligence Agency operatives who proceeded to grill him about his campaign in an attempt to understand, in Ventura's own words "how had the independent wrestler candidate pulled this off?"

 Although some expressed incredulity when Ventura first started talking about the meeting several years ago, the Agency did in fact admit that such a meeting took place. As CIA spokesman George Little admitted in a written statement after Ventura's story went viral, "on occasion CIA officers meet with senior state government officials, as they did in this case, to discuss issues of mutual interest."

 The meeting came as a shock to Ventura, who didn't understand why the CIA, whose entire charter and mandate prohibits it from acting inside the borders of the USA, was grilling a state governor about his election campaign. But the other fascinating aspect of the meeting, according to Jesse, was that these people were by no means the glamorous James Bond-types of cinematic legend, but everyday people who could have been mistaken for your coworker, your neighbor, the little old lady who lives across the street.

 Perhaps this should not be so surprising after all. The CIA's mammoth $14.7 billion annual budget was just revealed by one of Edward Snowden's leaks, and even that only represents the tiny sliver of on-the-record funding that the agency toys with each year, not the untold billions in off-the-budget financing available for black operations from front companies and illicit activities. Still, that's more than enough money to hire a surprising number of people to work in all sorts of roles; not just the spies we are all familiar with from movies and books, but assets, analysts, operatives and others. Together, the Agency has more people working for it in some capacity than many would think possible.

 But they're not all anonymous neighborly types gracing the halls of the CIA. Over the years, some surprising celebrities, politicians, and other powerful figures have found themselves on the Company payroll, sometimes unwittingly. Let's take a look at a few of these cases.

Julia Child

Julia Child taste testing some torpedo-coating shark repellent

1 - Julia Child

 When you think Julia Child, you probably think "soufflé" before you think "spy." But you'd be wrong.

 Stirred into a patriotic fervor by Pearl Harbor, Julia McWilliams-at the time an advertising copy writer for a New York City furniture store-wanted to contribute to the war effort. At 6'2" she was too tall to join the military, so instead she applied to the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of today's CIA. One of the 4,500 women serving in the OSS, Julia started out at Washington headquarters working as a research assistant directly under OSS Director General William "Wild Bill" Donovan. From there her career took several surprising turns. She helped develop a shark repellent to coat marine explosives for the U-boat warfare effort. She spent time in Ceylon helping to coordinate the invasion of the Malay Peninsula. She ran the OSS Registry in China during the final crucial months of the war in the Pacific.

 She also met her husband, Paul Child, who was also working for the OSS, and the two were married in 1946. He joined the US Information Agency and was assigned to Paris in 1948 where she studied French cooking at one of France's most prestigious cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu, and the rest as they say, is history. The officially-sanctioned history with all the spy bits left out, that is. Julia's role in the OSS wasn't revealed for over 50 years.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger

Good ol' CIA Sulzberger cracking his trademark smile

2 - Arthur Sulzberger (and Henry Luce and William Paley and...)

 William Paley of CBS. Henry Luce of Time Inc. Arthur Sulzberger of the New York Times. Anyone familiar with the American media landscape of the 20th century will know the names of these media kingpins. Each one reached millions of people through his broadcasts or newspapers or magazines, changing minds on key issues and shaping public opinions on the key policy debates of their day. And each one of them worked hand in hand with the CIA.

 The connections were first uncovered byRamparts Magazine in 1966, investigated by Congress in the mid-70s and documented in detail by Carl Bernstein in his landmark 1977 Rolling Stone article, "The CIA and the Media." In the report, Bernstein identifies Sulzberger, Luce, Paley and numerous other mass media organizations-including everything from NBC, Reuters, the AP and Newsweek all the way down to the Louisville Courier-Journal-as working directly and knowingly with the CIA to help the agency achieve its propaganda objectives. According to Bernstein, the relationship with Time, CBS, and Sulzberger's New York Times was especially helpful, with one CIA source telling Bernstein that there were about ten CIA operatives working undercover at the New York Times alone in the 50s and 60s.

 The whole propaganda machinery of the CIA was referred to as a "mighty Wurlitzer" by legendary CIA Deputy Director Frank Wisner, who played his grand instrument with the judicious help of his friends in the press. The CIA's operation to infiltrate the press specifically was codenamed "Mockingbird." The program formally came to an end in February 1976 when then-Director George. H.W. Bush created a new agency policy promising that the Company would never again contract with any accredited U.S. news service, newspaper, radio station, television network or journalist. (Because we all know the CIA can be trusted to keep its promises)

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (self-portrait)

3 - Jackson Pollock

 Do you ever get the feeling that modern abstract expressionist art can only exist because it's being funded by the CIA in a vast conspiracy to confuse and disorient the public? Because if you do, you'd be exactly right.

 At least, such was the case throughout much of the 50s and 60s. In 1950 Tom Braden set up the International Organizations Division specifically to pay for such diverse artistic endeavors as the touring program of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the animation of George Orwell's Animal Farm(complete with an altered ending that made it more palatable for American propaganda purposes). As we now know (thanks to the 1995 admission of former case officer Donald Jameson) they also funded abstract expressionist painters, from Jackson Pollack to Mark Rothko to Willem de Kooning.

 To most Americans, the question they would likely put to the CIA is: "Jackson who?" But when informed that he was that abstract painter who often did things like punch a hole in a paint can and suspend it upside-down from a string so it could randomly bleed out its contents onto a canvas, their next question would be: "But why?" After all, very few people really seem to like this art, and when the State Department had funded an exhibition of abstract art in 1947, it had prompted President Truman to famously declare "If that's art, then I'm a Hottentot."

 The official explanation is that it was all part of a cunning plan to convince the Soviets of the vibrant creativity of American culture...Or something like that. Given that it probably just made the Russkies cock an eyebrow or laugh at American silliness, one has to wonder what the real purpose of the program was. Especially when it's discovered that other counter-cultural movements of the period were funded by the Agency (more on which later), it would seem that the program was aimed more at demoralizing America itself than in scoring cultural points in the Cold War.

Ahmed Wali Karzai

Ahmed Wali Karzai after consuming some opium with his CIA cash


4 - Ahmed Wali Karzai

 The CIA deliver bags of cash directly to the President of Afghanistan in a transparent and openly acknowledged bid to buy influence with his government. The fact that the information in that last sentence was openly admitted and reported (even by the CIA-favorite New York Times) in May of this year and yet remains a little-known fact speaks volumes about how misinformed Americans are by their CIA-controlled media (especially when it's compared to general knowledge of "twerking" or Miley Cyrus' latest video).

 But if you think that openly bribing the President of a country currently under US military occupation is something, wait until you get a load of this: In 2009 it was revealed that the CIA was also openly bribing his drug dealing brother. Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of President Hamid Karzai, was a powerful politician in the Kandahar area who functioned much like every other Afghan warlord. Indeed, even a 2009 State Department cable admitted that government business in Kandahar "takes place out of public sight, where Ahmed Wali Karzai operates, parallel to formal government structures, through a network of political clans that use state institutions to protect and enable licit and illicit enterprises."

What's more, Karzai was fingered by James Risen and others as being involved in the Afghan heroin and opium trade. That such a figure would be receiving US support is perhaps less surprising when it's put into its proper context. After all, the US occupation of Afghanistan has been a spectacular success for opium peddlers, who saw the poppy crop almost eliminated by the Taliban before the US invasion, but has experienced record crop after record crop ever since. In 2010 even Fox News was forced to admit that it is now the US Army's job to help the poppy farmers protect their crops. Still, it's safe to say that most Americans would be uncomfortable with their government (or at least an agency thereof) openly bribing drug dealing officials in foreign countries that they couldn't even point out on a map, much less explain why the US has troops there.

 Luckily no one will have to explain any of this to the American public anyway; Karzai was killed under highly suspicious circumstances in 2011.


Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey showing exactly why you should never participate in a CIA experiment.

5 - Ken Ksey

 Just like the abstract expressionists received a little help from their CIA friends back in the mid-20th century, so too is the 60s drug culture covered in the fingerprints of the Agency. The most direct and straightforward link is that between Ken Kesey, the head of the infamous "Merry Pranksters" whose acid-fueled "magic bus" ride across America helped usher in the hippy era, and the Agency.

 As a student at Stanford in 1959, Kesey volunteered to take part in the CIA's infamous MKUltra experiment. Not that he knew it was a CIA experiment, of course. He was told it was a trial of a new cure for insanity. Along with his fellow "trial" participants, he was subjected to his first LSD trip. To get a sense of the story you need to hear it in his own words:

 "I'd never been drunk on beer, you know, let alone done any drugs. But this is the American government. They said, come in here. We've just discovered this new spot of space, and we want somebody to go up there and look it over, and we don't want to do it. We want to hire you students. And I was one of 140 or so that eventually turned out. It was CIA-sponsored. [...] And it wasn't being done to try to cure insane people, which is what we thought. It was being done to try to make people insane - to weaken people, and to be able to put them under the control of interrogators."

 Of course he didn't find out the truth of the experiment until the documents were released decades later. But by then he had already spearheaded the hippy movement and 60s counter-culture generally, all while introducing the CIA's "failed" (?) mind-control weapon of choice, LSD to an eager audience of impressionable young people.

 But Kesey wasn't the only 60s counterculture icon to be under the influence of the CIA. Others who have been confirmed to have been CIA funded include feminist movement leader Gloria Steinem. "Tune in, turn on and drop out" proponent Timothy Leary is long alleged to have been on the CIA payroll. New research even indicates that Gordon Wasson, the man who "discovered" magic mushrooms and introduced them to America via (CIA-connected) Henry Luce's Life magazine was himself connected to the Company.

 This list just scratches the surface of the CIA's reach, of course, but it should at least give you pause for thought. After half a century the documents are gradually coming out showing just how thoroughly popular culture was infiltrated by the still-fledgeling CIA. Imagine how much more effective it is at steering the culture now, and ask yourself again why more Americans know about "twerking" and Miley Cyrus then they do about the history of the CIA.

Source: The Corbett Report subscriber email.


  • Hi Azra,good thread,Relating to the old MK ULTRA now developed into more deeper subversive wave tech? The swinging sixties now becoming ever more clear C.I.A. promoted funded and encouraged librel groups to form movements of love and peace man,the new era of positivity where everything becomes possible.Negativity was banned and the whole world was gonna be changed by the power of the people.

    Many musicians were payrolled by the C.I.A to infiltrate groups such as the black panther party.Hendrix ? Lennon ? gerry garcia very strong links with the masons. ( The Gratefull Dead ) the name and music speaks volumes to me today,first band I saw live got high just on the smoke in

    the hall. First Rosecrucian symbols....many links to high masonary.Note eygpt ref from rosacrucian   and Gratefull Deads concert at the pyrimids where many masonic rituals are performed.   Heres a surprise for youYep Elvis..                                           

     Note Ahnk

    the hall. 



    Lennon eventualy found out he had been closley watched phone bugged etc since he moved to America there are many strong links to MK Ultra

    from the usual insane gunman who shot him.

     Lennon from scared SING ABOUT LOVE AND PEACE....DONT WANNA SEE THE RED RAW MEAT....The sixties and  todays culture in two  short lines. Personal gain, greed,power,and free sex and under no cicumstances face reality and personal responsibility just drop out and fk everything.and enjoy the odd march and protest (so called) which was started by the libral feminist movements in the 1800s.

    Lennon sang about his relationship with the CIA .....Scared..... NOTE...WOLF...iN sHEEPS cLOTHING ?

    Just who was John Lennon.........And whose interests did he have at heart.......And which side of the counter revulution did he support....BOTH ??????????? DONT THINK WE WILL EVER KNOW.

     The more I look into the sixties counter culture,the more i see it controlled by librelist organisations Gay Rights.....Womans Rights....... etc there were many as usual.Controlled and sponserd on behalf of the government by Spooks.

    Right bit of controversy for you Magic Mushrooms you can see em in gratefull deads albumn cover also on covers throughout sixties and seventies. The dratefull Dead wanted to call themselves SKULL FUCK which is much more blatent then the one they changed to.Should tell you why the 60s 70s generations are now dead fk ups....this culture ran through everything and was of course global. SO WARNING......BE SMART AND AWARE........LISTEN PLEASE.........


    FROM THIS FKING ARSEHOLE WHO STARTED THIS CRAZE TO THIS LOOK AT IT AND WEEP.  gRaHAM Hancock total shill total fking traiter and many others I once had reSpect for are now promoting such SkULL FUCK revised and promoted by traitors to the truth movement,whats their Agenda your enlightenment or SKULL FUCK.....sORRY iNTBEL but id beat the shit out of these twats with a ball pain. BE AWARE OF THE COUNTER REVULUTION PLEASE.....TRUST NO ONE THEY ALL HAVE AN AGENDA.LETS STICK TOGETHER OK.The Swinging door is at work at all times. Much Love Manerg.x


  • Dunno why you are apologising to me, Manerg - I ain't said anything yet.

    And even if I had - no-one need ever apologise for speaking honestly.

    I have watched the two ayahuasca videos and a few others.   The first time I heard of it was listening to David Icke relating his experiences with it.

    It seems that with ayahuasca, as with Life, every one's experience is different and every one's perception is different.

    It seems to me that overall the ayahuasca experience is positive as related by those who have taken it.

    I can not comment or judge the validity or otherwise - and neither, legitimately, can any one else do so - upon an other's personal experience.

    I should like to try it myself - that would be an interesting and possibly a gainful thing to do.   At least I'd find out for myself.

    From my own experience I don't think ayahuasca is the only way, though.

    I'm certain we frequently leave our 'physical' forms during sleep and maybe to some extent ayahuasca and DMT forces this.   I think that once 'tis known that this happens quite naturally and once that knowledge is fully integrated then such artificial aids will be redundant in the same way that natural foods and healthy living make doctor's prescriptions redundant.

    'nuff said for now ...

  • Hi Intbel,Yes im aware of my need to counter the violent thoughts and images of revenge,ive just picked on you nothing personal,just makes me feel better about the natural emotion of fear and retribution I feel and think of at times over issues that profoundly affect my way of being.I dont like the emotion of anger and discharge it as soon as I can,therefore to get into a more balanced  way of thinking.Apoligising reflects the emotion and thought away pretty quickly.

    Sorry is an important tool very few people recognise.

    As for experimentation with mind altering drugs Im all for it,I mean Inbel youve read me book and the amount of times ive projected myself into another conciouss awareness and unawareness are inumerable,and a few of those projections have alterd my way of being for good,and in a good way.But just a few.

    Balance is everything Intbel,but to hope to interpret the world of the shamans spiritual existance takes decades of identification and spiritual progress and teachings.These fking wankers who make a living on the Gratefull Dead promoting the idea you can acheive whats many decades away from your actual knowledge is sickening to me.Graham Hancock is an recovering weed addict he says that himself,An addict Intbel is an addict for life,its a life of exchanging one obssesive behaviour pattern after another.Mr tosser Hancock has found another buzz outside of himself as usual to carry his pathetic load for him,anything but sort it out for himself esotericly and take full responsibility for his healing.Ive studied it for twenty years and watched it without judgement,but when I see A CELEBRITY groaning on about how wonderfull a mind bending drug is,and promotes that very successfully until it reaches the dizzy hieghts of the celebrity tv and leads to both the abuse and tearing apart of a culture tens of thousands of years old,im afraid it just gives me the urge to vomit (pardon the pun),

    Plus of course the idea that a shaman would disclose any real ancient knowledge to unknowledgable dead heads is beyond my conception. I get the idea and intuition that they take the piss and have a fking good belly laugh at these idiots who fill their back pockets for something they do quite freely for their own tribe.Thus getting paid for something starts the ball rolling of course so bye bye tens of thousands of years culture.

    As for spiritual journey we allready have it,youve allready said it,I believe our astral journeys occur quite naturaly every night or day when we sleep. They tell us whats wrong and guide us to an answer,they sort inner problems out for us everyday,They tell us what we should be working on,and it aint no good reading a fking book on the subject because only you know,but thats just another money spinner for charletons and twats of the highest order.People wonder about themselves and look outside to the world for the answer,ive never known such a blind ignorant culture as the one we live in today.

    Their are real wise people on this forumn of many levels and concepts do we share them,are they listened to and acted upon,NAH WERE JUST OLD WRINKLY FARTS WHOVE PAST THEIR SELL BUY DATE, THATS CONDITIONING FOR YOU BY EDUCATION AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA.


  • Relax, be happy and chill for a few moments.   Listen to my favourite Swaami.   Like him, I also endured fourteen years of celibacy imediately after which, much was revealed to me.   Indeed an enlightening experience.

  • Don't know it anybody else has read Niel Sanders "Your Thoughts are not your own"  The CIA's introducted and supplied LSD to the general public and more recently Crack Cocaine. E was introduced to pacify the nations youth and it is said when E and the rave scene was in full swing football violence dropped right down. Of course if you have been up all night dancing you may well be to knacker to start a fight at the football.

    There is also evidence that the CIA shiped LSD to Viet Nam 

  • Hi Rega, I haven't read the book but have listened to a number of interviews with Neil Sanders most recently one on Red Ice Radio, one of my favourite sites where I am also a member. Others have spoken about the deliberate introduction of all of these so called ilegal street drugs for the purpose of manipulation and control.

    The following article by Tom Secker is about a real time Spook, Abu Anas al-Liby who is currently in the news and being held captive on ship by the Obama administraion on a ship and since it’s in international water, it’s outside of the US justice system.

    The Disappearing, Reappearing Terrorist

    8th October 2013

    The Pentagon's predictable response to the attack on the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi has been a pair of special forces raids in Africa.  One was a Navy Seal strike in the Somali town of Barawe that sought to capture or kill Al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, though this mission failed.  The other operation took place in Tripoli where Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, better known as Anas Al Liby, was captured by commandos presumed to be Delta Force.  There are many reasons to question these stories, not least of which that Al Liby has reportedly been captured and in custody for decade.  

    I first wrote about Al Liby 5 years ago looking at him as a probable MI6-aided Islamist.  He was Al Qaeda's 'computer expert' who in the early 1990s travelled around Africa scouting possible terror targets for Osama Bin Laden.  He was trained and accompanied by CIA triple agent Ali Mohamed and according to court testimony even helped take reconnaissance photographs for what would become the 1998 African embassy attacks.  As a result US authorities have been trying to get hold of him for nearly 15 years.  

    Meanwhile, in the early-mid 1990s he joined LIFG, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group also known as Al Muqatila.  The group were trying to kill or overthrow Col. Gaddafi, a feat they finally accomplished in 2011 with the assistance of NATO.  According to 'former' MI5 'whistleblower' David Shayler, MI6 had funded an attempt on Gaddafi's life by LIFG in early 1996, an attempt that failed.  LIFG members fled Libya in the wake of the failed assassination attempt, setting up shop in the UK, including Anas Al Liby.  They published their newsletter from an office in London and for years after the embassy bombings lived in the UK freely.  

    That changed with set of police raids on addresses in Manchester in May 2000.  According to an old Observer report Al Liby evaded capture, though the Guardian is now adding the detail that he was questioned by British police in 1999 but not charged.  The article also notes how, 'Liby's skill in surveillance and special operations made him irreplaceable, Benotman said. Liby had been trained by an Egyptian-American jihadi fighter who had served with the US Green Berets.'  Of course, they do not mention that this Egyptian-American jihadi was also a CIA agent and FBI informant, and that his name is Ali Mohamed.  

    After the raids Al Liby left the UK, and following the 9/11 attacks LIFG were proscribed (banned) as an organisation by the UN and the US State Department, and then by UK authorities in 2005.  Al Liby himself was put on the FBI's most wanted list where he stayed until a few days ago when he was captured outside his home in Tripoli.  The websites of the FBI and the State Department still list him as wanted and at large - I suppose it takes a few days to remember to update these things.  

    Making the whole story weirder is that as my prior article details, Al Liby was reported captured in 2002, though the reports contradicted each other on when he was captured (January, February or March) and where (Egypt, Sudan or Afghanistan).  An Amnesty International document from 2006 lists Al Liby as one of several 'Individuals about whom there is some evidence of secret detention by the United States and whose fate and whereabouts remain unknown', detailing his reported capture in Sudan in February 2002.  The report also spells one of Al Liby's aliases quite differently to recent media coverage - Nazih Abdul Hamed al-Raghie vs Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, further complicating matters for researchers.  

    Exactly what will happen to Al Liby now is unclear.  Given that his alleged crimes - involvement in the 1998 embassy bombings plot - took place prior to the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act, it probably isn't legal to try Al Liby via a military commission.  He had no role in 9/11, and whether he was still a member of LIFG when they reportedly joined forces with Al Qaeda in late 2007 is not known.  As such, he should be tried in a conventional criminal court with all the due process and protections of any ordinary alleged criminal.

    Of course, he is a 'terrorist' and also quite probably an MI6 asset for at least part of his terrorist career, so his chances of an open court trial are pretty low.  Furthermore, the US authorities don't want to open up the can of worms that is the West's curiously flexible relationship with LIFG.  In the mid-late 1990s they were our friends as we tried to oust Gaddafi.  After 9/11 they were the enemy, though when Libyan intelligence chief Musa Kusa handed over a list of LIFG members living in London nothing was done.  As Britain cosied up to Gaddafi they also added LIFG to their list of banned terror groups, in exchange for Libya playing a role in the torture of 'terror suspects'.  Then something changed, Gaddafi was the enemy again and LIFG were among the jihadis that NATO used to get rid of him.  

    What these two raids represent is an attempt to reconstruct the 'war on terror' narrative once again in the wake of the failure of those who wanted to see NATO invade Syria.  After 9/11 the predominant narrative was that there was a global paramilitary Islamist network protected by the governments of nations like Afghanistan and Iraq.  The narrative gradually changed, the popular view of Al Qaeda became more vague and decentralised, and the main enemy became rogue states, particularly those with WMD of some kind.  This fluctuation between state enemy images and stateless enemy images dominated the Cold War and has continued as the battle lines have been redrawn.  

    This process of shifting the 'war on terror' narrative culminated with the war in Libya, where one of the last Middle Eastern leaders to resist NATO's imperial tyranny was removed from power by the very same Islamists who a decade earlier were NATO's primary enemy image.  The same Islamists were then encouraged and helped to go to Syria to create a civil war there.  Now that the KGB have slammed the door shut on any escalation of the failed proxy civil war plan in Syria, NATO have been forced to back off.  Right on schedule we got another major terrorist attack that shifted the geographic and geopolitical focus and the terrorists who were our freedom fighters in Libya and Syria are now terrorists again. This was followed by a small scale but utterly lawless pair of commando strikes.   

    The moral of the story is not that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, but that in NATO's case one man's terrorists are the same man's freedom fighters.  


  • Just poppin' in...No biscuits!

    From aangirfan:Spy School?

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