UK Column News - 9th January 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News, including:

START      Theresa May presents her plan for the "Shared Society" - is it any more than a rebranding of the Big Society?
10:38        "Kill by Mouth" - people dying from dehydration or starvation in NHS hospitals
15:50       Privatisation of death: privatised cemetery and crematoria services
18:10       Update on child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw
20:20       Police to be consulted on routine arming with guns or tasers
21:35       NATO deploys thousands of troops to Eastern Europe
26:49       MoD to give more money to European Defence Agency
36:35       Just a couple of days left on press regulation consultation
41:40       George Soros and NATO each panic at the rise of so-called populism