UK Column News - Divine Right of Parliament, White Helmet Terror & City Dictators (23rd Sept 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START Fred McBride – Year Zero for T.U.S.L.A. | Aberdeen & Dunblane 05:21 Death of toddler Brandon Muir was preventable : whitewash Inquiry 09:54 Questions for Fred McBride : Fraud, Malfeasance & Brazen Criminality 14:12 Nicola Sturgeon ‘Intervenes in Individual Cases,’ when it is Advantageous 17:29 Open Consultations for the Public : ‘No to Named Persons’ & John Swinney 22:15 Parliament is Subordinate to its Sovereign British governors : aka ‘the People’ 27:23 A Highland Investigation : Massive Corruption, Persecution, Inversion & Fraud 31:45 Dunblane Assembly as Northern Exposure & UK Column gather in their Dissent 34:12 Incomprehensible Economic Blackmail : Deutsche Bank & the Insanities of QE 37:23 TTIP – TPP – TISA – CETA & ‘the Mythical Free Markets of Neofeudalism…’ 39:35 Britain Leads the Charge of Transnational Agreements : Treaties of Subversion 41:24 Syria : White Helmets receive "alternative Nobel Peace Prize" despite terror links 45:51 European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns : Euro Fiefdoms in Progress