The second in a series of articles investigating the Global Citizen movement. Who will win this race? The corporate world, the banking world or the world's governments? And why is the Pope involved?
The first in a series of articles exploring the many facets of the Global Citizen movement: its aims, the people behind it, the technology to make it happen and the impact it will have on us all.
Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), John McCain (R-AZ) and Angus King (I-ME) sponsored the reintroduction of their bill to bring back the Glass Steagall Act, which would require the banks to split their commercial and investment (gambling) activities.
The Prudential Regulation Authority, the Financial Services Authority successor with responsibility for regulation of banks, has announced a reduction in the levels of savings protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
The Northern Irish Courts are at the forefront of the campaign to prove that the present system of mortgages is based on fraud and is utterly biased in favour of the lenders. It is so biased that the lenders make greater profits if borrowers are foreclosed upon and loose their homes.
Bank of Canada
A landmark Canadian federal appellate-court ruling could conceivably lead to the cancellation of Canada’s debt-based money system, and its repercussions are expected to be felt by central banks around the world.
Bank of England
Yesterday the Bank of England announced its plans for future transparency and accountablity over the setting of interest rates.
Nuclear power station
Yesterday the national grid released a document called "National Grid – Our Role In The Electricity Industry". In it they argued that in the near future they would be unable to properly fulfil their role to balance the supply of electricity across the grid, and that large consumers, such as shops and factories, should be asked to reduce their energy consumption during peak times.
Mitsubishi Financial
The policy of "bail in", where failing banks steal the savings of its depositors as happend in Cyprus, is beginning to be formalised, starting with Japan.