UK Column News - Britain Sabotaged for the European Military Union (7th October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Ellis & David Scott, including: START White Helmets Become Nobel Rejects & Brazen Telegraph Propaganda 04:25 Named Persons & the Pernicious NHS Literature defeated & Withdrawn 13:51 Projections of the Innermost Secrets of Social Justice Warriors 19:34 Operation Ore & BBC Sabotage of Child Abuse Investigations 24:21 ‘If you report abuse then your children will be given to abusers…’ 25:12 Birthday of Melanie Shaw | HMP Foston Hall & Gang Rape threats 28:23 Air Vice Marshall marries two of his Male Subordinates in Cyprus… 32:45 Systematic Evisceration of the British Armed Forces | E.U. Military Union 37:29 Reference Terms : the Armed Services versus the Sajid Javid ‘Defence Forces’ 43:12 Lord Milner’s Second War – A Book Recommendation from David Scott… 49:25 The Bristol Rule of Law Forum organises an October 29th Constitutional Event