UK Column News - Demonic Police, State Euthanasia & 'Isolation Camps' (26th September 2016)

START Matthew Rycroft accuses Russia & Syria of Aggressive Bombing 04:25 Sheer Propaganda as the BBC produces a dubious ‘Aleppo Diary’ 05:32 George Osborne says ‘ISIS is fuelled by our failure to destroy Syria’ 09:24 ‘Failed State Actors’ is a designation utilised to permit Drone warfare 11:42 Departures from Reality, with farcical ‘Air Commodore’ Dean Andrew 14:57 Brandon Lewis MP & the Moral Destitution of the British Police Forces 21:24 Masquerading as the NHS : ‘An Incremental Privatisation by Stealth…’ 27:45 Isolation Camps for whoever the Police believe to be ‘Infectious threats’ 32:14 Quarantine protocols with vast totalitarian Arrest & Detention powers 38:52 Malevolent Agendas & the Massive Euthanasia of the Elderly of Britain 39:31 ‘It’s something that’s lapping at your feet now - like a Naziesque tsunami.’ 41:27 The Rule of Law : Sovereign Glastonbury stage another Town Hall Event 42:31 According to itself, the Bank of England ‘Operates in the Public Interest…’ 44:23 Degradation of the Lords : ‘Quarter the House!’ Constitutional Reformers 45:47 Assisted dying & the withdrawal of ‘treatment’ as if sustenance were ‘Medicine.’ Assert the Rule of Law in Glastonbury this Tuesday 27th from 7PM at the Town Hall (41:00)