We commented that it was a predictable result that Conservative David Cameron failed to introduce controls that would require web viewers to consciously opt in to pornography...
Today's Daily Mail carries fantastic coverage of the Common Purpose, Leveson, David Bell operation to destroy the freedom of the press and free speech - a subject we have been covering since January 2012.
The events described in this report have to be seen in their historical context – not least in terms of the events in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. The role of the western media (and most especially the BBC) was not simple reportage – it was also to serve as an important propaganda arm of the US/NATO military effort. logo
“Full Fact is an independent fact-checking organisation. We make it easier to see the facts and context behind the claims made by the key players in British political debate and press those who make misleading claims to correct the record" - so says, under the bold headline of "Promoting Accuracy in the public debate".
David Bell
A murky pool of vested interest, where monsters wait to swallow the free press and media bite by bite.
Duchess of Cornwall - Scapegoat
Is the publication of the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge no more that an act of greed by French and Irish trash publications?
Sir David Bell
Commissioned by Common Purpose sponsor David Cameron, the Leveson Inquiry is tasked to examine the culture, practices and ethics of the press, in four modules. These are: 1. The press and the public, including phone-hacking and illegal behaviour 2. The press, police and public interest 3 The press and politicians. 4.  Recommendations for a more effective policy and regulation that supports integrity, ethical standards and freedom of the press. 
In the dangerous world around us, many people will be watching Prime Minister Cameron push Israel for war with Iran.
On my way into the office this morning I was treated to yet another slice of the habitual, and cleverly packaged “but, we are only trying to help” medicine from our good friends at the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.