UK Column News - 13th December 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News including:
START    As the Syrian military takes the remaining sections of East Aleppo, focus shifts to Palmyra and western media goes nuts ...
04:05     ... yet say nothing about Mosul
06:40     BBC launches charity fundraiser for Yemen
09:25     Merkel calls for more sanctions against Russia over Ukraine ...
10:00    ... while Ukraine builds an army of 250,000 and spends 5% of GDP on it
11:20    Michael Fallon confirms extension of British "soft power" to the Middle East, Asia and Africa
18:55    Alan Duncan attends EU Foreign Affairs Council while Boris in Middle East
20:55    Federica Mogherini identifies Africa as the focus of EU Foreign Affairs for 2017
23:05    Tony Bliar begs for more personal protection money; doesn't get it
25:40    More comms from Melanie Shaw - outrageous!!!
27:50    Brexit lie exposed as more EU regional devolution establishes itself
39:40    State trafficking of children regionalised