UK Column News - Treasonous May, Forces Betrayed & Al Qaeda in White Helmets (20th September 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Ellis, including: START White Helmets : ‘Russia Bombed A Red Crescent Aid Convoy!’ 04:12 ‘Nothing flies out there without Britain & the US knowing about it.’ 05:43 Dayr al-Zawr Betrayal : Massacre of Syrian Troops by Western Forces 07:25 Putin Wins Elections in Russia despite the NGO Propaganda Complex 11:02 Idiotic Transnational Diplomats Waste Time & Money in Bratislava 19:14 ‘All this is inverted language,’ & the Ruin of British Defence Capacities 21:23 British Strategic Infrastructure : Communist Stakes in the Mayist Regime 24:12 This is a ‘cold, calm, calculated, Hostile-Takeover,’ as China Builds Inroads. 29:24 Former Admiral Boyce, disintegration of the British Navy, Traitors at Large 30:47 The EU Military is ‘something that already exists and the UK has accepted.’ 35:14 Deployment of a Five Thousand Strong NATO Force in Latvia - vs Russia. 37:52 ‘Annihilation of British Aircraft Carrier Expertise,’ as the Military is Destroyed 41:23 Massive Profits : High-Flying Legal Team Hunts British Veterans (of Unjust Wars) Please give particular attention to the quotes from John Redwood found after the 30:00 mark : “I found Sir Michael’s statement that he will continue to veto a European army all the time the UK remains in the EU perplexing. Now we are leaving I do no see it is any business of ours to veto what they are going to do when we leave it. It just annoys the very countries we wish to be friends with as we depart. Nor do I understand how Sir Michael can veto something that already exists and the UK has accepted. The EU has established eighteen battle groups, each at battalion strength, with a rota so that any two of them can be deployed at any time by the European Council. As the EU’s own website sets out "The battlegroup concept provides the EU with a specific tool in the range of rapid response capabilities."'