UK Column News - Theresa May To Punish Putin; Next Gen CGI Subs; Organs For Sale (21st October 2016)

WINCHESTER TICKETS : ( Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START Heads of State : EU ‘Leaders’ & ‘Negotiation’ Theatrics 02:54 ‘Killing people…’ May accuses Russia of lawless actions 05:41 HMS Ark Royal - & systematic degradation of the Navy 12:14 ‘Russia is the Greatest Foe the World has ever Faced...!’ 15:27 THE ‘ D R E A D N O U G H T ’ CGI SUBMARINE 17:52 Mafioso subterfuge & Treason in Nuclear-infrastructure 29:15 Highland Investigation : ‘A culture of sadism in schools.’ 35:27 National Socialists & Selective Interventions: Dochertys.