UK Column News - 20th January 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today's news programme, including:

START:   Waiting for waiting lists: the state of the NHS in Scotland
05:00      Avon Somerset police taser their own race relations man
11:23      Policing overseas: teach children to inform on their parents
14:10      The last honest bank in the UK closes its doors
25:30      Foreign Office invites bids from Russian NGOs for transforming society
29:45      Civil Service begins recruiting its young apprentices
31:13      BBC schools bomb disposal news fakery - who is driving it?
41:10      The Independent has a go at the constitution 
45:45      Northern Ireland child sexual abuse inquiry report released - no evidence for Kincora allegations
48:25      UK Column can report that Met police aware of 24 child murders related to Shirley Oaks childrens home