UK Column News - EU NATO Commit Adultery, Prince Charles Saudi Trade & more (27th September 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Ellis, including:

START Merrill Lynch &… : a Twelve point-Five Million dollar Fine.
02:48 Fast-paced Algorithmic Trading & the Race for Milliseconds
03:57 Deutsche Bank & the Clinton Effect : Shares continue to Fall
05:24 RBS & an Ulster Bank Whistleblower to speak at Winchester
09:15 ‘Open Government’ & the Great Façade of… ‘Transparency’
12:38 Parliamentarians… the Esteemed Newmark & Gary Streeter
17:49 Assert the Rule of Law in Glastonbury, & Winchester Tickets
19:25 Mogherini & Stoltenberg to Merge E.U. Defence with NATO
22:57 Systemic Plan : Union of Currency, Military, Treasury, Polity
29:24 ‘Operation Northmoor’ & the lawless National Crime Agency
31:47 The systematic annihilation of Her Majesty’s Armed Services
32:52 RAF St Mawgan : An EU Base for its Anti-British Operations
35:25 Engine Fires & the F-35 Debacle | Prince Charles & the UAE
42:14 Jabhat Al-Nusra Commander al-Ezz, ‘Our Israeli & US Allies’