What are the current limits on free speech? Where should they lie? Why should we defend the rights of another to say the unsayable? It is simply for these reasons; that the freedom to speak is the freedom to learn and that, without it, there is tyranny. If we do not defend the rights of others to speak their minds, who will defend our right to develop, express and debate an idea?
Friday 13th January 2017 was the day we learned of the BBC's 'Reality Check', described by the Guardian as a team to 'debunk fake news'. If you feel that the BBC debunking fake news might be an oxymoron, then we would agree with you, and the reasons are not difficult to identify.
To understand how we have reached the beginnings of a trans-humanist era we must follow the roots of modern day social engineering. Such a practice has been applied for thousands of years, but it could be said that only in the last few centuries has modern man wrestled with, and understood, the finer subtleties of group manipulation on a social scale.  
In this weeks nudge we will be taking a look at the rising popularity of the Selfie, a past time that is becoming so popular even the next door neighbours dog is doing it.
Сбалансированность по Би-Би-Си? Это что: критика и подрыв существующей власти? Стабилизировала ли «Би-Би-Си Медия Экшин» неустойчивое украинское общество или, скорее, подбросила топлива в огонь?
BBC Media Action
”Our mission is to inform, connect and empower people around the world.” These are mighty words from BBC Media Action, a charitable offshoot of the BBC funded to £29.5m in 2012 - most of it from the British Government, EU, US State Department, UN and Dutch government. Most of the British public and indeed most of the BBC’s licence payers will have never heard of BBC Media Action let alone understand what this BBC charity really is.
Last Wednesday all "video on demand" content for which the UK Column had "editorial" reponsibility was removed from Youtube and this website following demands for "regulation" by ATVOD, a subsidiary of Ofcom.
This years Bilderberg meeting saw a dramatic increase in attention than in previous years from both mainstream media and protestors, with attendees exceeding 2,300. This increase, more than double of Chantilly last year, has been dubbed by many to be a success in terms of exposure, with many that now believe that we can see a chink of light in the otherwise dark curtain of secrecy that often shadows these meetings.
Ben Fellows
Yesterday evening, Louise Collins received a telephone call from Julia Fellows to say she has received an email from Ben to say he is safe and will be in direct contact soon. Ben's whereabouts are still unknown, but this is good news.