UK Column News - A Tour of Syrian Realities with Andrew Ashdown (6th October 2016)

Reverend Andrew Ashdown ( Today's UK Column News with Mike Robinson & Reverend Andrew Ashdown, including: START Real Syrian Civil Defence Versus Merciless White Helmets 05:21 ‘So few people are going to Syria & listening to the people...’ 07:43 A Syrian Grand Mufti of Such Profound & Liberal Integrity 12:57 Desolation of War – Ancient Cultural Treasures Eviscerated 17:45 Local Reconciliations & the Laying Down of Arms for Life… 25:12 ‘Our fight against terrorism is to sustain & keep Syria alive…’ 29:23 The Syrians are determined : ‘We Will Rebuild The Country’ 31:34 Internal Refugees Laugh At Western Rhetoric & Propaganda.