UK Column News - 21st November 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News, including:
START    Comments on Saturday's British Constitution Group conference in Winchester
04:10      Our careers depend on not using social media
06:40      Full Fact gets Google money to "automate" fact checking
09:26      At least one newspaper identifies UK child abuse inquiry as a cover up
10:15      The role of the Conservative whips office in blackmailing MPs to tow the party line
15:25      Blair is back in British politics, or is he? 
21:00      Met Commissioner demands power of secret arrest, and an end to investigative journalism
25:00      The Royal Navy an empty shell
30:00      RBS facing massive fines - Hammond denies plans to sell
32:30      The Mechanics of Modern Murder in the NHS/care system linked back to big finance